Spent a few days on the surface getting some supplies to bring back with me. Returned the the Age I have been working on, still a lot to do seems to be progressing well we’re looking forward to seeing the results.

Took a detour returning to the Cavern, decided to check out that spot from the Bahro sighting, I wasn’t disappointed managed to get a wonderful picture of one, will have to post it sometime. I really need to get the gallery up.

The classification documents are coming along nicely, not much work to do seeming The Third Path had pretty much got everything in place already, aside from the new Ages I have recently gained access too.

Kodama showed up for the Town Hall the other morning, that guy can dodge questions like bullets. He answered a few questions I had for him, I had been wondering if the “Canyon Strip” area where the Kadish Gallery is, is the Karim District mention in one of the DRC notebooks. Kodama said that the Karim District was in the City Proper, Marie mentioned that we could have access to area’s in the City Proper within a year which was news welcomed.
Unfortunately Kodama did delay a theory I have had for a number of years now regarding the Tomb of the “Great” King (Not sure whats so great about a King who committed genocide then caused the death of thousands of his own people centuries later). Kodama said the tomb was sealed (Atrus must have sealed it after the Terahnee events) and was being treated with care.

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