8/20/22 Robert Murry and Harry Williams' First Appearance

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8/20/22 Robert Murry and Harry Williams' First Appearance

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Tsahno's Hood. Carl Palmner is already present. Robert Murry Links in and the two greet each other. Carl asks about Robert's trip here to D'ni

(08/20 12:51:08) Chat.log started...
(08/20 12:51:24) r'Tayrtahn: back
(08/20 12:51:25) Robert Murry: Sounds great. The "trip" was bumpy and interesting.
(08/20 12:51:33) Carl Palmner nods his head
(08/20 12:51:49) Robert Murry: And that Zandi fellow...
(08/20 12:52:24) Carl Palmner: Yeah, he's a good guy.
(08/20 12:52:27) r'Tayrtahn: .shorah Carl, Robert, Cw, caver, Guerlaad, Isa, Ms, Cavedagna, philo, and Iwonk
(08/20 12:52:31) r'Tayrtahn waves hello
(08/20 12:52:35) Carl Palmner: Shorah r'Tay!
(08/20 12:52:35) [PRIVATE] From Dni_seeker 5 in Dni_seeker 5's Relto: hello
(08/20 12:52:41) philipgr: Shorah r'Tay :)
(08/20 12:52:43) [PRIVATE] To Dni_seeker 5: Hey. Come on in as Harry.
(08/20 12:52:47) Robert Murry: He thought I was my nephew.
(08/20 12:53:01) r'Tayrtahn: Welcome to Story Night, Robert and Guerlaad!
(08/20 12:53:13) Carl Palmner: Yeah, I heard your nephew was here.
(08/20 12:53:30) Minasunda says hey
(08/20 12:53:34) Robert Murry: We're working things out.
(08/20 12:53:41) thoekenem (hru?): shorah r'Tayrtahn
(08/20 12:53:43) r'Tayrtahn: Robert and Guerlaad, I announce the start of Story Night through buddy chat. Would you like me to add you to my buddies list so you can get the announcements?
(08/20 12:53:46) Carl Palmner: I've asked someone else we're hiring to meet me here, too. He should be Linking in any moment.
(08/20 12:53:56) Eternal Seeker: Shorah all
(08/20 12:53:58) Detective Harry Williams: Hello
(08/20 12:53:58) Minasunda: shorah everyone :)
(08/20 12:54:13) Carl Palmner: Why don't you head up to the Community Room?
(08/20 12:54:13) r'Tayrtahn: .shorah seeker and Mina
(08/20 12:54:14) r'Tayrtahn waves hello
(08/20 12:54:19) Carl Palmner: I'll join you up there in just a minute.
(08/20 12:54:22) philipgr: Shorah Seeker and Mina :)
(08/20 12:54:22) Carl Palmner points
(08/20 12:54:48) Carl Palmner: Oh, actually I think I just saw my other guy. I'll go up with you.
(08/20 12:55:16) Carl Palmner: Hey, Harry! Or "Shorah," as we say down here.
(08/20 12:55:26) Detective Harry Williams: You know, before you took me to the Cleft, I doubted that this place even existed, Carl.
(08/20 12:55:40) Carl Palmner: There's going to be a little lecture. I'd like you to hear it. Then I'll introduce you to Robert after the lecture's over.
(08/20 12:55:48) r'Tayrtahn: .shorah Harry
(08/20 12:56:02) Minasunda: why we are waiting for the signal of the master, Carl lol
(08/20 12:56:29) r'Tayrtahn: .shorah kaukeller
(08/20 12:56:36) Carl Palmner: Shorah Mina!
(08/20 12:57:09) r'Tayrtahn: Kaukeller and Harry, I announce the start of Story Night through buddy chat. Would you like me to add you to my buddies list so you can get the announcements?
(08/20 12:57:53) Carl Palmner: Robert, you'll want to be over here. That's the lecturer's area.
(08/20 12:57:56) Robert Murry: r'Tayrtahn , could you add me as well?
(08/20 12:58:01) Minasunda: kaukeller not speek english - only spain - so its not easy for him
(08/20 12:58:20) r'Tayrtahn: thanks, Mina!
(08/20 12:58:29) r'Tayrtahn: Done, Robert!
(08/20 12:58:52) r'Tayrtahn: Two-Minute Warning for Story Night!
(08/20 12:58:54) Detective Harry Williams: You can add me, r'Tay
(08/20 12:58:58) Robert Murry: Impressive architecture.
(08/20 12:59:03) philipgr: Shorah westar :)
(08/20 12:59:08) Carl Palmner: Sounds like we start in two minutes. Have a seat, gentlemen.
(08/20 12:59:13) Robert Murry: Thank r'Tay.
(08/20 12:59:14) r'Tayrtahn: .shorah Tiry, and welcome to Story Night!
(08/20 12:59:21) Minasunda: r'Tay te pregunta si el puede anudirte tu his buddilist
(08/20 12:59:54) Minasunda: lol *a su buddie list
(08/20 13:00:02) r'Tayrtahn: tiry, I announce the start of Story Night through buddy chat. Would you like me to add you to my buddies list so you can get the announcements?

Story Night ensues, and r'Tay gives a lecture on a segment of D'ni history. Afterwards, Carl speaks with Harry and Robert and explains that the terrorists threatened the explorer community in a room just like this one. He also encourages both men to read up on D'ni history, as it may play a role in the group's religion. Sorry, I started the chat log late.

