8/15/22 Jules, Tenny, Harlan, DS5 and others in the GoMePub

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8/15/22 Jules, Tenny, Harlan, DS5 and others in the GoMePub

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Jules Lavisham sitting alone in the New Messenger's Pub, listening to Radio Free D'ni. Tiernan Quinlan links in.

(08/14 20:11:47) Tiernan Quinlan: Hullo Jules!
(08/14 20:12:08) Jules Lavisham looks up from his drink
(08/14 20:12:18) Jules Lavisham: Oh, Tenny! Hello.
(08/14 20:12:26) Jules Lavisham: Didn't see you come in, there.
(08/14 20:12:40) Jules Lavisham: Just been enjoying Radio Free D'ni
(08/14 20:12:57) Jules Lavisham beckons to his portable radio
(08/14 20:14:03) Tiernan Quinlan: I've been workin' most of th' weekend... I need a bit of a break.
(08/14 20:14:39) Jules Lavisham: Well, our man Billy Joel may be able to assist with that.
(08/14 20:15:02) Tiernan Quinlan chuckles.
(08/14 20:15:11) Jules Lavisham: Get you something from out back?
(08/14 20:15:33) Tiernan Quinlan: Sure! Guinness if there's any left!
(08/14 20:15:48) Jules Lavisham: Ah, good choice. Let me have a rummage.

Jules walks around to the Pub storeroom.

