Pod 12

Well it was decided that we would set up shop in Pod 12, which is located in the Payiferen district. It’s a pretty long walk from the looks of it and in the desert too, we’re looking at several days trekking.

Pod 12

Course there is no saying what state the pod could be in, we might find it needs a lot of work, as long as it can shelter us and the equipment from the elements then it should suffice.


I am not quite sure why, but the DRC released the book to Tetsonot yesterday. I could tell something wasn’t right as soon as I Linked in, the sudden cold water took my breath away, and the darkness, there seemed to be an emergency light on.


I’m glad I was wearing my shorts and sandles otherwise I would have been soaked. Judging by the sounds and the leaking water its safe to say we’re underwater. The map in the Museum backs this up, it is curious that it is the only pod where we Link in on the bottom floor, why is that?

The leaking water, the groaning indicates to me that the pressure of the water is straining the pods structure, Engberg should have noticed that it has weaknesses, so why did the DRC allow access to the book?

The Age isn’t safe.

I plan to spend more time in what I have started calling ‘Reziksehv’ (The Pod Age), Keira wants to set up a remote observation station in one of the other pods we currently do not have access to, which means breaching one of the pods we do have access too and treking across the Age.

I shall continue to visit Tetsonot, I have my Relto book in case of an emergency, if I can rig up some tarp sheeting I can shelter the middle deck of the pod from the leaking water and use it as a dark room for my photography instead of trekking up to the surface each time.


With the illness past me, I decided to head back down to the Cavern a couple of days ago. Victor was trying to get the Great Zero fixed, the Great Zero Markers from the neighbourhoods were missing. He wasn’t sure how it happened but they showed up out of the blue, so everyone has been helping calibrate the Great Zero.
I decided to give a hand myself, been wondering around sorting out the calibration with Sophie who has been documenting the locations for mapping.

Great Zero

Will be nice to see it calibrated and the blue laser sweeping the city.

I am wondering if I am the only person who noticed this, but I swear the light in the Cavern is getting brighter, I spent a lot of time in the DRC’s absence studying the lake and the algae, experimenting with various things to see if I could increase the brightness. But I am sure it is brighter, perhaps it is the result of the DRC’s work on Er’Cana and the pellets.

Part 4 of the D’ni Creation Myth has surfaced, it is an interesting read, can’t wait for the rest of it to be released.


Well I was planning to head back down to the Cavern, unfortunately illness has claimed me a rather rushed trip to the Doctors cancelled my plans.

The Anti DRC Movement had their meeting yesterday, I read the log before it was deleted from the DRC forums (DRC have been getting a little trigger happy with removing/closing posts). It was most amusing to read, their complaints for the most part are about four years old. As for the rest, well complete nonsense. I agree the DRC need to step up their presence in the Cavern, even if they have no news I’d be happy to discuss pizza toppings with them, maybe see if they would release some information on the Ages released lately.

The DRC also does not endorse Yeesha.

No, and nor do they oppose her, the council has taken the journey, at one point they were removing Relto Pages from the hoods (this being over 4 years ago) now they let her alter books.

They tried to remove the journey cloths for a long time until they realized that they would just come back.

They removed one cloth for study, given Phil’s vanishing act in Eder Kemo, wanting to study that is not a surprise.

The DRC has in the past tried to stop the following of the path by trying to remove the journey cloths, and only stopped when they decided that they would acknowledge her wisdom by showing us their.

Not quite, when the DRC disbanded they went and took the Journeys, not really being held back by the restoration process they were free to do so. As mentioned before, they removed one cloth for study.

Question the fitness and stability of the DRC to govern the cavern.

I’m not aware the DRC is governing the Cavern, they have rules in place yes, given that we have not signed any such release form if an accident occurred I would think the DRC would not want to be sued for all they are worth, thus ending the restoration once again.

In the past , the DRC has had quite a bit controversy; the incident with the disappearance of Phil Henderson for a year and the 2 week kiddnapping by Dr. Watson and Victor Laxman and then his final disappearance.

