Further Destabilization


It’s been a while since I had last stepped foot on Fahets. My last visit showed me the upheaval that was wrought by the last series of tremors. The basin walls had been shattered into splinters of rock, as a result the surrounding mass of water had rushed in and flooded the area.

For a while things seemed to quieten down, I had even started constructing wooden walkways spanning the new watery areas linking the new islands with others, even constructing a dock and a boat so I could venture out further.

Of course it didn’t last.

We were constructing the hut when the tremors started again, this time they were significantly more violent than before. Several times we were thrown to the floor.

The others left, I stayed, longer than perhaps I should. But I at least got to see a prelude to what was to come.
The sky was darkening, loud thunder rumbled the rock beneath my feet. As I looked out over the swamp I noticed that patches of water were beginning to steam, and boil, the wildlife in the water floating to the surface dead as they were boiled alive.

At that point I felt it best to leave the Age for now, before I was harmed myself.

Today however, I decided to return, with a suit of course.

Such changes…

The Link in point survived, but the surrounding area did not fare so well. In the middle of Fahets that was, a giant fissure has pushed up out of the rock below, from it comes a vibrant orange glow from the magma at its bottom.
The walkways have been rendered useless and in some cases have been destroyed. The formation of the surrounding rock has shifted drastically. The once walls of the basin are jutting spires of rock, it’s hard to tell there once was a basin. The surrounding rock has pushed up or sunk, I can’t tell but the area of Fahets that was is now in a large sunken recess. The fissure has dried up the surrounding water, its is now no longer a swampy area but a barren plane of cracked mud. A lot of the plant-life has died (like the Norapods) but some grass and the Glowcaps have managed to hold on.






Outside of the recess it’s worse. Everywhere I can see the water has vanished, cracked earth spreads out meeting blackened rock where more fissures riddle the surface. The area out there is too dangerous for people to venture out in, I think we’re going to have to block access off to those portions.

The sky still rumbles with thunder, the tremors are faint but still happen frequently, but I’m not fooled this time, it’s just a calm before another storm.

And yet I am helpless, I cannot seem to locate what the problem is with the Age, why it continues this decay.
And honestly, at this point, I’m sorely tempted to throw my hands up and say to hell with it, let it succumb to its fate and be done with it.

Beneath Issues

If you had dropped by Beneath today you would have found yourself in a pool of 404 pages.

Sorry about that.

Turns out lastnight one of the tables in the database got corrupted so all the posts and pages vanished. Thankfully it’s all back now and working fine and I actually remembered to take a backup of the database for future potential issues.

May Wallpaper: Eder Kemo

Running a little late, lots going on at the moment. Haven’t had a lot of time to deal with extra things. Here’s the May wallpaper depicting Eder Kemo.

Eder Kemo

You can find the new wallpapers over in the download section.

April Wallpaper: Eder Gira

Posting this a day early as I have a tendency to keep my head down over the course of April first. Easier than dealing with the sharp increase in idiocy as people try to be clever and fail spectacularly.

So the April wallpaper depicting Eder Gira has been added to the downloads section.

Eder Gira

You can find the new wallpapers over in the download section.

A Series of Experiments

As promised a quick summery of some of the experiments and studies that I am currently working on.

Fahets Stability

The stability issues are on going, I’m continuing to monitor the various Ages (especially Fahets) for further signs of trouble.
I have decided to use a couple of my precious blank Books to Write a couple of simple test Ages where I can monitor degradation of the underlying structure and implement any possible fixes.

So keen was I to put pen to paper, to Write an Age. I don’t think I was ready.
I have been spending countless nights pouring over Descriptive Books from other Ages trying to understand the various intricate concepts used in Age Writing, to see if I had overlooked something or if I could find a solution.

Water Studies

My work on the water studies continue two fold. On the one hand I have been continuing to work with the water on Sul, and on the other the D’ni lake water.

The properties of the water of Sul continues to interest me, I continue to learn more and more about the algae in the water. I have also been running tests to see how it reacts with the algae in the D’ni lake water. Whilst I figure this will serve little purpose in helping the lake light levels return, it has none-the-less been an interesting study.

D’ni lake water studies continue with sampling of various pellets. Whilst I am now convinced that I have a nice formula for the pellets that will give the algae a healthy dose, the sheer mass of the lake means that fixing it will take many years. Especially after looking at the data provided in the rest of the community.

I’m hoping to take the pellets to a new stage an introduce new elements into the make up or perhaps work with Sophie on a better means to feed the lake…perhaps something airborne? I’m not sure.

Age Viewer

The idea came after Sophie and I had been working on the new imager model. The Third Path archive contains some interesting notes from a third party, relating to the experiments Atrus had done. So we had been musing if perhaps we could take a look at the concept, a fact made easier with the KI and Lattice technology, and see if something could come of it.

This was a couple of years back now, we have both been working ahead with it in our spare time. A few of the preliminary tests have yielded positive results.
Hopefully when some of the other issues have died down we can focus more on it and hopefully develop a solid working test.

Todah Berries

The berries have been the subject of some small scale studies. I’ve been curious as to the potency of the effects after the fruit has been prepared in numerous fashions.

As a result I roped Steven in to giving me a hand testing this and being a lab rat.

So far I’ve discovered the following.

  • Juiced – Unsurprisingly the potency of the berries with the juice is almost as strong as eating the fruit itself. I plan to run some tests regarding shelf life of the juice. I have some ideas about using it in brewing in a very small amount just for an extra kick like the Absinthe of old.
  • Pulped – Similiar result, a little more potent give that the flesh of the fruit is contained, it still seems to loose something in the process however. Perhaps something reacting with the air?
  • Dried – Drying it out reduces a lot of the potency of it. Ingesting small samples resulted in a more subtle reaction. Steven suggested the concept of drying it out and leaving some in the bottom of the bottle which would likely give the small trace kick we would be looking for.

I have gone a head and placed small amounts of the dried batch in a couple of bottles of Norapod brandy to see what results.

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