(08/14 20:16:37) Jules Lavisham opens the fridge and peers in
(08/14 20:16:56) Jules Lavisham: Aha. You're in luck, that man.
(08/14 20:17:24) Jules Lavisham grabs a can and tops himself up
(08/14 20:17:56) Tiernan Quinlan grins.
(08/14 20:18:10) Jules Lavisham plonks the can down in front of Tenny
(08/14 20:18:11) Tiernan Quinlan: Aye, I was thinkin' there might be a bit left.
(08/14 20:19:03) Tiernan Quinlan takes a drink.
(08/14 20:19:08) Tiernan Quinlan: He sighs deeply.
(08/14 20:19:18) Tiernan Quinlan: Tha's th' stuff.
(08/14 20:19:35) Jules Lavisham: Did try to get my taste around Guinness.
(08/14 20:19:41) Jules Lavisham: Very contextual stuff.
(08/14 20:19:59) Jules Lavisham: I think... yes, there was only one time that it truly did it for me.
(08/14 20:20:07) Tiernan Quinlan: Heh. Aye, it's an acquired taste.
(08/14 20:20:28) Jules Lavisham: Must have been 17 or 18 or so.
(08/14 20:20:41) Jules Lavisham: Family holiday in the Balearics.
(08/14 20:20:53) Jules Lavisham: ... think it was Majorca?
(08/14 20:21:21) Jules Lavisham: Yes, must have been. We had just come out of one of those big open hippy markets.
(08/14 20:21:27) Tiernan Quinlan: Heh!
(08/14 20:21:29) Jules Lavisham: Absolutely roasting, it was.
(08/14 20:21:48) Jules Lavisham: Think we spied an Irish Bar literally opposite us.
(08/14 20:22:02) Tiernan Quinlan: I can't say when I had m'first one. It had t' have been before I left Ireland.
(08/14 20:22:26) Jules Lavisham: It was definitely one of those "all the stars have aligned" moments.
(08/14 20:22:37) Tiernan Quinlan grins.
(08/14 20:23:02) Jules Lavisham: I think when people tell me about Guiness that is what they're talking about in their minds.
(08/14 20:23:11) Jules Lavisham: Never had one like it since.
(08/14 20:23:39) Jules Lavisham: Probably unwise to expect it to be, right
(08/14 20:24:08) Tiernan Quinlan: Well, there is a difference between cans an' on tap, but it's rare to find a good place tha' serves tap here in th' States.
(08/14 20:24:34) Tiernan Quinlan: M' old town used to have a little Irish pub tha' did it jus' right though.
(08/14 20:25:55) Jules Lavisham: How long have you been living in the States now?
(08/14 20:26:30) Tiernan Quinlan: Ah... hm... Since I was, what... seventeen?
(08/14 20:26:42) Tiernan Quinlan: So almost thirty years?
(08/14 20:27:29) Tiernan Quinlan: Heh, time flows differently down here
(08/14 20:27:35) Tiernan Quinlan chuckles
(08/14 20:28:05) Jules Lavisham: I'll say. I would NOT have you pegged as a chap in his mid forties or so.
(08/14 20:29:23) Jules Lavisham: Then again, I was never particularly the best at reading people's ages.
(08/14 20:29:53) Tiernan Quinlan: Heh. Aye, me family seems to age relatively well. Y' should see m' grandmum. She looks amazin'.
(08/14 20:30:03) Tiernan Quinlan: But hey, I might be biased!
(08/14 20:30:08) Dormant Heights waves goodbye
(08/14 20:30:14) Jules Lavisham: Later, DH.
(08/14 20:31:01) Tiernan Quinlan sips his Guinness.
(08/14 20:31:27) Jules Lavisham: Heh. I'm envious. Generally in academia you tend to get taken more seriously when you're a little more wizened.
(08/14 20:32:00) Jules Lavisham: Bit of a problem in my case. If I shaved, I'd get all the freshers behind the counters in Tescos ID'ing me.
(08/14 20:32:05) Tiernan Quinlan: Ah, well, I did spend most of my professional life in a little mountain town.
(08/14 20:32:22) Jules Lavisham: The "Will Riker" effect, I think.
(08/14 20:33:32) Tiernan Quinlan: Ah! Heh, yeah. I hear tha'.
(08/14 20:35:03) Jules Lavisham: You're still living there now?
(08/14 20:35:41) Tiernan Quinlan: Not since I retired an' moved here, actually. I do maintain my cottage in town though.
(08/14 20:35:56) Tiernan Quinlan: It's my home away from D'ni, so t' speak.
(08/14 20:37:17) Jules Lavisham: Oh, very nice indeed.
(08/14 20:38:20) Jules Lavisham: This place did me well when I needed to get away a few months into the pandemic.
(08/14 20:39:15) Jules Lavisham: Quite an interesting experience, giving my lectures over Zoom down here
(08/14 20:39:36) Tiernan Quinlan: I can understan' that. I'd planned t' retire and come out here in 2020, but obviously, I got a bit busy.
(08/14 20:41:10) Tiernan Quinlan: My partner runs th' practice now though. Heh. He's th' doctor i have been consultin' with on some of the things here.
(08/14 20:42:05) Jules Lavisham: I had wondered what kind of maladies tend to pass through your clinic
(08/14 20:42:34) Jules Lavisham: I had assumed the usual physical knocks that come from physical restoration works
(08/14 20:42:50) Tiernan Quinlan: Oh definitely.
