Fourth of July Weekend

I dislike chaotic weeks, and the last three have been long.

I returned to the surface last week to have some stitches removed from my head, and whilst up there I discovered we had a family gathering to go to in Kansas for July 4th. So after much running around like a headless chicken and 6 hours across several states we finally got there.

As a result of all this, releasing Fehnir’s house got delayed slightly, but we should be allowing access tomorrow with any luck.

Not a huge amount of work has taken place since Whil and Blake Heatly dropped in, the place is still a bit of a mess, but we can tidy it up later. Personally I’m inclined to leave it as is, the location is a snap shot in time, albeit one you can walk around, but it shows the emotion and destruction Veovis and A’gaeris’ actions that fateful day.

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