Time Out

Time Out
I have been taking an extended break from the Cavern, busy working on The D’ni Jazz Club. Strange that in all the time I have spent in D’ni I have never ventured to The Cleft at night until today.

Things are heating up in the Cavern, the DRC are back, the first group of explorers have been sent down to test the area’s and Ages for the reopening of the cavern. I was expecting to go back down with this group but it didn’t happen like it should have, I expressed my displeasure with how things were handled.

A fair few people seem to be interested in my classification project, I am hoping to start working on that again now that the majority of work has been done on DJC.

Found a faulty Linking Book to the Neighbourhood in the Nexus the other night, not sure what was wrong with it but when I linked into the hood I wasn’t in the hood I was 10 meters from the hood balcony above the lake. I’m glad I had my Relto book with me otherwise I would have been nursing some broken bones.

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