Met up with Rob in The Cleft today, he was looking well. He wanted to wander around a bit and see if anything had changed, which it had.

Robert Lumely

Investor Visit

Tomorrow the RestorersGuilds investor Robert is heading back down to the Cavern to see how things are going and what progress has been made. I’ve been sending some time up on the surface and shall be travelling back down with him.

Its been a while since I have seen Rob, Keira is the one who usually meets up with him these days.

The tests with Sophie’s new camera’s went really well, managed to get some good photographs of the various wildlife in Reziksehv. Shall have to send some copies over to the D’ni Zoological Society folks.

New Cameras

Haven’t been able to get out of the hood lately, so much work to do. Going to be heading up to the surface for a few days on Thursday which will be a welcome break.

Camera’s in Pod 12 have yet to pick up anything of interest, we shall keep on checking the place out, we also put some cam’s in Dereno, Payiferen and Negilahn.
Sophie has been working on some new mini camera’s which if work, could provide some great photography of the various wildlife in ‘Reziksehv’. It should allow us to venture off a bit from the pod’s without actually leaving the pod’s via remote control, we are scheduling a test of the water model in Dereno next week.

The Guild

Had a meeting with Keira, Steve and Sophie a while ago. Keira wants to start the RestorersGuild back up and wants us to return. I decided to decline for now, who knows what the future holds, however I have offered to host the site and work on it for them. I did decide to work with them on Tefoonet’ahn, unfortunately due to the Guild being 3 people and other resource issues work on the Age has been delayed for now. We have uncovered some documentation on the Age.

March 20th, 2004

Sophie remains on the surface as such it is just myself and Keira who are heading up the Third Path currently. Despite this things are moving along surprisingly smoothly. We’ve been working with the other explorers who returned to the cavern to remove the various barriers and blockades the DRC left behind as well as securing other areas of the city and its Ages and gathering documentation for archiving.

I have been studying the documents James left behind. He had done extensive research on the Bahro and their enslavement. There was some curious notes pertaining to “seers” and a tablet but I couldn’t find any more information on this. He had also sketched out a strange symbol several times, I’m sure I’ve seen this symbol somewhere before but I can’t recall where. I’d love to write his research off as crazy, but a lot of it matches up with my own research into the Bahro.

Aside from his research into the Bahro it appears he was researching The Art, there are extensive notes regarding Garohevtee and the processed behind Age Writing, indeed it seems he was reaching a point where he was about to attempt Writing his own Age. We have said from the get go that The Third Path would not indulge in Age Writing, I don’t believe humans are ready for it.

I wish I could speak to James, I have so many questions not just about Dave’s death but about the research he was conducting…

We ventured up into the higher areas of Ae’gura today, there is a lot of damage up there. We’ve been keeping an eye out for any Books or ink but between the DRC, Gehn, and Atrus most areas have been cleaned out.