The Window

So we put the window up above the Tsogahl book in Tehren today. Looks good, will look even better when we see how the Delin and Great Zero windows look too.

Tsogahl Window

Steven said he is up for trying to breach the pod in Negilahn, haven’t decided when we shall do it though.

March 2nd, 2007

I have put pen to paper. The first of many Garohevtee inscribed upon the whiteness of the page, the blackness of the ink almost burning into it. After long hours and longer days it is done. I have checked, double checked, and triple checked the Kormahn and everything is in order.

I have called the Age Fahets (D’ni for first), it seemed an appropriate name.

A Linking Book back is ready to be taken through lest I trap myself upon this new world and before me a blackened Linking panel awaits that first contact with my hand.

I felt the familiar electrical tingle in my hand, the lurching of my body as everything shifted. The sensation of my body shattering and coming together again, all things I have been through countless times before during my time in D’ni but this time it feels different somehow. I know it isn’t the process is the same every time one Links and certainly one gets used to it, but this is my Age and as a result there is a kind of mental conditioning that somehow it is different this time.

I arrived in a small rock basin peppered with moss growth and some sort of fungus. A small pond dominates the basin floor which is surrounded by a myriad of plant life and some strange pod like plants that remind me of cacti somewhat. Above the basin appears to be another level which as far as I can see is not currently accessible, perhaps I can get a ladder set up or carve some steps into the rock. Upon this higher level there are large trees and colossal blades of grass growing everywhere. I am curious how far out this Age extends and what manner of wildlife can be found there, but before I get too ahead of myself I need to gather the necessary samples to check to see if the Age is safe before returning without this Maintainers suit.

The initial surveying looks promising however.


Tomorrow we are going to hang one of the window’s up in Tehren above the Tsogahl book. Looking forward to seeing how it looks, hope the DRC like it too, theres been some very nice work from the other explorers.


A Linking Book to Negilahn was placed in the Museum today, some explorers reported seeing a “Gateway” upon Linking to the Age which took them to a Bahro Cave, there was no such thing there when I got there.
Negilahn is fantastic, so rich with wildlife, the D’ni Zoological Society is going to have a field day with it. I am surprised the DRC did not patch the hole in the Pod, it looks big enough to get through might have to see if Steve wants to take a little trip outside the Pod, not sure how safe it is but since when has that stopped us.


Haven’t had time to write in my journal of late, have had even less time to upload those entries onto this site.

It’s been pretty crazy, I attended that gathering to try and get Yeesha to turn up in D’ni, stayed around 2 hours watching with amusement, and taking photo’s as others formed themselves into spiral symbols and what not. Then I heard that it had started snowing in Delin so I went and checked it out, I heard later that as I was doing this an apparition of Yeesha actually appeared in the centre of the fountain, not sure what this means, to be honest I haven’t really had time to think of the implications this has on us. We can see she is listening and watching, does she want to meet us finally? If we actually start seeing more of Yeesha what about our access to the Ages? Will we even need the DRC for that anymore?

It was definatly a nice show of the power that the explorers have, perhaps this may lead Cate to being a little more cautious around us from now on, instead of just doing things without asking us.

Myself, Rils and a bunch of others have started the D’ni Zoological Society to categorize and classify the wildlife we find upon our travels, hopefully we can get Marie to chat to us about it seeming she was studying the plants in Kemo at one point.

Michael Engberg popped into the Cavern today to say that they want help restoring some of the stained glass windows for Eder Tsogahl (like the ones for Gahreesen that are in the hood). Popped over to the Tehren Hood as soon as I heard this to see if the RestorersGuild would be interested in helping out, work is progressing quickly and nicely might have some pictures up of the work tomorrow depending on how busy I am.

February 20th, 2007

It has taken me years of studying, piecing together an understanding of the Garohevtee. Countless Kormahn studied trying to understand the principles behind the words used to Write Ages. Bit by bit I started to understand how they are formed, how they work together to build a whole concept. It’s like a piece of music with the various harmonies and instruments building up a greater sound, small segments working together to build something bigger. A single wrong note can undermine the piece of music.

It has taken me a lot of work but before me sits the final result, an Age, my first now waiting to be painstakingly copied to a Kortee’nea. Each Garohevtee to be checked and double checked upon transference to ensure no issues arise. We do not have the Ink and Books to waste if I get this wrong.

I admit, I am terrified. There is so much that can go wrong here and yet I am also terrified to see what the results of my work will be.

This is a big step.