(08/14 20:43:00) Jules Lavisham: Along with anyone daft enough to drink the lake water...
(08/14 20:43:19) Tiernan Quinlan: I did get one injury from the Gahreesen wall recently, though!
(08/14 20:44:04) Jules Lavisham: Ooof. I suppose even the suits have their limits.
(08/14 20:44:16) Tiernan Quinlan: An explorer took a tumble down and got a bruised elbow. Those maintainer suits are excellent at keepin' a person safe!
(08/14 20:44:33) Tiernan Quinlan: Jus' a bruise after fallin' from th' top of the thing.
(08/14 20:44:58) Tiernan Quinlan: She was worried she might have gotten hurt worse, but I reassured her about th' suits.
(08/14 20:45:13) Jules Lavisham: If that's the worst that's come your way since the Wall opened, then yes, those things are a miracle in engineering.
(08/14 20:45:27) Tiernan Quinlan: Aye!
(08/14 20:45:47) Tiernan Quinlan takes a long drink.
(08/14 20:46:41) Jules Lavisham: The helmet, though...
(08/14 20:46:51) Jules Lavisham stares into the distance
(08/14 20:47:14) Jules Lavisham: Never blinks... not once...
(08/14 20:47:43) Tiernan Quinlan nods. "Disconcerting, that, yes."
(08/14 20:48:54) Jules Lavisham: They were so close to us
(08/14 20:49:02) Jules Lavisham: Could easily reach out and-
(08/14 20:49:11) Jules Lavisham shakes his head
(08/14 20:49:26) Jules Lavisham: Gyugh.
(08/14 20:51:13) Tiernan Quinlan: Aye.
(08/14 20:52:56) Jules Lavisham sighs
(08/14 20:53:54) Jules Lavisham: They've been getting into my head, Tenny
(08/14 20:54:42) Tiernan Quinlan: Have they?
(08/14 20:55:01) Tiernan Quinlan looks over at Jules.
(08/14 20:55:04) Jules Lavisham: I was doing fine, until the nightmares kicked in.
(08/14 20:55:31) Tiernan Quinlan: Nightmares? What are they about? Perhaps tha' might help, t' talk about them.
(08/14 20:56:33) Jules Lavisham: A circle of robed persons in the suits.
(08/14 20:57:14) Jules Lavisham: It's somewhere dark and cryptlike. There's stone beneath my feet
(08/14 20:57:30) Tiernan Quinlan nods.
(08/14 20:57:58) Jules Lavisham: They're encircling me, speaking in low tones... invoking the names of sleeping deities
(08/14 20:58:39) Jules Lavisham: I try to speak, to move, do anything...
(08/14 20:59:12) Jules Lavisham puts his hand over his eyes
(08/14 21:00:25) Jules Lavisham: I used to have a bit of a knack for lucid dreaming
(08/14 21:00:46) Tiernan Quinlan: Hmm...
(08/14 21:00:57) Jules Lavisham: Skill I picked up over the years, with Edward's guidance
(08/14 21:01:08) Tiernan Quinlan: Are the names of the deities familiar to you?
(08/14 21:03:09) Jules Lavisham takes a sip
(08/14 21:03:20) Jules Lavisham: Yahvo.
(08/14 21:03:40) Tiernan Quinlan: Oh... well then.
(08/14 21:03:48) Jules Lavisham: Yup.
(08/14 21:04:18) Tiernan Quinlan: I wonder... it could be the influence of th' Cavern.
(08/14 21:04:24) Tiernan Quinlan: I suppose tha's a given though.
(08/14 21:05:17) Jules Lavisham: Usually the way deities work. There's an expression...
(08/14 21:05:28) Jules Lavisham: "A man is not dead while his name is being spoken."
(08/14 21:05:57) Tiernan Quinlan chuckles softly.
(08/14 21:06:06) Jules Lavisham: Well
(08/14 21:06:50) Tiernan Quinlan: I suppose, since we seem to have some psychics around, perhaps somethin's tryin' to get through to you.
(08/14 21:07:24) Jules Lavisham mumbles "Wouldn't be the first time..."
(08/14 21:07:35) Jules Lavisham coughs
(08/14 21:08:13) Jules Lavisham: Still, certain actions can be taken to alleviate
(08/14 21:08:35) Jules Lavisham: Just need to reconnect with a few mindfulness techniques
(08/14 21:09:49) Tiernan Quinlan: Well, I do wonder, if more sensitives are beginnin' to get these messages, perhaps we should try t' look at all of th' messages in light of each other.
(08/14 21:10:04) Tiernan Quinlan: Figure out wha they have in common?
(08/14 21:10:31) Jules Lavisham: It may be worth considering
(08/14 21:11:34) Jules Lavisham: The alternative, of course, is that they exist entirely as a product of my mind alone
(08/14 21:12:29) Tiernan Quinlan: Well, in that case, the logical answer would be tha' your subconscious is tryin' to tell you somethin'. Perhaps a clue yer missin'.
(08/14 21:12:56) Tiernan Quinlan: Which is why, when I have experiences like tha', I try t' break th' dream down.
(08/14 21:13:21) Tiernan Quinlan: I've had... <cough> ... visions in th' past.
(08/14 21:13:38) Jules Lavisham looks up
(08/14 21:13:46) Jules Lavisham: Really?
(08/14 21:14:00) Tiernan Quinlan: Not tha' I'd tell most of my colleagues. I mean, a medical doctor who has 'visions'?
(08/14 21:14:23) Tiernan Quinlan: But my family has a history of... 'witches'.
(08/14 21:14:30) Tiernan Quinlan shrugs.
