I am not quite sure why, but the DRC released the book to Tetsonot yesterday. I could tell something wasn’t right as soon as I Linked in, the sudden cold water took my breath away, and the darkness, there seemed to be an emergency light on.


I’m glad I was wearing my shorts and sandles otherwise I would have been soaked. Judging by the sounds and the leaking water its safe to say we’re underwater. The map in the Museum backs this up, it is curious that it is the only pod where we Link in on the bottom floor, why is that?

The leaking water, the groaning indicates to me that the pressure of the water is straining the pods structure, Engberg should have noticed that it has weaknesses, so why did the DRC allow access to the book?

The Age isn’t safe.

I plan to spend more time in what I have started calling ‘Reziksehv’ (The Pod Age), Keira wants to set up a remote observation station in one of the other pods we currently do not have access to, which means breaching one of the pods we do have access too and treking across the Age.

I shall continue to visit Tetsonot, I have my Relto book in case of an emergency, if I can rig up some tarp sheeting I can shelter the middle deck of the pod from the leaking water and use it as a dark room for my photography instead of trekking up to the surface each time.

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