Eder Delin

Eder Delin The DRC had some troubles releasing the Age, seems some damaged books were placed in the hoods and a few books to Eder Tsogahl got mixed in there too. So all the books were pulled out and later replaced. Had a quick conversation with an explorer who managed to get into Tsogahl, I don’t think he tried to get through the door there. It’s strange what things bring out the worst in people, I was in one of the hoods making my way to the Delin book and just as I was about to use it some guy barges past and uses it first, terribly rude some people.
I followed to find a lot of people there, the Age is small yet very pretty, started work on classification already. The Age has the same door and cloths that Tsogahl has the people there we trying to open the door up, it never happened unfortunately and Steven wasn’t there so I guess that means he went through it.
It didn’t take long to figure out how to open it, the problem lies in the fact that you need about 8 people at least to do it. I shall try opening it later, apparently the cave leads to another Bahro Cave and a stone ring. I guess this new journey means that there is a new chapter to my journal waiting to be written.

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