(08/14 21:14:42) Tiernan Quinlan: M' grandmum calls herself a witch.
(08/14 21:14:47) Tiernan Quinlan: So... there's tha'.
(08/14 21:15:17) Jules Lavisham: Good lot, witches. Met a few in my time.
(08/14 21:15:23) Tiernan Quinlan grins.
(08/14 21:15:26) Tiernan Quinlan: Aye.
(08/14 21:15:42) Jules Lavisham: Always knew where you stood with them. Excellent home remedies, too.
(08/14 21:15:52) Tiernan Quinlan: It was a point of contention between m' father an' grandmum, of course.
(08/14 21:16:10) Tiernan Quinlan chuckles.
(08/14 21:17:09) Jules Lavisham: Oh?
(08/14 21:18:21) Tiernan Quinlan: Aye. M' father was a devout Catholic. M' grandmum has always been a bit of a 'free spirit'. She was a 'hippy' in th' 60s. Father never did like Grandmum much.
(08/14 21:19:37) Jules Lavisham: Children getting more theological than their parents? That's a subversion. Usually goes the other way, insofar as subsequent generations go.
(08/14 21:20:29) Tiernan Quinlan: Aye, well. M' brother is entirely -not- religious. I am... well... I suppose th' right word would be 'seeking'.
(08/14 21:21:38) Tiernan Quinlan: I do carry m' mother's rosary with me... more f' good luck, I suppose.
(08/14 21:25:27) Jules Lavisham: Hang on to that. Items of significance such as those... well...
(08/14 21:25:54) Jules Lavisham: Funny old thing, faith.
(08/14 21:27:02) Jules Lavisham: As time goes on, you find there's less and less out there deserving of it
(08/14 21:27:39) Tiernan Quinlan: Aye. It's interestin'. I mean, I'm not a practisin' Catholic... haven't been for years. But I still...
(08/14 21:27:52) Tiernan Quinlan: I only stopped writing it on forms about five years ago.
(08/14 21:28:14) Jules Lavisham: You still want to believe that there's still something out there worth believing in.
(08/14 21:28:32) Tiernan Quinlan: Aye.
(08/14 21:28:49) Jules Lavisham: Even after all the institutions and groups and people fritter it away
(08/14 21:29:09) Tiernan Quinlan: There is... somethin' that accepts you f' y'self. Y'know?
(08/14 21:29:13) Jules Lavisham: Use the fancy sounding words and ideals as justification for doing whatever the hell they like
(08/14 21:29:29) Tiernan Quinlan frowns.
(08/14 21:29:31) Jules Lavisham: Rather than the other way around
(08/14 21:29:43) Jules Lavisham: Using the ideals to inform their actions
(08/14 21:29:45) Tiernan Quinlan: Like these sabotaurs?
(08/14 21:29:56) Jules Lavisham snorts
(08/14 21:29:59) Jules Lavisham: Exactly.
(08/14 21:30:34) Tiernan Quinlan: They -can't- truly believe they're actually D'ni... can they?
(08/14 21:32:00) Jules Lavisham: I think if you take someone out of their usual environment...
(08/14 21:32:25) Jules Lavisham: Break down the person they were... put them back together the way that you want them to...
(08/14 21:32:37) Jules Lavisham: You can get them to believe anything you like.
(08/14 21:33:08) Tiernan Quinlan: Do you think tha's what
(08/14 21:33:19) Tiernan Quinlan: what's going on here?
(08/14 21:34:14) Jules Lavisham: It's a possibility. The alternative is that they're merely seeking power and are hiding behind the delusions of grandeur that this place's in-built theology has given them.
(08/14 21:35:03) Jules Lavisham: Steal someone else's property because you want it, you're a thief and a thug.
(08/14 21:35:22) Jules Lavisham: Steal it because you think its yours by divine right and law, you're a crusader.
(08/14 21:35:30) Tiernan Quinlan tilts his head to the side, thinking.
(08/14 21:35:43) Jules Lavisham raises his glass
(08/14 21:35:47) Jules Lavisham: Tale as old as time
(08/14 21:36:11) Tiernan Quinlan nods.
(08/14 21:37:19) Tiernan Quinlan: I wonder about that.
(08/14 21:37:33) Tiernan Quinlan: They want us to leave, that
(08/14 21:37:40) Tiernan Quinlan: that's clear.
(08/14 21:38:02) Tiernan Quinlan: But it jus' seems... strange. Disjointed.
(08/14 21:39:45) Jules Lavisham: Like they're pulling in different directions?
(08/14 21:39:59) Jules Lavisham: Yes, I get that feeling as well
(08/14 21:40:04) Tiernan Quinlan: Yes! Tha's exactly wha' I was thinkin'.
(08/14 21:40:32) Tiernan Quinlan finishes his Guinness.
(08/14 21:40:32) Jules Lavisham: That's something to be concerned about, all in itself.
(08/14 21:40:54) Jules Lavisham: One group with a coherent strategy, well, it's not IDEAL
(08/14 21:41:07) Tiernan Quinlan: Aye.
(08/14 21:41:14) Jules Lavisham: But you can at least have an inkling as to what they would and wouldn't do
(08/14 21:42:18) Jules Lavisham: But this...
(08/14 21:42:36) Jules Lavisham gestures non-specifically
(08/14 21:43:19) Jules Lavisham: Same again?
(08/14 21:45:53) Tiernan Quinlan: Aye!

