The Archive

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Author: Unknown

Date Found: 07/04/10

Book location: Unknown

Designation: Human Age

The first Archive was located in the Prayer Rooms in the Tehren Neighbourhood. It served as a secured location for all documents, Linking Books, Descriptive Books discovered during the Third Paths restoration endeavors.

The Archive was moved to its own Age after the Tehren Neighbourhood was breached by the Tailen Society. The Age was kept hidden and its name redacted with access being granted to the five Third Path council members only.


Descriptions of the Archive are scarce, it is even unknown what kind of Age it resides on. However it is separated into at least three wings, the Archive, the Blue Archive and the Black Archive.

The Archive

Over the last decade or so The Third Path have collected a considerable amount of documents (journals, notes, maps) regarding D'ni and its Ages as well as Descriptive Books and Linking Books. The Archive contains all of the information discovered where it is logged and filed. Any Descriptive Book found is stored here and Linking Books for the Age (if safe) is released to the public. Documents that have been discovered but are kept at their original locations are duplicated and the copies stored in the Archive.

Access to the Archive is restricted to the Third Path council, no Linking Books for this location have been discovered.

The Blue Archive

The Blue Archive contains all the information gathered by Keith from DRC and Cyan sources over the years, the information contained within this archive has not been publicly released and it is also the location of Linking books covered under the "Intangibles" project.

The Black Archive

The Black Archive is home to information and Ages deemed too dangerous for public access. Many of the Ages contained within are illicit Books or Ages that have become extremely unstable over the centuries. It also contains items retrieved from the Tailehn Society including their more macabre experiments involving the Bahro.