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Age Restoration Projects
* Estimated dates are simply that: estimates. While it is the DRC's goal and hope to reach the above dates, stating them publicly does not guarantee them, the dates are subject to change. Please do not base any future decisions on these estimates.
Age Names: Current Phase: *Estimated Date:
Ae'gura Docks Open  
Ae'gura Library Open+  
Ae'gura Museum Open+  
Ahnonay Phase Four Suspended
City Proper Phase One Suspended
City Interior 0054 Phase Two Suspended
City Interior 0062 Phase One Suspended
City Interior 0078 Phase One Suspended
City Interior 0080 Open  
Dahtamnay Phase One Suspended
Dereno Phase Two Suspended
Eder Delin Phase Three TBD
Eder Gira Open+  
Eder Kemo Open+  
Eder Tsogahl Phase Three TBD
Er'cana Phase Four Suspended
Gahreesen Open+  
Great Tree Pub Phase Four Suspended
Great Zero Open+  
Guild Hall Phase One Suspended
Hood Game Room Phase Two TBD
J'taeri District Phase One Suspended
Kadish Tolesa Open+  
Kahlo Phase Four Suspended
Kalamee Phase One Suspended
Katha Island Phase One TBD
K'veer Phase Three Suspended
Laki Phase Four Suspended
Negilahn Phase Four Suspended
Neighborhoods Open+  
Noloben Phase Four Suspended
Pento Phase One Suspended
Pirahnay Phase One Suspended
Rahtevnee Phase Two TBD
Rebek Phase Two Suspended
"Restorers" Pub Phase Four Suspended
Sunken Vessel (Ae'gura) Phase One Suspended
Teledahn Open+  
Todelmer Phase Four Suspended
Uran (Silo) Phase Four Suspended
Venalem Phase One Suspended
0023 Unknown Phase Two Suspended