Jules takes another trip to the Pub storeroom.

(08/14 21:47:29) Jules Lavisham: Hmm... going to need a restock fairly soon...
(08/14 21:47:51) Tiernan Quinlan nods.
(08/14 21:47:53) Jules Lavisham slides another Guinness down the counter
(08/14 21:48:04) Tiernan Quinlan: Well, I can grab more next time I'm in town.
(08/14 21:48:18) Tiernan Quinlan opens the can and takes a long drink.
(08/14 21:48:43) Jules Lavisham: Yeah, I could do with bringing a few bottles down with me
(08/14 21:49:01) Jules Lavisham: Upside of being a Sherry drinker:
(08/14 21:49:22) Jules Lavisham: I can count on no other bugger in the Cavern getting into my stash
(08/14 21:49:30) Jules Lavisham chuckles
(08/14 21:49:46) Tiernan Quinlan laughs.
(08/14 21:50:01) Tiernan Quinlan: Aye, well I'm not a sherry drinker, so more f' you!
(08/14 21:50:59) Jules Lavisham: Hehe
(08/14 21:51:02) Tiernan Quinlan: M'self, I'm mostly Guinness, brandy, wine and th' occasional gin.
(08/14 21:51:41) Jules Lavisham: Sherry and wine were my start, and real Ale.
(08/14 21:51:56) Jules Lavisham: The proper Cambridge upbringing
(08/14 21:52:57) Tiernan Quinlan chuckles.
(08/14 21:53:09) Tiernan Quinlan: Well... I suppose tha' would be th' thing.
(08/14 21:53:25) Jules Lavisham: Took me a while before I started branching out. Even now there's still a lot of catching up still to do.
(08/14 21:53:49) Jules Lavisham: Still, would be a very dull life if we were to run out of things to do before our time was up
(08/14 21:54:59) Tiernan Quinlan: Well, tha's why we're here, I think.
(08/14 21:56:23) Tiernan Quinlan: In th' Cavern, I mean.
(08/14 21:56:46) Kayara: ah, danke
(08/14 21:57:43) Jules Lavisham: Mhm. Has a habit of throwing new life experiences at you, thick and fast.
(08/14 21:58:19) Tiernan Quinlan: Aye it certainly does.
(08/14 21:58:36) Tiernan Quinlan: I'll say, this is th' -best- retirement option.
(08/14 21:58:49) Tiernan Quinlan raises his Guinness in a toast.
(08/14 21:59:06) Tiernan Quinlan: T' th' Cavern!
(08/14 21:59:26) Jules Lavisham: To the Cavern, and making it to that ripe old age!
(08/14 21:59:53) Tiernan Quinlan: Slainte!
(08/14 22:00:09) Tiernan Quinlan drinks and grins.
(08/14 22:00:34) Jules Lavisham: Qapla'!
(08/14 22:01:00) Jules Lavisham ruminates briefly, then drinks
(08/14 22:01:09) Jules Lavisham: Hmm. Not bad.
(08/14 22:01:17) Jules Lavisham: Trying on assorted cheers, trying to find the best.
(08/14 22:01:55) Jules Lavisham: Trying to find the right mix of throaty constants
(08/14 22:04:00) Tiernan Quinlan just chuckles.

