Work on Ahryeeto

Admittedly there isn’t a whole lot of work to be done in Ahryeeto. The Age is in fairly decent condition.

We had taken a bit of a hiatus from the location after working on Fehnir’s house due to the amount of documentation discovered there. We’ve managed to make enough progress on the translations that the rest can be handled by Steven and his team. As a result I have returned to the Age to continue with a more thorough exploration.

My previous trip had been a quick one, collecting samples and seeing what the immediate location was like. I Linked through to the enclosed area, which I now noticed is actually tunnel that appears to lead up through the rock to the forest above. The way was blocked off however by a large bolder, I was about to turn away when I noticed a book on the floor, on closer inspection it appeared to be a journal.
I placed it in my bag to take back to my office to translate and headed out to the well again.

Descending the stone path I followed it around the rock wall towards the house, heading in I took the time to look around more. The first room appears to be a kitchen, a small stove and work bench is to the left and to the right a small table with four seats.

Past this room was a single bedroom where I had discovered the corpse on the previous trip. In this room was a largish bed and a desk which contained a Book back to Fehnir’s house and a Book to Lehns, oddly it contained little else, perhaps his usual equipment was back in D’ni?

Back outside I walked over to the well, an actual well this time that the family likely drew drinking water from, and looked up at the rock face. It would appear that there was once a waterfall that dispersed water into the basin, a section of the rock face is worn away that would indicate such, however no water currently flows, perhaps it has been blocked, either by Fehnir and his family or naturally.

I do not (hopefully) foresee this Age taking a long time to release, there is not a great deal that needs fixing. For now, however, I plan to being work on this translation.

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