January 2nd, 2018

Work on Sul has been progressing nicely. A walkway has been extended off the coast leading to the tokorlesa which means no more Linking in and landing in the ocean which is definitely appreciated.
The water here has some very strange but familiar properties, a by product I think, of me trying to Write in properties that would help my studies into the D’ni lake water. I didn’t notice the water at first until I discovered a small pool and a cave underneath it. I sank one of our cameras down into the water only for it to fall through on the other side. The good news is that due to this mishap I have discovered a series of tunnels ad caves under the island. It took me a while to trace them back to surface level and then dig out the rock to connect them to the surface. One of the caves is pretty large and will make an excellent workshop although I think I might have to set up some stable doors to protect it in case there is issues with the lava cave further up the tunnels.

I have decided to use some old D’ni mining technology to hollow out one of the boulders near the pond as I felt it would be a great place to house my research into the Bahro. Whilst it was not my goal when Writing this Age there is a lot about it that reminds me of the Bahro and the areas they’ve touched. I have found myself embracing their architecture styles and mimicking them within Sul. I find it helps when I am conducting my research into their culture.

Tomorrow I plan on looking into utilizing the open fissures in the Age to provide a power source. Once everything is set up perhaps I’ll have some time to study the bones that litter the Age. The island seems to sit inside the ribs of some colossal creature that I have taken to calling the Leviathan. I would love to learn more about this creature and perhaps find one that is still alive.

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