The Guild

Had a meeting with Keira, Steve and Sophie a while ago. Keira wants to start the RestorersGuild back up and wants us to return. I decided to decline for now, who knows what the future holds, however I have offered to host the site and work on it for them. I did decide to work with them on Tefoonet’ahn, unfortunately due to the Guild being 3 people and other resource issues work on the Age has been delayed for now. We have uncovered some documentation on the Age.

Time Lapse

Time Lapse
I had been meaning to do this for a while and the other day I finally got around to doing it, I set up my camera near to Zandi’s trailer and let it do its work, the results are not to bad.

People seem to be enjoying it, they are wanting me to release a movie version, I shall do so of course as I had already considered doing such a thing. Finding the time to do it will be the problem, might see if I can get Steve to help me.


So I finally got around to fixing the gallery and uploaded a few photos, will be uploading more as time goes on but feel free to check them out, got a bunch of photos from my first trips to D’ni and the various journeys I have taken.

I am also working on an About page as well which will have some details about my time in the cavern, The Third Path, The Great Tree and other thing.


Returned to my work on the Age, continued to check over the structures and classification, found a better place to get the stones from too. I am hoping we can pick up work on this soon and get the restoration done thats needed. Spoke to Richard about the translation I was looking for, decided the Age should be called “Place of Memorial”, he told me Tefoonet was D’ni for Memorial and the guys over at the DLF seem to think “ahn” is applied to a name to indicate a place, for example Laki’ahn (Place of Laki) so Tefoonet’ahn it is.

Time Out

Time Out
I have been taking an extended break from the Cavern, busy working on The D’ni Jazz Club. Strange that in all the time I have spent in D’ni I have never ventured to The Cleft at night until today.

Things are heating up in the Cavern, the DRC are back, the first group of explorers have been sent down to test the area’s and Ages for the reopening of the cavern. I was expecting to go back down with this group but it didn’t happen like it should have, I expressed my displeasure with how things were handled.

A fair few people seem to be interested in my classification project, I am hoping to start working on that again now that the majority of work has been done on DJC.

Found a faulty Linking Book to the Neighbourhood in the Nexus the other night, not sure what was wrong with it but when I linked into the hood I wasn’t in the hood I was 10 meters from the hood balcony above the lake. I’m glad I had my Relto book with me otherwise I would have been nursing some broken bones.