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What is D'ni? Who are the D'ni?

See the D'ni Essentials page.

What is the DRC?

DRC stands for D'ni Restoration Council. It is an independent, informal group of individuals whose main purpose is to oversee the exploration and restoration of D'ni.

The council is currently headed by Dr. Marie Sutherland, Dr. Ikuro Kodama, Victor Laxman, and Michael Engberg. There are also numerous volunteers who currently serve in support roles.

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Does the DRC determine what areas of D'ni are open to the public?

Yes. We feel an obligation to preserve existing D'ni structures and artifacts, and we are constantly working to make new areas of D'ni safe and accessible to the public. Until those areas are deemed safe, the DRC will not allow public access. It's in everyone's best interest to be deliberate in the restoration of D'ni.

What areas of D'ni are currently opened?
  Several neighborhoods and various parts of the Island (Ae'gura) are open to explorers. Areas are opened and closed as deemed necessary by the DRC for safety reasons.
What are D'ni neighborhoods, and how many have been restored?
  D'ni neighborhoods were small self-contained community areas on the fringe of the D'ni city, on the wall of the cavern. Many of those neighborhoods were fairly well preserved during the destruction and, as a result, will be some of the first areas restored and made available to authorized explorers.
When will The Island and The City Proper be opened?

A few sections of Ae'gura are currently open to explorers. The DRC is still at work on Ae'gura (The Island - see note below). Currently work is mainly taking place in the harbor, the public square and palace areas. There is a tremendous amount of work still to be done.

Other than the fringe neighborhoods mentioned earlier, The City Proper is a much larger task because so much destruction was focused there. No work is currently occurring in that area.

Note: It has become common in the caverns to refer to Ae'gura as "the city." The City on the cavern wall is then referred to as The City Proper.

Why are there cones and blockades in certain areas?

construction cone, as seen throughout D'niSafety is a major concern of the DRC, and the cones and blockades help denote areas in which authorized explorers should show caution.

Are any D'ni still alive?
  Yes. The DRC have had contact with one living inhabitant of the original Díni.
Have any linking books been found?
  The DRC has uncovered a number of D'ni Linking Books. However, the process of linking, as well as the Ages themselves, are a major safety concern, and each book and Age must be thoroughly examined before being made available to authorized explorers. It is our intent to eventually allow linking to every safe Age that is found.
How do I become an authorized explorer?
  Visit http://plasma.cyanworlds.com for information about becoming an explorer.