12/08/22 - Jules, Calum and Murry in Chiso Preniv

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12/08/22 - Jules, Calum and Murry in Chiso Preniv

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12/08 18:33:44) Jules Lavisham: Shorah! Looking for something?
(12/08 18:33:54) Fweeps: Some books are missing
(12/08 18:34:01) Jules Lavisham: Yes, they've moved upstairs.
(12/08 18:34:37) Jules Lavisham: We figured they get a lot of use
(12/08 18:34:52) Jules Lavisham: May as well move them somewhere a little more permanent
(12/08 18:35:07) Fweeps: Hmmm

[Calum and Murry link in]

(12/08 18:36:01) Calum Traveler: ello jules
(12/08 18:36:11) Jules Lavisham: Hi Cal!
(12/08 18:36:35) Calum Traveler: the messengers pub and veelay books are upstairs :)
(12/08 18:36:41) Calum Traveler: on either side of the stairwell
(12/08 18:36:45) Fweeps: Yes, I see
(12/08 18:37:04) Calum Traveler: i just finished setting up the fountain in Naybree
(12/08 18:37:07) Calum Traveler: so give it a checkout later
(12/08 18:37:16) Calum Traveler: ...i've also left some readables behind too ;)
(12/08 18:37:19) Jules Lavisham: Going to take some getting used to. Gotten quite used to having them there these last few years or so.
(12/08 18:37:29) Calum Traveler: mmh
(12/08 18:37:33) Jules Lavisham: Ah, excellent! Will give them a look.
(12/08 18:38:08) Jules Lavisham: Just testing the podium is all hooked up with the archive recordings from Kirel.
(12/08 18:38:23) Jules Lavisham: Now then...
(12/08 18:38:24) Calum Traveler: :)
(12/08 18:38:31) Jules Lavisham: Should be a case of-

[The podium begins playing Tyion's recorded message, edited out for ease of reading]

(12/08 18:38:44) Calum Traveler: heh,
(12/08 18:38:46) Calum Traveler: there it goes
(12/08 18:38:53) Calum Traveler: audio systems all hooked up and everything
(12/08 18:39:01) Jules Lavisham: Wonderful!
(12/08 18:39:29) Calum Traveler uploads a pic to the laptop imager
(12/08 18:39:31) Jules Lavisham: Ah, that Kirel auditorium sound quality.
(12/08 18:39:51) Jules Lavisham: I do wonder if it loses a bit of its shine, doing the recordings here these days.
(12/08 18:40:06) Calum Traveler: the new kirel recording did sound a bit off in testing,
(12/08 18:40:07) Murry cheers
(12/08 18:40:22) Calum Traveler: but that's a sacrifice worth leaving, i think
(12/08 18:40:37) Murry: I see the delivery from Zandi made it.
(12/08 18:40:39) Jules Lavisham: Agreed. So much more easier to re-record as needed.
(12/08 18:41:03) Jules Lavisham: Haha, yes indeed!
(12/08 18:41:11) Calum Traveler adjusts the mysterium photo frame a bit
(12/08 18:41:21) Murry: Now, to put the key in hiding.
(12/08 18:41:36) Jules Lavisham: Yes, absolutely.
(12/08 18:43:03) Calum Traveler sets down a crystal cat onto the desk, and grins faintly
(12/08 18:43:15) Murry: I just came from New Mssenger's Pub. It's decorated for the Holidays.
(12/08 18:43:20) Calum Traveler: yes it is :)
(12/08 18:43:55) Calum Traveler: speaking of Descent,
(12/08 18:44:12) Murry: Yes?
(12/08 18:44:18) Calum Traveler: jules, did you get that email from Patrick about taking another swing at it after the new year?
(12/08 18:44:44) Jules Lavisham: Yes! Looking forward to seeing that progress.
(12/08 18:44:51) Calum Traveler: aye, same.
(12/08 18:44:59) Calum Traveler leans slightly to look at the podium
(12/08 18:45:05) Calum Traveler: oh, good, it shut off and didn't auto loop
(12/08 18:45:13) Jules Lavisham: Phew.
(12/08 18:45:47) Murry: How can I help with Descent?
(12/08 18:46:01) Jules Lavisham: Long-term we'll need to get some kind of mechanism set up for accessing different recordings.
(12/08 18:46:02) Calum Traveler: not sure yet, murry,
(12/08 18:46:10) Calum Traveler: i dont even know what we're doing yet.
(12/08 18:46:15) Calum Traveler: yeah, long term
(12/08 18:46:25) Calum Traveler: gonna have to get a laptop or something hooked up to the processor
(12/08 18:46:46) Murry: Can we play holiday music through it?
(12/08 18:47:01) Calum Traveler: probably not
(12/08 18:47:05) Calum Traveler: but that'd be a good test
(12/08 18:47:09) Jules Lavisham: Yeah, that'll be the ideal. Better than trying to bolt-on some kind of mechanism that overlays it or something
(12/08 18:47:28) Calum Traveler: we could always borrow wayne's laptop setup lol
(12/08 18:47:38) Murry: Ah, your crystal "Kitty".
(12/08 18:47:43) Murry: Nice.
(12/08 18:47:50) Jules Lavisham: Oh, very nice!
(12/08 18:47:54) Calum Traveler: thanks, took a while to get it to hold its shape permanently
(12/08 18:48:24) Calum Traveler: you *Really* gotta focus on the image when crafting it.
(12/08 18:48:30) Jules Lavisham: I should really think about getting some more odds 'n' sods down on my work desk
(12/08 18:48:30) Calum Traveler shakes their head
(12/08 18:48:40) Calum Traveler: amazing stuff, these crystals,
(12/08 18:48:46) Calum Traveler: dangerous too, if left in the wrong hands.
(12/08 18:49:06) Jules Lavisham: Can't remember the last time I picked up any of these books
(12/08 18:49:13) Jules Lavisham: Aside from the Marcus, of course
(12/08 18:49:22) Jules Lavisham: I'm always doing this
(12/08 18:49:29) Jules Lavisham: Starting books and never finishing them
(12/08 18:49:34) Murry: Marcus Aurelius.
(12/08 18:49:38) Calum Traveler: honestly, jules, you're no more scatterbrained than i am
(12/08 18:50:04) Jules Lavisham: That's the chap, Murry. You've read him?
(12/08 18:50:07) Calum Traveler: ah, i see hazado's on,
(12/08 18:50:14) Calum Traveler: im going to meet him in kirel
(12/08 18:50:19) Jules Lavisham: Excellent
(12/08 18:50:21) Calum Traveler: got some stuff to check out there real quick
(12/08 18:50:23) Calum Traveler waves goodbye
(12/08 18:50:26) Jules Lavisham: Might join you actually
(12/08 18:50:32) Murry: Not Yet. Perhaps I can borrow it sometime.
(12/08 18:50:35) Jules Lavisham: I need to roadtest the new recording.
(12/08 18:50:43) Jules Lavisham: You absolutely should!

[Jules and Calum link out]
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