Well Sharper has definitely returned and is doing the rounds. I did laugh at the explorers asking if he minded that they read his journal. Morals aside, if you are going to read the journal just do it, don’t ask and don’t allow them to know you are reading said journal. As a result Sharper now knows we read it, and so if he wants to dish out dis-information he can, and we will lap it up. This kind of thing happened before, it just blows my mind.

He’s off to Negilahn with Nick and Rils to deal with this “predator” that has been eating the wildlife, apparently there was a blurry photo of some of the remains, morbid for sure but I would like to get a copy of this photo.

Have been spending some time out and about with my camera, started taking panoramic shots of all the Ages and area’s. Even made a trip back to Ahra Pahts and took one there.

Ahra Pahts Panoramic

Had a little trouble with exposure at first but I have managed to solve the issue, I think the Eder Delin one has got to be my favorte so far.
I decided to set up a new section of the album for the panoramic shots.

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