Sharminius links in.

(08/14 22:04:44) Jules Lavisham: Ah, good evening Scharm
(08/14 22:04:55) Kayara: Hey Scharm
(08/14 22:05:09) Tiernan Quinlan: Shorah, Scharm!
(08/14 22:05:10) Scharminius: good afternoon y'all :)
(08/14 22:05:12) Jules Lavisham: Done a good job with the decos, haven't they?
(08/14 22:05:31) Tiernan Quinlan sips his Guinness and sighs happily.
(08/14 22:06:32) Jules Lavisham: I like how they've given a microphone for Fils in particular
(08/14 22:06:47) Scharminius: Pardon me if I suddenly disappear, my KI gets overly excited in ages such as these and then shorts out
(08/14 22:07:18) Jules Lavisham: Quite alright
(08/14 22:07:38) Jules Lavisham: The fact that these things work at all is quite frankly a miracle
(08/14 22:07:59) Tiernan Quinlan nods.
(08/14 22:08:10) Tiernan Quinlan chuckles again, softly.
(08/14 22:09:34) Jules Lavisham: Given it's age I'm just amazed it doesn't have its own version of Snake on it
(08/14 22:09:57) Tiernan Quinlan: I'm thinkin' someone could put it on there.
(08/14 22:10:03) Kayara: How old is your whatever it is?
(08/14 22:10:19) Jules Lavisham: The KI?
(08/14 22:10:47) Jules Lavisham: They were apparently being handed out in the lead-up to The Fall
(08/14 22:10:55) Jules Lavisham: So at least a few centuries
(08/14 22:11:04) Kayara: Well, wasn't it Nokia that invented Snake?
(08/14 22:11:54) Jules Lavisham: I may have been exaggerating a tad for comedic effect
(08/14 22:12:01) Morgon: hmm. think I played snake the first time under MSDOS
(08/14 22:12:59) Kayara: what is this laptop doing here?
(08/14 22:13:13) Tiernan Quinlan sips his Guinness and smiles.
(08/14 22:13:22) Jules Lavisham: If it's being sensible, running a screensaver
(08/14 22:13:30) Tiernan Quinlan: It's always interestin' when folks discover things here f' the first time.
(08/14 22:13:46) Jules Lavisham: Are there lots of little toasters flying across the screen?
(08/14 22:14:59) Kayara: No, I guess it has wasted all it's battery on that.
(08/14 22:15:06) Scharminius nods his head
(08/14 22:15:32) Scharminius: wonder if it runs Uruntu? :)
(08/14 22:15:52) Jules Lavisham: Protection against screen burn is never a waste, I can assure you
(08/14 22:16:49) Jules Lavisham: Plus I do find those little toasters strangely endearing
(08/14 22:17:23) Scharminius: shorah again, Murinna
(08/14 22:18:39) Tiernan Quinlan: Hmm... never had that screensaver on my old computers.
(08/14 22:18:51) Tiernan Quinlan thinks, looking at his lager.
(08/14 22:19:09) Kayara: Whether it helps or not depends on the type of screen.
(08/14 22:19:41) Scharminius: Must be CRT or OLED to be in danger of screen burn, right?
(08/14 22:20:08) Jules Lavisham: Perhaps. I'm a little behind when it comes to modern technology, I must confess.
(08/14 22:20:52) Tiernan Quinlan: Yep. LCD screens usually don't have tha' problem. Heh. So modern screensavers are jus' fun, more or less.
(08/14 22:21:30) Jules Lavisham: I do miss that about what I've seen of the newest technology.
(08/14 22:22:05) Jules Lavisham: I remember the stuff from the 90's, there was a streak of irreverence running through everything.
(08/14 22:22:19) Kayara: Some LCD screens get it too with old age but it's a different cause so screen savers wont help against that.
(08/14 22:22:52) Jules Lavisham: Strange arthouse multimedia projects getting the millions in budget
(08/14 22:23:07) Jules Lavisham: Everyone throwing weird things at the wall just to see what would stick
(08/14 22:23:48) Jules Lavisham: What was the one I was shown the other day...
(08/14 22:23:54) Jules Lavisham: Ah yes. The Dark Eye.
(08/14 22:23:54) Kayara: brb
(08/14 22:23:55) Scharminius: main issue I've seen in LCD is burned-out pixels, apparently flashing full colors helps
(08/14 22:24:13) Jules Lavisham: First person adventure game made with stop motion set in the works of Poe.
(08/14 22:24:35) Jules Lavisham: William Burroughs on voice acting duties
(08/14 22:25:08) Jules Lavisham: Just... that combination of elements. I feel it would be unheard of today.
(08/14 22:25:18) Jules Lavisham: I mean, obviously, in the case of William Burroughs
(08/14 22:25:23) Jules Lavisham: But you know what I mean, right
(08/14 22:25:45) Tiernan Quinlan: Oh, definitely.
(08/14 22:26:13) Jules Lavisham: That crazy experimentalism
(08/14 22:26:57) Tiernan Quinlan: M' father wasn't much on video games. We used computers mostly f' schoolwork an' learnin' to program.
(08/14 22:27:34) Jules Lavisham: My parents didn't see them as much more than a timewasting device outside of work or study.
(08/14 22:27:54) Jules Lavisham: There were a few that they held in regard, though. Myst was one, obviously.
(08/14 22:28:10) Jules Lavisham: And anything that looked vaguely creative, like the Sim games.
(08/14 22:28:22) Tiernan Quinlan grins. " M' Grandmum sent me th' game f' m' birthday."
(08/14 22:28:31) Tiernan Quinlan: Myst, I mean.
(08/14 22:28:47) Jules Lavisham: It was our Mac pack-in. First CD-Rom application I ever used.
(08/14 22:28:47) Tiernan Quinlan: So, tha's how I ended up fallin' in love w' it.
(08/14 22:29:11) Tiernan Quinlan chuckles.
(08/14 22:29:40) Tiernan Quinlan sips his Guinness.
(08/14 22:29:44) Morgon: same here. first CD-rom, but on windows
(08/14 22:29:58) Jules Lavisham: Weirdly enough, they found the original Worms quite amusing.
(08/14 22:29:58) Tiernan Quinlan: I loved it from th' first time I ran it.
(08/14 22:30:05) Jules Lavisham: Liked doing the funny voices.
(08/14 22:30:17) Tiernan Quinlan shivers a bit. "Still get chills thinkin' about it."
(08/14 22:30:49) Jules Lavisham: Yup, it'll do that.
(08/14 22:31:34) Tiernan Quinlan grins. "Now, I had a buddy in college who had a number of old computer games. He had Worms, I believe."
(08/14 22:32:19) Jules Lavisham says "You'll regret that!" in a squeeky voice
(08/14 22:32:35) Tiernan Quinlan giggles.
(08/14 22:33:16) Jules Lavisham: Funny how certain sounds stay with you as the years go on...
(08/14 22:35:32) Tiernan Quinlan nods.
(08/14 22:36:12) Tiernan Quinlan sips and chuckles.
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Re: 8/15/22 Jules, Tenny, Harlan, DS5 and others in the GoMePub

Post by Jules Lavisham »

(08/14 22:36:48) Tiernan Quinlan: I sometimes hear the music from Myst when I'm workin' late at night in th' Clinic. Jus' rememberin' it.
(08/14 22:36:58) Tiernan Quinlan: So relaxin'.
(08/14 22:37:17) Scharminius: The dentists' chair music? :P
(08/14 22:37:18) Morgon: yes, or the URU music
(08/14 22:37:31) Jules Lavisham: Yes, it does make for nice ambient relaxations
(08/14 22:38:10) Morgon: I'm off now. have a good time everyone
(08/14 22:38:13) Morgon waves goodbye
(08/14 22:38:19) Jules Lavisham: Take care, Morgon
(08/14 22:38:25) Scharminius: good night, Morgon :)
(08/14 22:38:49) Kayara: Good ngiht Morgon

Morgon links out,

(08/14 22:40:38) Jules Lavisham: I recommended it to Edward for his post-sesh playlist, it apparently goes quite well with the Air and Massive Attack
(08/14 22:41:22) Jules Lavisham: And Pink Floyd, of course
(08/14 22:41:49) Tiernan Quinlan tilts his head.
(08/14 22:41:57) Tiernan Quinlan: Edward is a musician?
(08/14 22:42:18) Jules Lavisham: Oh no, he just loves his music
(08/14 22:42:44) Tiernan Quinlan: Ah... I'm always interested in other scientists who are musicians.
(08/14 22:42:50) Tiernan Quinlan chuckles.
(08/14 22:42:55) Tiernan Quinlan: I play a bit.
(08/14 22:42:57) Jules Lavisham: Strange tastes at times, but he's given me a thorough education
(08/14 22:43:28) Jules Lavisham: Oh lovely! What do you play?

