The worst has been confirmed, Keira headed up to the City Proper to find James, who also hasn’t been seen since David’s disappearance, figuring that David had gone to get James to return to his projects, there she found David’s body.

Keira thinks that David and James got into it, resulting in Davids death, from the look of the scene it seems to indicate as much, but I’m not an expert in these matters. David’s body is at a weird arch from where the balcony above is, indicating some speed or force in his fall which doesn’t appear natural. We had made our way up to the area James had been apparently living in. The balcony rail had been broken, we found fragments under David’s body. James’ area was full of notes on the Bahro, D’ni Slavery and on The Art.

We’ve confiscated his journal and notes to study and see if we can find out what he was planning.

We really need to find James and get his side of things…

Rest in peace Dave.

No Sign

We’ve been searching D’ni and its Ages for 2 days now, his work equipment is down at the Ferry Terminal where he was working on one of the boats, but there is still no sign of him

David Missing

Arrived back in the Cavern today with Keira and our supplies, only to find David has been missing since we left a few days back.

Locating him has been made harder by the fact that the KI’s are not working as intended. So we’re arranging everyone in Tehren to start a search party and look for him.

Supply Run

Heading up to the surface with Keira in an hour for a few days, need to get some more supplies for Tehren.


Quick access to the city was restored today, Dave’s great work got the Nexus working, although access to the Great Zero has been presenting a problem.

The KI is still being worked on, Dave has decided to set up hidden communication stations around the Cavern running on a wireless connection to allow for us to communicate when in D’ni, this solution will not work for the other Ages which is an issue.

We know the DRC ran a similar connection at one point, as evidenced by the “Hood Cam”, shame Victor isn’t around for us to consult with, but I have faith in Davids abilities.