Oh I agree that was a stupid move on their part, but can understand the logic behind it, they wanted to get him away from Douglas. The DRC invited an explorer to Kirel to see that Phil was ok and chat to him. As for his final disappearance, well that was his actions not the DRC. The area was unstable and they told him that.

We want to make sure that the DRC, through the knowledge gained by the D’ni found there are not using the slates to exploit the Bahro in any way.

The Bahro are free they are no longer bound by what ever it was, the DRC couldn’t nor would they exploit the Bahro.

I was shocked and truly horrified to find…that the organization in charge of this find of all finds…does not have a single qualified archeologist or anthropologist on staff!

Well, yes they do, let me direct you to this page: DRC Bios and just to emphasize;

Dr. Marie Sutherland: Director of Field Work
Born: March 12th 1962
Education: Doctorate Anthropology, Southern Illinois University

And most importantly. The DRC knows how the d’ni link. And they know exactly where that ability came from.

If that is true that would not surprise me, the DRC have been in D’ni for what 10 years or something? Not really surprising if they found documentation.

The DRC learned this information from a variety of ages, that they shut down, pulled their researchers from, and suspended, to this day, 4 years later.

Or possibly, they closed those ages due to resource issues, environmental issues. The D’ni could Link before they came to D’ni. The Ronay from which the D’ni split from had the Art back on Garternay.

Notes left by Dr. Sharper, Dr. Watson, and more importantly books laying about in the cavern itself, translated by DRC staff, indicate exactly how, where, and when the D’ni learned to link. And its ties to the very creatures they enslaved.

The Bahro was enslaved 10,000 years ago, this is when the D’ni came to earth. They had the Art way before then.

When the DRC learned this information, DR. Watson had the ages shut down indefintely. And now, under Cate Alexander, its time that the DRC reopen those ages, so that the D’ni culture can be shown in the light for what it truly was.

I agree those Ages would be nice to be seen, the DRC’s resources are very limited, the Ages in question are big. The DRC has the resources for the smaller Ages.

The DRC hasn’t written their own books because they can’t. Because the power to do so doesn’t lay in the hands of the D’ni, or the DRC anymore.

So because the Bahro are free the Art no longer works? Interesting, wonder how I’m using Linking Books to get to the Cavern, not to mention the Explorers who have been writing their own Books.

Selv, yes. this is true. Unfortunately the ages in those books. Gaternay, Rebek, Terahnee. All of these ages are ages that the DRC has access to, but has not listed under their site.

And the proof of this is where? The Terahnee book is still within the Tomb of the Great King, where Atrus sealed it up after the events on Terahnee. I had brought up those books with the DRC many times due to a theory I have been working on that was the answer I got, up to you whether it is believed or not. As for Garternay, the Ronay abandoned that Age because the sun was dying, that Age is inhospitable.

They have also been keeping a book, hidden in their archives, that directly is tied to Yeesha and her past.

Some proof please.

Ask the DRC. they have the book. The book Atrus left behind in the K’veer basement, that the DRC is currently excavating.

Just cause it’s not on the list yet doesn’t mean there is not plans for it. Who is not to say Yeesha removed the book? Or perhaps it was moved after the events of the Bahro being freed.

may I ask. Have you ever seen a DRC member wearing a yeesha shirt?

I didn’t see what the issue is here, I took the journeys, paid heed to Yeesha’s lessons. I do not wear her shirt, oh my word I’m a bad person?

Have you seen evidence of any change of heart in the DRC?

Having worked with the DRC for a year I can say yes, they have had a change of heart I have witnessed it myself.

The entire thing is a farce, there are area’s the DRC need to improve but not to an extent where an Anti DRC Movement is needed, especially one that dodges calls for proof, spouts complete unfounded nonsense and is 4 years stuck in the past.

If you are going to start some sort of movement, people need to do their homework, get their facts right, have a strong motive. The ADM didn’t have any of this and as a result come across as a joke, who would take them seriously?

Surface Time

I’ve decided I need a break from the Cavern, so I am going to head up to the surface for a while. Will be nice to kick back and chill, get some of these projects done out of the way.

Don’t think I’ll miss much.