Trek to Pod 12

Well that was a crazy adventure, so hot with that sun beating down on us, picked up a nice sun tan though.

Took us a couple of days to plan out the journey and gather supplies. Course then Keira noticed our stock of books were missing so we had to venture up into the city in search of some more. Seeming Joe is staying behind (on account of his arm) he said he would investigate the books, has me a little concerned that they are gone.

Pod 12

It took us a couple of days to make the trek, I think it would have taken us longer if we had made proper rest stops, but given the issue with the animals of the Age we didn’t want to take even more of a risk.

Tell you what I am glad I opted to wear my D’ni glasses instead of my regular sun glasses, managed to keep the grit out of my eyes during the dust storm, Steven and Sophie were not so lucky.

Pod 12

We managed to get into Pod 12 without to much trouble, couldn’t see a Linking Book in there but we had brought our own. We took the opportunity to get some decent sleep in the safty of the pod and Keira saw to getting a Link to the pod sorted out.

Originally we had thought of lugging the equipment with us but then figured if we could get a Link to the pod set up we could just Link there with it, I can see why the D’ni enjoyed Linking Book’s they certainly can make life easier.

Pod 12

Unfortunately the generators we are using with the camera’s and laptops don’t last to long so they need to be dealt with every 24 hours. We hope to get some good footage with them though, we plan to set some up in Negilahn, Dereno and the other Payiferen pod.

Pod 12

Nice to be back in the cavern though, can’t say I am much fond of the heat in Payiferen. I should see about getting some armchairs put in Tehren so we can veg out.

It’s all go in the Cavern however, the Bahro have placed a stone allowing quick access to The Great Shaft. The Anti DRC Movement clashed with Cate and it didn’t do their reputation any good, esspecially with Sydney posting a log with Nick White, a log which looks like it has been messed with so I can’t say I trust it.

On another note I’ve been having some issues with the Photos section of Beneath as a result I have had to close it, hoping to get a solution worked out soon.

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