Interesting Concept

I spent a while sitting in Gira today, my feet in the water, the Tsoidrai swimming around them working on a new design for Beneath. I was thinking about the post I read on the DRC site earlier that John had written.

I’ve heard people talking about making a home in D’ni (some say its from a Yeesha speech but I don’t really understand where or how they hear it, but that’s really not part of this thread) and I think its a great idea.

However I haven’t done it. I feel more like an explorer or a tourist or a visitor. I don’t really feel like I’ve made a home. Even Relto seems more like a pit-stop to me then a home. And my hood feels more like somewhere to talk with people.

So how about people here? Do you feel like you’ve made a home somewhere in D’ni (or one of the Ages)? If so, what did you do?

It is an interesting thought, reading through its surprising how many people feel more at home in D’ni than Relto, I wonder if the nature of the Age has anything to do with this, high quiet place or the busy city?

Where do I feel at home? Aside from with Kehra that is.

Well I happen to feel at home with my first Relto book, I actually have two books. After the DRC pulled out of D’ni, I retreated to my Relto, for the next three years I visited and lived there, adding items chipping away rock to make more rooms, the Age even has a power source thanks to the Fireplace Relto Page. This Age is my home, it has a bed its where I work, as it is my home its not the Relto that most people visit.
My second Relto once belonged to my sister, she was in fact the person who first told me of D’ni, as a result it was I who introduced her to D’ni for real. She started to take the journey but later decided that D’ni was not for her she is now off in the world doing her own thing and she gave her Relto to me. So I finished her journey, gathered her pages and her Relto became mine.

Would I feel more at home if I had a location in D’ni to call my own? I guess thats something that will be answered in the future.

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