Surface Time

Have been spending a little away time on the surface for a day or so, been feeling under the weather. Had a meeting with the DRC the other week, apparently Laxman is working on the Lattice again and there is a large risk of the KI going down. If that happens then the Liaisons are going to have to become messengers in the Cavern. Marie mentioned about a Guild of Messengers which will take on part of our work, some seem to think that means we will be apart of the Guild but I don’t think so. If that was the case then it would be limiting what Guild the Liaison’s are apart of which isn’t right. I do know if I will join a guild and if I do which one it would be, possibly Writers or Archivists.

The Town Hall meeting with The Great Tree group went pretty well, I managed to attend the first meeting but not the second.

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