(08/20 13:36:18) Robert Murry: I've been reading the journals in Chiso and in the Palace.
(08/20 13:36:26) Carl Palmner: Good. That's a really good start.
(08/20 13:36:29) Carl Palmner: In fact...
(08/20 13:36:33) Carl Palmner: Hey, everyone!
(08/20 13:36:36) r'Tayrtahn thanks you very much!
(08/20 13:36:43) Detective Harry Williams: You told me about that, that three of the known criminals attacked the "Town Hall".
(08/20 13:36:54) Carl Palmner: I'd like to introduce Detective Harry Williams and Robert Murry.
(08/20 13:37:08) Carl Palmner: These are two specilalists that the Restoration has hired to help us deal with our troublemakers.
(08/20 13:37:14) Prad: yeah some time ago someone we met after uru karaoke meant to be several hundred years old... It might be one of those peeps...
(08/20 13:37:27) shineyjo: hi guys, nice to meet you!
(08/20 13:37:32) Carl Palmner: From now on, if you see any of the Most Wanted, you'll want to report to them. You can go ahead and buddy them for future reference.
(08/20 13:37:52) Carl Palmner: Robert, we've set a desk up for you in Chiso.
(08/20 13:38:08) Carl Palmner: Harry, have you had a chance to see your office, yet? Does it meet all your expectations?
(08/20 13:38:09) Robert Murry: Thanks.
(08/20 13:38:12) ScottMiller: is anyone hearng me?
(08/20 13:38:18) caver1: I hear.
(08/20 13:38:45) Carl Palmner: Uh...I guess Harry's looking around the room.
(08/20 13:38:45) ScottMiller: oh, good, I wasn't sure...
(08/20 13:39:07) [PRIVATE] From r'Tayrtahn: I've been meaning so saay something. Be careful about the "D'ni terrorists." We cannot use anyone from the canon stories, books, or games.
(08/20 13:39:08) ScottMiller: so are you gong on vacation, r'Tay?
(08/20 13:39:24) Prad: using his magnifying linkbook...
(08/20 13:39:27) Carl Palmner: Anyway, I've already given you both folders on everything we know about the troublemakers.
(08/20 13:39:59) Carl Palmner: What you're going to want to do next is acquaint yourself with the history of D'ni, since we think the terrorists are basing their whole religious outlook on it.
(08/20 13:40:20) ScottMiller: Tiki mentioned something about some troublemakers a couple of weeks ago...
(08/20 13:40:24) Carl Palmner: In a little while I'll show you how to get to the Hall of Kings--there are books there you'll want to read.
(08/20 13:40:30) Cave woman: Old Timers /reunion world's largest gathering of cave explorers
(08/20 13:40:37) Carl Palmner: Scott--yes, we've had some problems with terrorists in the cavern.
(08/20 13:40:54) ScottMiller: something about them trying to sabotague (sp?) the game?
(08/20 13:40:54) Carl Palmner: That's why the Restoration has hired these two gentlemen--to find an neutralize the problem.
(08/20 13:40:55) Prad: There's a bit heritage documents in the big library... plus king's books in hall of kings in Ae'Gura... plus several books scattered across the ages...
(08/20 13:40:57) Robert Murry: Already reading those books
(08/20 13:41:09) Carl Palmner: Robert--good.
(08/20 13:41:10) Carl Palmner nods his head
(08/20 13:41:42) Carl Palmner: I can also take you to all of the places they've been spotted
(08/20 13:42:22) Carl Palmner: And I'll need to introduce you to Kelsei, Calum, Jules...a bunch of people.
(08/20 13:42:29) Detective Harry Williams: Okay, let's go...
(08/20 13:42:46) Carl Palmner: I can't, right at this moment.
(08/20 13:42:57) Carl Palmner: I just wanted the two of you to hear this lecture for yourselves.
(08/20 13:43:20) Carl Palmner: We can coordinate via the KIs, and arrange times to meet and get you both caught up.
(08/20 13:43:37) Prad: the ending of the current restoration has not yet been written...
(08/20 13:43:38) Carl Palmner: For now, take some time to think about what you've learned today.
(08/20 13:43:53) Prad: :D
(08/20 13:43:54) Carl Palmner: I've got obligations on the surface, so I've got to go.
(08/20 13:44:00) Robert Murry: Will do.
(08/20 13:44:03) Carl Palmner: You're welcome to talk to the people here if you need to.
(08/20 13:44:09) r'Tayrtahn waves bye to Carl
(08/20 13:44:11) Robert Murry: Bye Carl.
(08/20 13:44:11) Cave woman: shorah
(08/20 13:44:16) Detective Harry Williams: Okay. Goodbye
(08/20 13:44:18) Carl Palmner: Just be considerate--some may not be interested in helping.
(08/20 13:44:25) Prad: bye detective
(08/20 13:44:37) Carl Palmner: Shorah for now, everyone!
(08/20 13:44:41) Carl Palmner: Thanks again, r'Tay!
(08/20 13:44:47) Robert Murry waves goodbye
(08/20 13:44:48) ScottMiller: Bye, Carl :)!
(08/20 13:44:49) r'Tayrtahn waves bye to the Detective
(08/20 13:45:04) ...Chat.log stopped.
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