September 24th, 2018

Twenty five years ago a company called Cyan released a game called Myst. A game that was based upon documents written by Catherine, wife of Atrus, which were discovered in the D’ni cavern.

Yeesha looks upon the Age of Myst with disdain, due to the family history that transpired there…and who can blame her? But for many of us Myst was that first step that would lead us to the cavern 10 years later. Without Myst, without the fall of D’ni we would not be where we are today exploring the cavern and its Ages.

Who knows, maybe one day I’ll see Yeesha again and will get the chance to tell her that.

The explorer community have a myriad of things planned, celebrations and the like. It’s nice seeing people coming together to celebrate the inception of the journey we all took.
I have something planned myself to celebrate, something that has taken some time to work out. I was hoping it would be ready for today but alas, there was too much involved to put it together so quickly. From past experiences I know not to rush these things.

I can hope to have it ready before Christmas this year, but we shall see.

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