Further Destabilization


It’s been a while since I had last stepped foot on Fahets. My last visit showed me the upheaval that was wrought by the last series of tremors. The basin walls had been shattered into splinters of rock, as a result the surrounding mass of water had rushed in and flooded the area.

For a while things seemed to quieten down, I had even started constructing wooden walkways spanning the new watery areas linking the new islands with others, even constructing a dock and a boat so I could venture out further.

Of course it didn’t last.

We were constructing the hut when the tremors started again, this time they were significantly more violent than before. Several times we were thrown to the floor.

The others left, I stayed, longer than perhaps I should. But I at least got to see a prelude to what was to come.
The sky was darkening, loud thunder rumbled the rock beneath my feet. As I looked out over the swamp I noticed that patches of water were beginning to steam, and boil, the wildlife in the water floating to the surface dead as they were boiled alive.

At that point I felt it best to leave the Age for now, before I was harmed myself.

Today however, I decided to return, with a suit of course.

Such changes…

The Link in point survived, but the surrounding area did not fare so well. In the middle of Fahets that was, a giant fissure has pushed up out of the rock below, from it comes a vibrant orange glow from the magma at its bottom.
The walkways have been rendered useless and in some cases have been destroyed. The formation of the surrounding rock has shifted drastically. The once walls of the basin are jutting spires of rock, it’s hard to tell there once was a basin. The surrounding rock has pushed up or sunk, I can’t tell but the area of Fahets that was is now in a large sunken recess. The fissure has dried up the surrounding water, its is now no longer a swampy area but a barren plane of cracked mud. A lot of the plant-life has died (like the Norapods) but some grass and the Glowcaps have managed to hold on.






Outside of the recess it’s worse. Everywhere I can see the water has vanished, cracked earth spreads out meeting blackened rock where more fissures riddle the surface. The area out there is too dangerous for people to venture out in, I think we’re going to have to block access off to those portions.

The sky still rumbles with thunder, the tremors are faint but still happen frequently, but I’m not fooled this time, it’s just a calm before another storm.

And yet I am helpless, I cannot seem to locate what the problem is with the Age, why it continues this decay.
And honestly, at this point, I’m sorely tempted to throw my hands up and say to hell with it, let it succumb to its fate and be done with it.

Todah Berries

Todah Berries

I’ve been so worn out lately. Cass is requiring a lot of input from me, given that I’m the chief historian most of the books being placed in the Age fall to me to either be written/compiled or to be checked out. Then I have my experiments with Fahets to keep an eye on.

I’m about ready to lie down under a tree and sleep for a few weeks.

Kez and I have taken to spending more time on Kehrahn, both of us are under considerable stress at the moment and it’s nice to get away and just relax somewhat.
So we’ve been cataloging some of the wildlife around the lake, a pretty diverse selection.
Kez likes the little starburst flowers personally my favorites are what we call the Ghostcap mushrooms, tiny little white mushrooms that seem to glow with brightness.

We did, however, discover some odd berries, some very odd berries. The remind me greatly of acorns, they have a hard lower cup which cradles the actual fruit. I picked on of the smaller ones to study and to eventually try.
They’re pretty tasty, nice and sweet and kind of safe to eat. I say kind of because whilst they didn’t poison me or anything of the sort, they did make me trip the heck out.
Turns out the Todah Berries as we called them are hallucinogenic in nature.

I’ve taken a few more samples to take back with me to Sul for further study, probably not the best idea to go around eating them though.

Harbingers Wing

Progress on Cass has been coming along nicely, I’ve been trying to give the Age my attention when I’m not working on my experiments relating to Fahets.

We have been having some discussion as to whether we should release all the museum wings at once or bit by bit. In the end we have decided to open it up one wing at a time, we won’t feel so inclined to rush it that way.

So the Harbingers Wing will be the first opened, not sure when yet. Whilst the artifacts are easy to install, it’s actually the information books that will take the time as they need to be written and approved.

Yesterday I worked on the new floor plan, originally we were going to have a Guild of Maintainers helmet from one of their suits on the display, but then a team discovered an in tact suit that was on display elsewhere. Amazingly it was in pretty good condition given the state of the building it was in, so we have been cleaning it up to move to Cass instead.

Hopefully people will enjoy what we’ve found to display there.

Trail of Destruction

Work on Cass has been progressing nicely, the central hallway is now stable and completed and work has moved on to what I call “The Harbingers Wing”.

The new expansion for the Age has created 4 museum wings dedicated to various aspects of D’ni. The Harbingers Wing which deals with D’ni past. The Restorers Wing, which deals with the DRC and their restoration attempt. The Grower Wing, which deals with Yeesha and the journey as well as the Bahro and their freedom. And finally the Explorers Wing, which deals with the new inhabitants of D’ni, us.

The Harbingers series of portraits have already been hung in their new home, as well as replicas of paintings found in the Ae’gura museum and the Ri’neref one that we discovered elsewhere.

One of the spare Rehevkor from the Archive has also been submitted as well as a damaged Descriptive Book. We also decided that the Seed from the Tehren prayer rooms should find a home there too given that its former home is in a bad shape.

Currently the work is being overseen by Keira and Steve, which allows me to step back for a few days to focus on some other issues that have been slowly coming to fruition over a long period of time.
The problems I faced with Sul, the instabilities are finding their way to my other works. At first I thought it was perhaps because I was trying some new concepts with Sul, and had borrowed from other Books in its development that perhaps some instabilities had wormed their way in, but my own observations of Fahets have shown that it too is having troubles.
It started at the beginning of the year, slight tremors at first that have been gradually getting worse. Reports have been coming in from other explorers and Path members of fissures (not Fissures mind you) opening up here and there.
As a result I have gathered the Descriptive Books for my other Ages and taken them to Sul for further study.
Whilst I am loathe to squander precious resources that are in short supply, I need to look into Writing some experimental Ages to see if I can predict the decay and counter it..

Cass Developments

Figured I’d post a new KIimage of the new area of Cass and how the work is progressing.

Tinkered with the software after some suggestions from Nad and my wife about KIimages being bigger on Beneath, realized I have been posting smaller images for a lot longer than I really needed to, force of habit I guess.

Wondering if I should perhaps go through the older KIimages and see about re-exporting them under the new file size.


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