Fehnir's House

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Location: J'taeri District of Ae'gura
Date Found: 07/10/09
Date Released: 09/07/10

Fehnir's house is located in the the upper area of Ae'gura in the J'taeri district.

The house was purchased by Yaris who was originally a merchant from the City Proper. Yaris was a very popular man who made a large amount of wealth through his business. As a result he was able to have his son, Nemen, inducted into the Guild of Writers and moved his family to Ae'gura where his descendants have lived ever since.

At the time of the Fall, the house was inhabited by Fehnir and his wife Laia and his son Me'fehnir and his wife Nalen.

The family had one Age called Eder Ahryee, that was Written by Nemen as a gift to his father Yaris. But evidence discovered whilst restoring the house revealed they had access to a second Age called Lehns.

Fehnir was a relatively high ranking member of the Guild of Archivists. When the plague broke out Fehnir sent his friend and colleague, Jilen, ahead to make sure Fehnir's family got to safety. Jilen had no family of his own (indeed he was considered family by Fehnir and his wife such was their friendship) and because he was younger was able to reach the house faster than the older Fehnir.

Jilen ushered Laia, Me'fehnir and Nalen (along with a couple of stewards) to Eder Ahryee to keep them safe. Fehnir however never saw his family again, as he made his way home he succumbed to the plague and refused to Link to his family for fear of dooming them too. As a result he died alone in his study.

In the aftermath of the Fall, A'gaeris and Veovis went from building to building, house to house, Linking dead bodies filled with the plague into the Ages of D'ni spreading the contagion even further. Eder Ahryee did not escape this seeding, evidence found in the study upon the first visit showed a smeared hand print upon the Eder Ahryee Kormahn. From Jilen's writings found within Eder Ahryee it was discovered that the plague slowly spread through to Laia and the stewards, when they died Me'fahnir and Nalen fled to Lehns hoping they would be spared but they too were found dead near the Link in point in Lehns. Jilen survived due to the fact he had moved to the other side of the forest. He blocked all access to the Eder Ahryee Link in point and remained in seclusion until he was found by Keith and Steven.


Due to structural damaged caused by surrounding buildings the majority of Fehnir's family house is inaccessible whilst restoration efforts are carried out. A couple of rooms have been deemed safe for public access however.

The Study

Compared to some of the houses within the area, the house of Fehnir and his family is rather modest. This is reflected within Fehnir's study, it is a small room that also serves as the family's Book room. A door leads into the room from the hallway on the second floor with the Eder Ahryee Linking Book just inside the study itself. A small staircase leads down to the lower tier of the study where Fehnir's desk sits. Across from the desk is a plinth which houses several artifacts from the Age of Lehns above the plinth is a portrait of Fehnir himself.

A tall doorway opens out to a small balcony which overlooks the rest of the district and the D'ni cavern beyond.

The Relic Room

Access to the Relic Room was discovered during the restoration effort on Lehns. It is a small room with no discernible exit, smaller than the study itself. The room contains a wealth of artifacts and artworks from the Mahri people of Lehns. Large hand stitched tapestries cover the walls along with shields made of bone. A recessed shelf contains the many books of commentary written by Fehnir and his family regarding the Age of Lehns.

A plinth much like the one in the study contains more artifacts and a Linking Book to Lehns. On the wall next to the plinth is a large painting of Lehns itself a gift to Fehnir from his son, commissioned by the Guild of Artists.


Fehnir House Book of Commentary Display desk, Fehnir's Study

Fehnir's Last Words Desk, Fehnir's Study

Lehns Book of Commentary Display desk, Relic Room

Sophie Thomas' Journal TTP Crates, Fehnir's Study

Eder Ahryee Map Desk, Fehnir's Study (currently missing)


Eder Ahryee Linking Book

LehnsLinking Book

NexusLinking Book

Restoration Log

18-05-14: Eder Ahryee Kormahn removed and sent to The Archive. Replaced with a Linking Book to the Age. Linking Book to Lehns has been added to the Relic Room. No Kormahn for Lehns has been found as of yet.

01-08-12: Previous plans on expanding the restoration to the other parts of the house have fallen through due to the Third Path disbanding.

05-03-12: Keith discovers a new room in the house after following Lore's path. The 'relic' room appears to be tied to Lehns and contains a several artifacts and artworks from the Age as well as a large painting of Lehns itself.

09-07-10: Area released to the public.

08-07-10: Release further delayed as Keith’s stay on the surface is extended over the July fourth weekend.

Area prepped for release with Keith’s return.

28-06-10: Release delayed as Keith heads to the surface.

26-06-10: Council decides to release the area before work has finished.

22-06-10: Access to the location compromised, Subterranean Restoration members Whilyam and Kate Heatly showed up unexpectedly in the location.

Council is discussing releasing area as is seeming access is now available to some.

18-06-10: Steven and his team continue to look over documentation found in the room.

Clean up crews have started scrubbing the area down to remove the traces left from the plague.

12-06-10: Surrounding area deemed safe enough to return. Access to Fehnir’s house blocked by fallen structures. Location can now only be accessed via the Linking Books.

Translation work on Fehnir’s journal is being carried out by Steven Ross.

Doorway sealed up for now, and balcony stability checked out.

Sophie is due to stop by and take a look at the Cannen.

Area passes Phase 1 approval and moves on to Phase 2.

11-06-10: Location discovered, initial exploration taken place.

Structural integrity being surveyed, location opened up for Phase 1.

Location discovered to be the house of the owner of an Age called Eder Ahryee, documentation regarding the Age discovered and is currently being translated by Steven Ross.

Discovery of references to a secondary Age, Lehns. Initial Link made to Eder Ahryee and samples taken, Age shows sign of “Plague Seeding.”

Area instability, area deemed unsafe for a 24 hour period after surrounding housing collapsed upon inspection. Damage sustained to Fehnir’s house, teams will check back in 24 hours to see if area is safe.