Work & Imager Concept

It has been a long day today, spent most of it in Tehren with Steve, Keira, Rob and Sophie discussing the current projects we have going and whether to prioritize some over the others.

It’s been a slowish week since I returned, spent a few days watching the wildlife in Negilahn and Payiferen, venturing out of the pods for a closer look, I need to spend more time studying them at some point.

I spent the rest of the week going over documents in the archive to see which ones can be published publicly, and drawing up some imager plans after talking to a few people about getting information in the Cavern.

The imager is designed as a “booth” of sorts, a five sided group of imager screens that would display recent information from the Guilds or other sources of information, they could be planted in the city for people to walk by and catch the latest news. Tomorrow I’m going to stop by Sophie’s to finalize the designs with her and see if she can start working on a prototype.

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