On Reliance

With the growing concerns about the Bahro War, people have unsurprisingly been searching for answers. The human tenacity for survival can be immense a tenacity which, I feel, could surprise the Bahro.

And yet, in times of trouble, everyone looks outwards to Yeesha, Phil or Dr. Watson. I guess I am not to surprised, in times past people frequently looked towards figured like Jesus and God. But seldom do we look to ourselves, draw up on some of that tenacity we hold inside and use it to face the on coming storm.
That said when we look to Phil and Dr. Watson we are in a sense looking to ourselves, they are our people in terms of race. I guess Yeesha is too in a way as she has human blood within.

But as the Bahro War spills over, as the Arch of Kerath is encircled, I find myself feeling the need to step away from “The Grower”. Years ago during a conversation with James, he said to me that explorers are forced to follow her path. I asked him howso, as I could not see it and he said that The Called are taken from The Cleft and arrive in Relto, how do they get back? I could see what he was getting at, explorers end up with no way or returning, lest they complete The Journey and return to The Cleft via the fissure. Of course, it could be argued that they could just return via D’ni and its tunnels to the surface.
But how feasible is that? Ae’gura is the point of arrival, from there to the tunnels you would need a boat, not every explorer has a boat. From the tunnels you need to navigate a labyrinth of tunnels stretching out for miles, tunnels which have collapsed in areas thus needing to be circumnavigated.
How many people, especially people new to D’ni would be able to do that? Not a great many I warrant.

Thus in most part, the explorers are trapped.

Now adding on top the fact that it is only really at the end of the Journey that it becomes clear what you have just done, and the fact that some of this information is dismissed by Yeesha as irrelevent. Now we have a war in our house, the result of Yeesha’s journeys. Don’t get me wrong the Bahro should be released, but we hear nothing from her, for a year some claim when in fact to some it has been even longer.

And now, destruction coming, we hear from her. Congratulations she says, we have seen a prophecy that has no bearing on the situation fulfilled. That’s it? That is all you have to say?

Pathetic, we went out on a limb for you Yeesha, and we had little choice in the matter.

Do we really need her? Ah she has knowledge for sure, knowledge of D’ni, of the Bahro, of The Art. But at what cost does that information come?

We should look to our own for strength.

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