A figure approaches Jules and Tiernan from the other side of the bar.

(08/14 22:43:44) Harlan Mason: Hello there my friends.
(08/14 22:43:46) Tiernan Quinlan: Th' fiddle.
(08/14 22:43:56) Tiernan Quinlan blinks at the new arrival.
(08/14 22:43:57) Harlan Mason: What are you having today?
(08/14 22:44:08) Tiernan Quinlan: Shorah, friend.
(08/14 22:44:19) Jules Lavisham: Oh, lovely! I'll go for a sherry, thank you.
(08/14 22:44:29) Jules Lavisham: There's an open bottle of Port on the side there.
(08/14 22:44:39) Tiernan Quinlan chuckles again. "Guinness f' me, if there's one left."
(08/14 22:44:51) Harlan Mason: Ah, a sherry. Good choice. I'll have to check if there is any port.
(08/14 22:45:11) Jules Lavisham: Feel free to have some yourself if it's to your liking.
(08/14 22:45:12) Harlan Mason rummages through the bar's supplies.
(08/14 22:45:33) Harlan Mason: Hmm... I don't see a Guiness. Might I make a suggestion?
(08/14 22:45:47) Tiernan Quinlan: Aye, please do!
(08/14 22:45:57) Jules Lavisham: Eeep. Sorry Tenny, think I passed you the last one.
(08/14 22:46:13) Harlan Mason: I have a special recipe. Sort of a cocktail, if you will.
(08/14 22:46:21) Tiernan Quinlan: Ah, well!
(08/14 22:46:47) Tiernan Quinlan: I'm intrigued!
(08/14 22:46:51) Harlan Mason: Do both of you want to try?
(08/14 22:46:59) Tiernan Quinlan: Certainly.
(08/14 22:47:07) Jules Lavisham: Sure, why not.
(08/14 22:47:30) Harlan Mason hums to himself as he mixes up three drinks.
(08/14 22:47:31) Jules Lavisham: Nice to have a proper Mixologist doing the rounds down here
(08/14 22:47:47) Tiernan Quinlan: Yes, yes it is.
(08/14 22:47:55) Jules Lavisham: Come to think of it, I think this is the first time I've seen someone serving behind there
(08/14 22:48:12) Harlan Mason: I worked as a bartender early in my university days. Some things you just don't forget
(08/14 22:48:18) Tiernan Quinlan: Same, other than Cal from time to time.
(08/14 22:48:43) Harlan Mason: Oh, there are some supplies people bring. Some people drop off things for others. And Luckily, I have some of my own ingredients/
(08/14 22:49:02) Jules Lavisham: I'm envious. Did my time in a Customer Service role back in uni as well.
(08/14 22:49:15) Jules Lavisham: Endless respect for anyone who can work a bar.
(08/14 22:49:20) Jules Lavisham: Think I'd last five minutes.
(08/14 22:49:59) Tiernan Quinlan: Heh. Same.
(08/14 22:50:25) Harlan Mason places down two drinks down and a third in front of himself. They are bright blue, with crushed ice.
(08/14 22:50:37) Tiernan Quinlan blinks.
(08/14 22:50:43) Harlan Mason: Now, let me sprinkle a bit of this across the top....
(08/14 22:50:43) Tiernan Quinlan: Romulan ale?
(08/14 22:51:14) Harlan Mason: No, I like to call this Kadish's Pride. It's both sour and sweet.
(08/14 22:51:26) Tiernan Quinlan giggles softly.
(08/14 22:51:44) Tiernan Quinlan: Perfect!
(08/14 22:51:50) Jules Lavisham: I like the sound of that.
(08/14 22:52:10) Harlan Mason takes a drink of the glass in front of him.
(08/14 22:52:22) Harlan Mason: Mmm I do love these, even if I do say so myself.
(08/14 22:52:24) Jules Lavisham: Skol!
(08/14 22:52:44) Tiernan Quinlan: Slainte!
(08/14 22:52:46) Jules Lavisham takes a sip, then another.
(08/14 22:52:55) Tiernan Quinlan takes a long drink.
(08/14 22:53:05) Tiernan Quinlan: Oh... nice kick!
(08/14 22:53:13) Jules Lavisham: Now THAT is exceptional.
(08/14 22:53:23) Harlan Mason: The trick is the secret ingredient. If you grind up Teledahn spores and make a sort of paste with them, they can be fermented into a unique base.
(08/14 22:53:42) Tiernan Quinlan grins.
(08/14 22:54:02) Tiernan Quinlan: I may have found another favorite, Jules.
(08/14 22:54:12) Harlan Mason: Yahvo has certainly provided us with many wonders, don't you think?
(08/14 22:54:13) Jules Lavisham: Ah, you've had a go at using the spores as well have you
(08/14 22:54:51) Tiernan Quinlan nods his head
