How Things Change

Today I surprised myself.

More information has been filtering down about “Cate”, with many interesting and humorous theories on who she is. Some are complaining about her being “in control” of the DRC, some are mad at the DRC that Cate is there in the first place.


Well I am quite happy to just sit back and see what happens, to wait for the annoucement that is coming up. Now this is what surprised me, back in the day I used to be impatient about events going on in the Cavern, or with Ages/Areas being opened. Now I’m not, I feel that it’ll happen when it happens.
What caused this change? Was it the 2 years of being around the Cavern without the DRC? Was it the waiting for funding to return but expecting it to take more than 2 years? Perhaps it was a combination of all of these aspects.

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