September 7th, 2003

I spent the morning studying the glyphs in “area two” of Eder Kemo, they continue to fascinate me. It’s clear there is a story being told here it’s just trying to figure out how they fit together and what the story is. As I sat there sketching out duplicates and logging where about they are located within the Age I noticed the sky darkening shortly followed by a heavy downpour of rain. I decided to run back to the Gira Book and dry my clothes off there before heading into D’ni and exploring some of the other Neighbourhoods.

I wondered through a couple of the public ones, they were empty but it was interesting seeing the differences between them. Eventually I stumbled upon a populated one. I Linked in to find a small group of people sitting on the steps leading down to the Ahyoheek table. Upon being greeted I decided to walk over and introduce myself.
They had been talking about the Fall of D’ni. One lady, Keira Benson an Archaeologist, had been studying the fall. She had apparently discovered a D’ni corpse in the Age of Kadish Tolesa as well as other bone fragments in Gahreesen and Teledahn.
I sat with them for a few hours discussing D’ni, whilst people slowly faded into the hood and out. In the end all there was left was myself, Keira, and her friend James Rofen who was an an Architect.
They asked how I had found my way down here, to which I explained that I was a D’ni Historian and had been studying D’ni for a number of years before managing to get down here. Keira said she had stumbled across some relics that had been brought up from D’ni and her interest in those items had lead her here. James said his friend had been contracted to do some work in the Cavern, upon last seeing his friend he had been told of the Cavern and had decided to come see it for himself.

Eventually the hour grew late and the two decided to retire for the day. We promised each other to meet up again before parting company.

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