August Wallpaper: D’ni


After being poked by certain people, I have managed to catch up on the backlog of wallpapers.

  • June: Kadish Tolesa
  • July: Relto
  • August: D’ni

As usual you can find them in the Downloads section.

Future Updates

As you may have noticed the site layout has gone through an update (again). The reasoning behind this was so that I could sort out a low maintenance layout and set some things in place for future updates to the site.
One such update is in regards to UruBlogs, come the end of the year UruBlogs will be up for renewal, something that I will not be doing.
For a long while now the only blogs that have been posting to UruBlogs are mine, and Raben’s. Interest is fleeting these days, people are moving on and I feel keeping the domain isn’t really worth it.
However it is not a complete loss, I have already moved UruBlogs and folded it into a new section on Beneath which you can now find here: UruBlogs

If you still follow UruBlogs I would recommend updating your bookmarks and feeds.

Pyre Stabilization

Whilst it has only been but a month, there have been notable signs of stabilization on Pyre. As a result I have gone ahead and copied the passage into the Fahets Book.

We shall see how it goes…

A Mysterious Note

Stopped by Sul this morning to check on the plantlife I had saved from Fahets to find a note on my desk.

The handwriting looks somewhat familiar, whoever wrote it apparently knows me which could be why the handwriting is familiar.

Mysterious Note

Enclosed in the note was a Garohevtee I had not seen before. The question is would it actually solve the issue as the mysterious author attests too? The notation under the phrase comments on which elements within Fahets that it relates to, I can see how it technically could introduce a stable element. I won’t further risk Fahets with adding it untested though. I Wrote two other test Ages when the Fahets issue started in order to try and figure out a solution, I think testing it on “Pyre” (the more damaged of the two test Ages) would be a good idea. I can monitor any changes and if it proves safe apply it to Fahets.

Cass Updates

The plan was to release the new portions of Cass in stages. Starting with the Link in area then the 4 wings.

But like most plans, these changed. In the end it was decided that we’d work on the other wings then release it all in one. In the past we made a large effort to be transparent, to share information about how the work was going, like we had to answer to the explorer community.

We once modeled ourselves on the DRC, watching them with their communication silence and thinking “we can do better than that”. But as the years have moved on, I find myself really not giving a damn anymore. We’re not the DRC, never have been. We don’t answer to the community, never will do. So to hell with doing things the way of others instead of the way we want to do things.
So Cass will be released when we damn well please, we’re not going to waste time approving development and restoration logs for publication when that can be better spent working on other stuff.

That said, I took some images of progress of Cass today. The Harbingers wing is pretty much finished at this point, just awaiting some documentation to be added.


So focus has moved to the Restorers Wing which is also coming along nicely, although moving one of the Ahyoheek tables from Tehren to the wing was a pain in the neck, those things are really damn heavy.


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