Returning to Fahets

The last few days have found me back upon Fahets overseeing the installation of a new area. It continues to amaze me the changes wrought within the Age, when I compare what sits before me with the photos from when I first Linked to Fahets…
Everywhere wildlife is growing without restraint, helped along by the continued stability that the Garohertee provided. I have even discovered new plants and animals that I had not seen before, all waiting to be studied.

I continue to have little desire to return to D’ni and even less desire to mingle with those in the “explorer community”. But try as I might Ages like Fahets and Kehrahn still hold sway over me, perhaps it is the prospect of unfinished work.
And there was plenty of work to be done in Fahets. Most of the walkways we had set down had been damaged or destroyed during the upheaval so new (and better constructed) walkway had to be put down. The boat had to be lifted out of the mud and repaired. But work has progressed nicely the walkways have been finished and I have been working on setting up a familiar memorial to David with help from Sophie and Nad.
But for now,the hour is late and I need to retire. Tomorrow we install the support cables and bridge mechanics, so it is destined to be a long and arduous day.

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