Tochoortahv Released

We’ve been restoring and developing Ages and areas for a great many years now, and to finally have something released to the public (internal release to members of The Third Path doesn’t count) feels great.

Tochoortahv was finally released to the public today. The plans for the Imager in the Age have fallen through for now, Sophie and her team tried to get it sorted out but it seems it will take a lot longer than expected and neither of us wanted to delay the release any more than it already had.

There is enough there to give people a decent step up for learning to Write anyway, between the books and the Linking books there to provide examples.

Decided to put the Ri’neref painting up in the Age to take the place of the Imager, seemed to make sense to me giving how Ri’neref was considered to be one of the best D’ni writers.

So the Age has been released, for those of you who would like to obtain a Linking Book, you can order one through our Order page

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