Tochoortahv Status Update

It has been a long day.

Investigation showed that the fire had been set on purpose with the identification of an accelerant being used to burn the Books.

Steven has identified the two Linking Books remaining in the Age as being those of Artas and Orth, the Tailehn Book has been consumed by fire completely.

Thanks to Whil and Erik the text carved into the wall had been translated which said;


Outsiders will not learn the Art.

Spent most of the morning in Tehren with the others discussing what the next step will be. Given the text that was left in the Age, we believe that a D’ni survivor took offense at either us providing the means for people to start learning the Art or took offense to the fact that we “explorers” are actually writing Ages.

Whilst we haven’t reached a complete decision yet, we agree that cleaning the Age up and placing all the documentation again would be unwise and would probably result in a repeated attack.

In the next few days I expect we’ll decide what to do.

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