To the Surface

Gone to the surface, not sure for how long.

Norapod Brandy

After my meeting with Jilen and sampling some of his home-made wine I had been entertaining the idea of experimenting with something similar, perhaps using the Norapods from Fahets.

With Rob’s help I was able to acquire some equipment to add to Sul so that I could start my experiments, Sul has the best source of heat needed for the process so it seemed logical that I should set up the gear there.

Took us a day or so to get the equipment set up and the heat right. But we eventually got the Norapods processing. Given my fondness for harder alcohol like whiskey and brandy, I figured I’d try with a Norapod Brandy, fruit brandies are not unheard of after all.
The first attempt was a disaster, I’m still not exactly sure what happened, but the result was a mess and tasted highly unpleasant.
It took us a few more tries, experimenting as we went to get a formula that worked right.

Last night, we celebrated the success by testing the first bottle of 40% Norapod brandy that doesn’t taste like something served up in the depths of hell. The bitter after taste of the Norapod seems to be a little more pronounced in the brandy, I think I may have to look into finding a way to scale that back if possible, but it’s not a bad taste, I if mixing it would help.
I was fully prepared that the Norapods wouldn’t be suitable for the process, little surprised they worked.

Once some extra fine tuning is complete I think I shall process some bottles for aging and see how those taste in the future. I need to send a bottle off to Blake to try to see if he wants some for the pub he’s restoring.


I’ve been following the restoration of Tosholek closely, Whilyam has been talking about it frequently, along with the troublesome issues that arose during the restoration cycle.

It was only this morning that I had a chance to check it out. I sat at my desk in Sul, drinking my morning cup of English Breakfast looking at the Book he had left me. So I decided I should go take a look finally, I had been anticipating venturing into the area.

I linked into a long walkway which sat above the D’ni lake water, and was enclosed by cliffs. I noticed the water here was a lot brighter than elsewhere in the cavern and wondered if Whil had been experimenting with pellets there. But that wasn’t the only thing I noticed.

As I had Linked right in behind Diafero and Blake.


Not long after I arrived a young lady Linked in, Ri’ana, who was Blake’s fiancé.


We wondered around for a bit, looking over the work Whil had done, checking out the damaged areas. The walkway leads up some stairs to a balcony, which contains a notebook regarding Sholek and the location we were in. The balcony lead off in two directions, one of which was blocked off the other lead to an auditorium. In the auditorium was a balcony, which I am guessing is where Sholek spoke from to his followers (that or played Julliet).


I spoke to Diafero for a while as I read the notebook, Blake and Ri’ana wandered off to explore the lower levels, eventually ‘Fero left me to go join them.
I was half way through the book when I could hear laughter coming from below, I glanced over the balcony wondering if I could see the others, when I noticed they had all decided to go for a dip in the Lake.


I figured I could leave the book for now, I plan to come back and transcribe it for the Archive anyway. So I decided to go down and join them, it’s been a while since I last ended up in the lake (thanks to a damaged Linking Book).

Wonder if I can get this glow out of my clothes…

Photo: Whilyam in Fahets


Sul Developments

I admit it, I have no idea what is going to happen to Cass. Originally my plan was for it to become my lab, and whilst we were planning it I would set up a temporary lab on Sul whilst I experimented with the water there. But as time has gone on, I’ve been seeing Sul more and more as my little home away from home, and expanding the lab in Sul to a second room has done little to help the desire to stay put instead of moving to Cass.

So I have decided to keep it on Sul, I have a few ideas mulling around for Cass, it isn’t a top priority at the moment so there is no rush.

Speaking of experiments, my ongoing studies into Sul’s water continues, whilst I have since ruled out the possibility of it being used to help the D’ni lake water I am looking into the relationship between the two forms of algae and any potential developments they may yield in other areas.

I have also started looking into the KI technology, and how that works in relation to the Ages, borrowing from ideas mentioned in Catherine’s journals regarding some experiments Atrus did in the past. Sophie has been lending her technical skills with D’ni technology to help me conduct the experiments I desire.

I am finding it difficult to find the time between running my own projects and working on the various Ages we are Developing/Restoring. I am loathe to take time out more frequently, nothing will get done. But on the same note, I feel myself burning out and if that happens then nothing really will get done on my end.