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City Interior 0080

Started by Guild Master Kadish (Guild of Writers), the store was opened after his dismissal from the Guild of Writers. The store carried a number of outsider art pieces.


The Kadish store is a mix-match of artifacts collected from both D’ni artisans as well as outsider artisans before the Fall. Though the store has been in dis-repair for hundreds of years the DRC cleaned it up a bit before opening it. As a result, most of its artifacts are clearly visible and presentable for perusing.

DRC Notes

Kadish Gallery- 08/2001- Phase 1 inspections complete - Passed
Initial Mapping Complete - Sutherland
Phase Two Approval - Sutherland
Detailed Analysis Started 11/2002
Phase Four Approval - Sutherland
Architectural Analysis Complete - Approval - 05/2003 - Engberg
Analysis Complete and Transcribed 6/2003 - Reynolds
Phase Five Approval - Sutherland