New Year

Returned to the Cavern today after spending Christmas with the family. Going to be spending the next few days in the Firemarble Office working on some of the web projects (Firemarble, Guild of Fine Artists etc) that I am working on.

Rob is due to come down tomorrow to discuss funding.

Need to run by the Age later and see if Sophie is back and get the data from that KI we found in Noloben.

0003 Disaster

Noloben trip is being postponed until next week, an issue has arisen in Age 0003. Seismic activity had been building up over the last week, it had opened a fissure in the wall of the caldera the resulting split damaged the observation pod standing over it.

0003 Unknown

The pod was sealed up and the lava built up within it before breeching the observation window. Seems our construction of the pods weakened the surrounding rock leading to this problem.

Thankfully the other 2 pods are shielded from the middle segment, so they can still be used, we are going to fortify the doors to the center pod just in case. Going to have to find a way to circumvent the middle pod to get to the last one though, as pod 3 is the one that has access to the surrounding surface area of the volcano.

Shall see what the engineers make of it I guess.

Pod Construction

Observation equipment has been set up in 0003.
Sophie’s team has set up camera’s around the caldera and the pods have been constructed along the walls.

Age 0003

We have put a time-frame of one year on the observation, at which point it will be brought before the Guild again and we shall decide what to so with the Age.

We have noticed a fair amount of seismic activity, not enough to be worrying at the moment but there is rumbles every now and then.

0003 Unknown

Returned from the initial visit to what has been designated “0003 Unknown” by the guild.

It was night time when we Linked in, I was going to say it was dark but it wasn’t. We had Linked into a ledge about half way up the inside of a caldera. Below us was a lake of molten lava just bubbling and cracking away. The ledge seems pretty secure, will have to get someone to check it over but I don’t think it’ll be trying to kill us any time soon. The problem stems from the fact that it’s a volcanic Age, we’re going to have to put it on some long term observation to assess if it is going to erupt or not.

0003 Unknown

I’m hoping it will prove to be stable, seeing the various fissures in the rocks, the flowing of the lava I can see that this place would make a unique Age.

Most of the time was spent looking around the immediate area, Soph and Steve are heading back with some equipment to scale the side and get up on the surface to see what things look like up there and set up an observation post to keep an eye on things.

New Age

Had been waiting on some air samples to get back to us regarding a new Age we have been working with. Results came back that indicated that all was well so a team is being assembled to venture into the Age and check it out.

Added a new feature to Beneath called Quick Notes, it utilizes Twitter to post quick updates of what is going on, a bit like mini journal entries. These entries well contain details of what the Restorers Guild and myself are up to in D’ni and its Ages.

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