Time Out

Time Out
I have been taking an extended break from the Cavern, busy working on The D’ni Jazz Club. Strange that in all the time I have spent in D’ni I have never ventured to The Cleft at night until today.

Things are heating up in the Cavern, the DRC are back, the first group of explorers have been sent down to test the area’s and Ages for the reopening of the cavern. I was expecting to go back down with this group but it didn’t happen like it should have, I expressed my displeasure with how things were handled.

A fair few people seem to be interested in my classification project, I am hoping to start working on that again now that the majority of work has been done on DJC.

Found a faulty Linking Book to the Neighbourhood in the Nexus the other night, not sure what was wrong with it but when I linked into the hood I wasn’t in the hood I was 10 meters from the hood balcony above the lake. I’m glad I had my Relto book with me otherwise I would have been nursing some broken bones.


Eder Kemo
Work on the Age has been halted for a while, although I have continued to do the initial mapping. Got word that another explorer has fallen, I will need to set up another stone for Ramsine, such a shame.

Classification is going well, some of the initial work done by others has come in handy and has given me something to build on. Not sure how this classification will sit with others shall impliment it into DJC when I get the time, wonder if Deg would find the documentation useful for Uru Explorers.


Gahreesen I have been wondering of late, perhaps the Liaison idea should wait until the community grows up some more. Oh no what am I thinking, of course it should stay, I need the power after all.

I think the poll should have been better worded, but what I don’t get is people ask to see what we have done as Liaisons, but we aren’t allowed to do our job without being attacked. It is a shame we cannot choose the people to replace us, perhaps then people would see that everything isn’t all sunshine and flowers. If I wasn’t determined to see this through I think I would have just left the community to it, I cannot wait for this term to end.

I am disappointed indeed, a few people have got the idea. Bravo to them, they realize that the Liaisons don’t need to stay on as Liaisons in an official capacity to help the next set. We don’t the question is would people mind us sticking around to help the next set? (as Ex Liaisons if you will) but people seem so blinded by petty grudges that they do not see this, not to mention those who cause trouble deliberately, I mean seriously what is the point in such actions? Sometimes I wonder if it’s even socially acceptable to help/want to help people anymore.

Some people have a good point (whether it was made well or not remains to be seen), however some points are so far off the mark its amusing. Assumptions and generalizations are such foolish products. People assume to know us, so they say things like our wanting to stay around is self serving. I guess in a way its right, I want to help people, if my staying around helps people they I guess they were spot on, however I think this isn’t what they are getting at, in which case they are greatly mistaken (I cannot speak for the other Liaisons but I would think/hope it’s the same). So you have a problem with one of the Liaisons, so lets rope all the other Liaisons into the same pack, they run together right? So they must be all the same, this my friends is a generalization.

So people were against the election and want nothing to do with the Liaisons? Okay thats cool I respect that, but then if your not going to have anything to do with the Liaisons actually mean it, oh hey people are jumping on the Liaisons, I’m against them that means I can jump in too. Well your entitled to your views and comments, but how is that not having anything to do with the Liaison business?

Matters not, I have made my plans. I have acquired a second KI that I am keeping for when my term ends, I shall modify the ID on it to read another name and I shall simply fade into the shadows, explore with out the arguments and pressure. Such peace will be nice.


Spent a few days on the surface getting some supplies to bring back with me. Returned the the Age I have been working on, still a lot to do seems to be progressing well we’re looking forward to seeing the results.

Took a detour returning to the Cavern, decided to check out that spot from the Bahro sighting, I wasn’t disappointed managed to get a wonderful picture of one, will have to post it sometime. I really need to get the gallery up.

The classification documents are coming along nicely, not much work to do seeming The Third Path had pretty much got everything in place already, aside from the new Ages I have recently gained access too.

Kodama showed up for the Town Hall the other morning, that guy can dodge questions like bullets. He answered a few questions I had for him, I had been wondering if the “Canyon Strip” area where the Kadish Gallery is, is the Karim District mention in one of the DRC notebooks. Kodama said that the Karim District was in the City Proper, Marie mentioned that we could have access to area’s in the City Proper within a year which was news welcomed.
Unfortunately Kodama did delay a theory I have had for a number of years now regarding the Tomb of the “Great” King (Not sure whats so great about a King who committed genocide then caused the death of thousands of his own people centuries later). Kodama said the tomb was sealed (Atrus must have sealed it after the Terahnee events) and was being treated with care.

DRC Meeting

DRC Meeting
Had a meeting with the DRC and Liaisons today, almost missed it as I was busy on the surface trying to fix this database problem I have been having with DJC. Thankfully Vortmax sent me a jingle reminding me about it and I was able to make my way down in time.

I believe the others managed to get a full log posted up on the Liaison site. Tomorrow we have a Town Hall meeting with Victor, unfortunatly I have business on the surface to attend to and so wont be able to make it which is a shame. I am rather interested in seeing what Victor has to say about D’ni technology.