New Year

Returned to the Cavern today after spending Christmas with the family. Going to be spending the next few days in the Firemarble Office working on some of the web projects (Firemarble, Guild of Fine Artists etc) that I am working on.

Rob is due to come down tomorrow to discuss funding.

Need to run by the Age later and see if Sophie is back and get the data from that KI we found in Noloben.

New Age

Had been waiting on some air samples to get back to us regarding a new Age we have been working with. Results came back that indicated that all was well so a team is being assembled to venture into the Age and check it out.

Added a new feature to Beneath called Quick Notes, it utilizes Twitter to post quick updates of what is going on, a bit like mini journal entries. These entries well contain details of what the Restorers Guild and myself are up to in D’ni and its Ages.

New Office

I had decided that the second floor of the D’ni Jazz Club location was going to house living accommodation for myself, perhaps a studio for me to paint in.

Course then the idea of using it as an office for The Firemarble came to me. Currently we’re operating out of a small room in the Tehren Neighbourhood but having a larger space would be much nicer to work in, plus if more people join the staff we would need more room.

So at the start of the month we cleaned the place up, got some repairs done and started dressing the place up and removing some of the stuff we had been keeping in there.

The Firemarble Office

The Firemarble is going on a hiatus whilst I set everything up in the office and work out some plans I have for the paper.

It has been a busy month so far, I haven’t really had time to reflect on Dr. Watson’s return and other things.

The Pub

I have found myself spending a lot of time in the D’ni Jazz Club of late. Just wandering around looking at the great work Darryl has done on the structure. There was a lot of damage when we first found the location.

D'ni Jazz Club

D'ni Jazz Club

D'ni Jazz Club

People are already asking for access, not sure when that will be, could be a while given the amount of projects on the go and the small team we have working in the group. Perhaps we should get a meeting held and vote on suspending some projects, will have to take that up with the others.

Restoring The D’ni Jazz Club

For a couple of years now I have been wanting to restore the location to house The D’ni Jazz Club. But resources have been a big problem in getting it done. This weekend Phase 1 was finally completed, and details posted.
Upon seeing them, Darryl “Paradox” Pogue kindly offered to help fix the place up, overseeing Phases 2 to 4. Work began pretty quickly a lot of the damage has been repaired and the DJC tapestries have been hung on the walls.

The D'ni Jazz Club

To say I am excited to see this taking shape is an understatement, out of all the projects the RestorersGuild has going The D’ni Jazz Club is one of the ones I want to see completed most (the other being the explorer memorial age Tefoonet’ahn).