To Noloben

Heading over to Ae’gura later tonight, got the equipment we shall need, Sophie is going to be helping us. We figure there is a book in the Tokotah building so we’re going to go and look. If there is Marein and myself shall use it and check the Age out.

Last Light Paintings

Spent some time doing some more light painting today. Did some in Minkata and one in the Hall of Kings in Ae’gura which I really like.

Light Painting in Minkata

Light Painting in Ae'gura

I think those two images will signal the end of my light painting escapades for now at least. I should turn my attention back to work and my studies, especially my Bahro studies. I really should see if I can gain access to the Noloben book, if Esher’s kept documentation of his studies on the Bahro perhaps I can get copies.

Light Painting Phil’s Relto

Calumon asked me the other day if I had done any shots in Phil’s Relto, which I hadn’t but I knew exactly the kind of images I wanted to do so I get Steven and Sophie to help me with these next two images. Course the “sparkly” appeared in Phils Relto recently so the image captured that as well.

Light Painting in Phil's Relto

Went for something a little more difficult with the next shot, I’m not to happy how it turned out, I think it feels to complicated, to much of a set up, I don’t know. Course it didn’t help that Steve dropped the firemarble whilst doing the Kadish pillar.

Light Painting in Phil's Relto

Thinking of heading to Minkata and doing some there, had an idea I wanted to do which should be fun.

More Light Painting

Stopped of in Kirel earlier to provide some water to the fountain.

Light Painting in D'ni

Might have to do some more in Ae’gura, down the Great Stairs perhaps.

Light Painting D’ni

The Tefoonet’ahn book of commentary has been taking my time up lately. Have been debating whether to go exploring some, had been considering seeing if I could scope Noloben out with Marein, I’m kind of hoping Esher’s Bahro research is still there and I can obtain copies for my own research. That said there is so much of the Barracks Age to explore, the mountains to the north look interesting and I know others are keen to venture out and explore some more.

In the mean time Steven and I have been breaking the monotony of work with light painting in the Cavern.

Light Painting in D'ni

Been quite fun, firemarbles provide a great source of light for it, definitely going to do some more over the coming weeks.