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Author: Unknown

Date Written: Unknown
Date Found: 07/10/09
Date Released: TBD

Book location: Fehnir's House

Designation: D’ni Age

It is unknown when exactly Lehns was Written but it was presented to Fehnir as a gift in 9371 DE by his son Me'fehnir who was a member of the Guild of Artists.



Hall of Ancients


Fehnir's Office

Notable Wildlife

Wildlife information to come.


Fehnir's journal

Lehns Book of Commentary




Fehnir's House Linking Book

AhryeetoLinking Book

17-03-09: Phase 4 is drawing to a close, the Age will soon be up for Phase 5 approval before being released to the public.

15-03-09: Search for the Mahri has halted, due to resources and the conditions of the Age the search can not venture further out into the surrounding waters to see if they have relocated.

14-12-08: Age has been returned to, no sign of the Mahri, strangely the Great Watcher is missing.

18-05-07: Initial studies into the native population, the Mahri as they call themselves has been completed. Talks with the Mahri Elders reveal they are interested in meeting more “travelers”, possibility of the Age being public is high at this point.

20-03-07: Communication between us and the native continues to improve, several members staying to learn more about them.

07-03-07: Age surprisingly needs no work, due to native population keeping things in check, Age fast tracked to Phase 4.

05-03-07: Checks show Age stable and safe, Age is also populated with people.

04-03-07: Linking Book discovered in Ae’gura, initial visit planned.