Photo: Descent Air Fans

Great Shaft Air Fans

Photo: Bahro

Bahro in a Neighborhood

New Book

Today Keira and I headed out into the upper levels of Ae’gura to see if we could locate some more blank books and bottles of ink.

We spent the morning searching half a dozen locations but without any luck, with more explorers searching the city for resources for Age writing I fear the supply will soon run out, for all of us.

We need to take stock of what we have left over the next few days…

However our search was not in vain, I happened to stumble upon a Book which was hidden under the mess that littered what appeared to be a study. Keira decided to stay at the house a while longer to see if any documentation regarding the Age could be found whilst I headed back to Tehren to get the Book checked over.

Tomorrow I shall arrange for the initial visit to the Age to take place, from looking at the Linking Panel it seems to Link to a small courtyard of sorts, aside from that we’ve been unable to tell what the rest of the Age may look like.

Work & Imager Concept

It has been a long day today, spent most of it in Tehren with Steve, Keira, Rob and Sophie discussing the current projects we have going and whether to prioritize some over the others.

It’s been a slowish week since I returned, spent a few days watching the wildlife in Negilahn and Payiferen, venturing out of the pods for a closer look, I need to spend more time studying them at some point.

I spent the rest of the week going over documents in the archive to see which ones can be published publicly, and drawing up some imager plans after talking to a few people about getting information in the Cavern.

The imager is designed as a “booth” of sorts, a five sided group of imager screens that would display recent information from the Guilds or other sources of information, they could be planted in the city for people to walk by and catch the latest news. Tomorrow I’m going to stop by Sophie’s to finalize the designs with her and see if she can start working on a prototype.

Photo: Sanscrit