New Office

I had decided that the second floor of the D’ni Jazz Club location was going to house living accommodation for myself, perhaps a studio for me to paint in.

Course then the idea of using it as an office for The Firemarble came to me. Currently we’re operating out of a small room in the Tehren Neighbourhood but having a larger space would be much nicer to work in, plus if more people join the staff we would need more room.

So at the start of the month we cleaned the place up, got some repairs done and started dressing the place up and removing some of the stuff we had been keeping in there.

The Firemarble Office

The Firemarble is going on a hiatus whilst I set everything up in the office and work out some plans I have for the paper.

It has been a busy month so far, I haven’t really had time to reflect on Dr. Watson’s return and other things.

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