Returning & Possibly Returning

Thursday found our family driving 6 ours across several states to spend Thanksgiving with relatives. Friday found us attending a wedding of Jen’s cousin. Saturday found us attending the birthday of Jen’s grandmother. Sunday found us driving the 6 hours back up home.

To say I was tired come the new week was a great understatement, as a result I spent a few extra days up top getting my energies back, not to mention the slight feeling of being burned out was not a great motivator in my returning.

However the work proceeds so I returned back today.

Interestingly Jen indicated the interest in perhaps returning herself. After the DRC left back in 04 her relationship with the Cavern has been a troubling one, often leaving her upset about the restoration ending. Whilst we restore ourselves, it isn’t the same as the work the DRC was doing in her mind, and I am in agreement with her views.

However, with a memory of Gahreesen, a memory that didn’t upset, she felt perhaps it was the time to make a visit, I must admit I miss her company greatly in the Cavern, I miss the discussions and theories we used to weave, but one step at a time.

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