Sophie managed to extract some stuff from the KI we found in Noloben recently. She said something about a Bahro picture, haven’t seen it yet she’s gone off to spend Christmas with her family without dropping the images off in my office.

Heading out to spend Christmas with my family too, shall return after.

Returning to Noloben

Whil stopped by the hood to sign the release forms, Robert likes all bases to be covered. Just got the new forms sent through for some changes to the group that are upcoming.

Things were pretty calm last time I was in Noloben, a stark contrast to what lay before us now. Place was littered with the remnants of war.

We wondered around for a while just taking stock of the scene around us which is when I noticed something glinting in the sand. Found out it was a KI that had fallen off someones hand and got stuck in the sand.

Noloben KI

Seemed to be in working order, no sign on the owner, hopefully he got away and did not come to an unpleasant end. KI has been handed over to Sophie in the hopes she can pull information from it that may shed some light on things.

We headed topside to explore some more, see if there were any more corpses around.

Whil Noloben

Whil Noloben

There was signs of conflict everywhere, I had seen the aftermath of the conflict before, I was in the Watchers Sanctuary when the Bahro brought in the body of the one killed by Sharper. But nothing like this.

Dead Bahro

Dead Bahro

I decided to bring one of the more intact corpses back with me to study, not a pleasant notion, and I can’t tell if this is one of the Bahro or the Bahro Nekisahl. Even though the conflict is, for now, gone from the Cavern thanks to Yeesha. There is the possibility it will return and the more we know about the Bahro the better chance we have for survival, it’s not all about the greater good I admit to being selfish and wanting to learn more about them myself.

After moving on of the corpses back down to the beach to collect before we leave, we headed inside into the Lab. This was my main reason on visiting the Age again, as this was the place that Nekisahloth was “born”. Through Esher’s actions and cruelty a path was chosen that could cause so much destruction.

Whil Noloben Lab

Made some interesting discoveries, will have to put them up under the “Studies” section of my online version of this journal when I get a chance.

Both myself and Whil feel a clean up of this Age is needed, give the Bahro a proper burial eventually area’s (like the tunnels) could become a health hazard.

Curious if the Bahro have any kind of funeral procedures, will have to see if Dr. Watson has any information that could help my studies.

We’re Back

Back from Noloben, we made some discoveries. But for now I shall sleep it has been a long day.

Final Rose

One Calendar Rose to complete them all
One book to find it
One Calendar Rose to be of twelve
And in my Relto bind them

Received reports that the Calendar Rose Spark for December had made an appearance, so I decided to head out and collect it seeming it was the last one I needed.

Relto 12 Calendar Roses

I really should continue my studies on the Roses, especially seeming now that I have all 12, I can see what they do when combined.

Back to Noloben

Planning on heading back to Noloben this week, given the Bahro Nekisahl are away there will be more time to do a good survey of the Age and spend more time researching Esher’s lab.

Whil expressed interest in coming along this time, will need to get him to sign some paperwork before we go.

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