The Coup

Today the fruits of our labour have been revealed, today the D’ni Network launched. And I am happy to say that so far the feedback has been good.

We don’t have to worry ourselves with the red tape that the explorers have been throwing at us anymore. I feel that there is promise in this project.

Met with Cate yesterday in Kemo, she told us Delin is being opened tomorrow, which is good means I can go and find Steven, got a quick KI off of him last night saying something about being very cold and needing a jacket. Will have to pack one when I visit if he is still there…if those thoughts about the door are correct then I would expect he has gone through it. Apparently a new area of the city is opening tomorrow, my money is on the Library.

Hope I can get a Delin book to put in the DJC Neighbourhood.

Dropped by Tehren the RestorersGuild’s hood to us their laptop, I say theirs its actually “on loan” from the DRC, but it is one of the ones they used for the Hood Cam so it’s got a connection to the surface which is what we need it for. Been working on fixing the photo gallery on Beneath, and Denis fixed the aggregate script for UruBlogs so thats all working, Erik mentioned some CSS issues I need to address, however they are not on the top of my priority list right now so it may be a couple of days till I get around to fixing them.

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