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Around 8500, the Maintainers started a highly trained group responsible for key advancements in maintainer technology. Security was of utmost importance, even going so far as to make the buildings constantly rotating to prevent any unwanted links from being written. Close to The Fall, some buildings were opened to the public, although still under strict security, to allow for the dispersal of KI's.
Though the Guild of Maintainers were one of the more well known Guilds and most likely one of the most popular, much of what actually went on within the Guild was not known to the general public and covered with a thick veil of secrecy. One such example is the Maintainer Garrison. The Age served as home for a “special force” of Maintainers who were highly trained, physically and mentally, perhaps more so than any other individual group within the society. Though not all of their purpose is known to this day, it is clear that they were the elite of an already well trained Guild, with the intention of serving their Guild better than any other. There was a tremendous amount of research and development that took place as well as rigorous training techniques for the force

This garrison was the home and training ground of those Maintainers.

DRC Notes

Zone I

Initial Mapping Complete Q4 2001 - K
Detailed Analysis Start 11/2001
Suspension based on Zone III
Phase Two Approval - 12.4.2001 - K
Architectural Analysis Complete - Approval - 1.2002 - Engberg
Analysis Complete and Transcribed 6/2002 - Simpson
KI Dispenser Functionality March 2003 - Laxman
Public 10-2003 - Sutherland

Zone II

Initial Mapping Complete Q4 - 2001 - K
Suspended based on Zone III
Reinitiated - Voted 4-1 Vote - 4.2003
Estimated release for Q1 2004.

Zone III

Initial mapping suspended - too dangerous to continue - recommend immediate suspension of Zones II and III
Unknown release date.