Ri’neref Painting

Headed into Ae’gura on Monday, I have been doing some simple studies on D’ni architecture for future Age restoration & development projects. As we were routing through the museum we discovered a portrait of King Ri’neref.
We couldn’t locate any documentation on who it was painted by, it had some minor damage to the frame and canvas, and some of the paint hadn’t Aged as well as later paintings we have found (perhaps paint mixtures improved as time went on).
I had it moved over to the room above the D’ni Jazz Club Pub that I have been using as a makeshift office for now so that I could work on improving the quality of it somewhat.

Finished up the work late lastnight, took a while for it to dry out (some area’s still need drying), but for the most part it’s almost ready to hang, not sure whether to put it up in the museum to replace the broken painting there or store it for hanging elsewhere.


It’s a shame the DRC didn’t release more information about D’ni art.

0004 Initial Visit

I took the initial visit to what we’ve temporarily labeled 0004. The Book does indeed Link to a circular courtyard area, the area is flanked with columns and at the center is a large pool of water. A quick exploration of the area, whilst collecting the needed samples, revealed that the courtyard is enclosed, there appears to be no exits.

The Age is in remarkable condition from what little I could see, it doesn’t look like that it will require much restoration work before we can release it to the public.

However, more documentation on the Age would be nice, what little Keira could find indicated that it was a place for people to meet and discuss cavern life and politics. Unfortunately that seems to be it as far as we can tell, we haven’t even found a name for this place yet.

The tests all came back green so we can progress with the Age in the future, for now however I am going to assign a small group to find more documentation on the Age so we can find out more about it, aside from that the Age will be placed with the rest of the pending Ages whilst we focus on tidying up other Ages to release to the public, seeming it shouldn’t require much work.

In the mean time I have added it to the projects page of Beneath.

New Book

Today Keira and I headed out into the upper levels of Ae’gura to see if we could locate some more blank books and bottles of ink.

We spent the morning searching half a dozen locations but without any luck, with more explorers searching the city for resources for Age writing I fear the supply will soon run out, for all of us.

We need to take stock of what we have left over the next few days…

However our search was not in vain, I happened to stumble upon a Book which was hidden under the mess that littered what appeared to be a study. Keira decided to stay at the house a while longer to see if any documentation regarding the Age could be found whilst I headed back to Tehren to get the Book checked over.

Tomorrow I shall arrange for the initial visit to the Age to take place, from looking at the Linking Panel it seems to Link to a small courtyard of sorts, aside from that we’ve been unable to tell what the rest of the Age may look like.

The Prophetess

Picked up the piece that I am going to be restoring, there is a fair amount of damage, some mold caused by damp from an undetermined source. The frame was damaged too so I had to make up a new one, the text on the frame was fading, the piece was called The Prophetess. Artists name is to faded to make out, and there seems to be no allusion to which Prophetess it actually is.

A quick study indicated that this piece was of a certain art movement, alas records doesn’t confirm what the movement was which is a pain.

I repaired and re-stretched the canvas over the new frame, cleaned up the paint work and the mold. We haven’t discovered any information on the construct of D’ni paint and how it was mixed so I ended up using surface equivalents and matching the colours up, matched them up nicely I think in the end.

The Prophetess

I have a hi res scan of the piece here: The Prophetess.
For those of you who are interested, you can see the worst of the mold in the top left, haven’t managed to remove it all safely yet.

One thing about being in the Cavern so long restoring stuff, we have the processes down pretty well which means we can get things sorted out quickly, at least with smaller items anyway, bigger restoration projects always take longer not surprisingly.

Still got some work to do before I send it off to the SR guys.

Still Lost

Seem to be spending a lot of time in the office lately.

Working on liquidizing the Restorers Guild site. Site doesn’t get updated as much as it should, and given Rob is happily financing the group the site isn’t really needed. So I have been sat in the office merging content from the Restorers Guild site to my Beneath site.

Seem to be spending a lot of time mulling things over lately.

Sometimes I feel the group got too big, back when we all got together it was just the 4 of us, myself, Keira, Dave and James and later Soph joined us. Back then it was about restoring D’ni, about learning and uncovering the mysteries.
Dave was killed and James fled the cavern, so Steve joined us, and it became about restoration and learning The Art.
We got funding, Keira’s husband Joe joined us and we had engineers, the group became considerably bigger.

Breakthroughs came, Ages were written. Was this evolution of the group or did the group, like me, loose its way?

So where do we go from here, does the group go back to being small? Does the group continue without me? Originally I wasn’t going to stay, joined to help with a few projects and to get help with Tefoonetahn.

So much to think about, to much to think about.

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