(08/14 22:54:59) Harlan Mason: I know some people who are good with botany. I just enjoy the fruits of their labor.
(08/14 22:55:19) Jules Lavisham: Always good to have an appreciation of things, Mr...?
(08/14 22:55:42) Harlan Mason: The fruits of the D'ni are awesome, in the literal sense I think.
(08/14 22:55:59) Harlan Mason smiles.
(08/14 22:56:17) Harlan Mason: So, tell me, what do you think that Yahvo has in store for you down here?
(08/14 22:56:53) Jules Lavisham: Well, the idea of *any* deity taking a personal interest in my life is flattering, to say the least.
(08/14 22:57:02) Tiernan Quinlan sips his drink.
(08/14 22:57:19) Harlan Mason: Understandable. But we are in a very special place.
(08/14 22:57:35) Harlan Mason: These caverns.... these are Yahvo's place.
(08/14 22:58:30) Harlan Mason: Just being here... living here... we are a part of something extraordinary, don't you think?
(08/14 22:58:37) Tiernan Quinlan: Tha's a very D'ni-like thing t'say.
(08/14 22:58:49) Tiernan Quinlan: Quite.
(08/14 22:59:03) Harlan Mason: Well, as in Rome, as they say.
(08/14 22:59:29) Jules Lavisham: Yes, it has been something of a grand endeavour.
(08/14 22:59:48) Jules Lavisham: One I think has a lot more left in it to play out.
(08/14 22:59:58) Harlan Mason: So, Tiernan, where do you think Yahvo leads you to through this axus mundi of worlds we call D'ni?
(08/14 23:00:45) Jules Lavisham takes a sip and nods in approval at the use of the phrase "axis mundi"
(08/14 23:01:10) Tiernan Quinlan: Well... it's always been D'ni, since I got t' this country. A 'call' I didn't know until I came here.
(08/14 23:01:29) Harlan Mason nods knowingly.
(08/14 23:01:46) Tiernan Quinlan: I was always headed here, I think. Jus' through a very winding path.
(08/14 23:02:10) Tiernan Quinlan: I've seen some amazin' things in me life.
(08/14 23:02:22) Harlan Mason: And you are a healer, right? Brought to a place that needs healed. In many senses of the word.
(08/14 23:02:41) Tiernan Quinlan nods.
(08/14 23:02:52) Harlan Mason smiles.
(08/14 23:03:05) Tiernan Quinlan: I've been happy t' be able t' help here.
(08/14 23:03:05) Harlan Mason: A life in the service of others is a noble one.
(08/14 23:03:11) Tiernan Quinlan smiles.
(08/14 23:03:42) Tiernan Quinlan: It's why I continued to study medicine.
(08/14 23:04:05) Harlan Mason: It seems to me that there's a lot to be done in these caverns, don't you think? Grand purposes that need skilled and empathetic people, no?
(08/14 23:04:56) Tiernan Quinlan looks at Harlan and nods solemnly.
(08/14 23:06:08) Harlan Mason: I agree. It takes a special type. People who combine compassion with vision. People who care and believe, But who understand things like mercy, charity, and harmony.
(08/14 23:07:22) Scharminius leans left
(08/14 23:07:28) Harlan Mason: That's important, don't you think, Jules?
(08/14 23:07:35) Kayara leans right
(08/14 23:07:41) Tiernan Quinlan sips his drink.
(08/14 23:07:59) Kayara: Have good night everybody!
(08/14 23:08:06) Jules Lavisham: I'd like to think so. It's rare to find all the above in one package.
(08/14 23:08:13) Jules Lavisham: Take care, Kayara
(08/14 23:08:13) Scharminius: good night, Kay
(08/14 23:08:14) Harlan Mason: Shorah Kayara!

Kayara links out

(08/14 23:08:39) Jules Lavisham: I mean, it's easy for a person to say these things matter.
(08/14 23:08:59) Jules Lavisham: But letting their actions be informed by them, rather than just using them as rhetoric to do what you like...
(08/14 23:09:12) Harlan Mason: Indeed it is. I think that's why we work n groups. Why we form communities. Individuals can be weak. But a well-lead, harmonious community... they can be strong, positive.
(08/14 23:09:26) Tiernan Quinlan nods.
(08/14 23:10:10) Harlan Mason: It's nice to find clear-headed people here in D'ni to share these dreams with.
(08/14 23:10:16) Jules Lavisham: No, very much in agreement. The idea that a person alone is entirely self-made...
(08/14 23:10:28) Tiernan Quinlan grins and nods emphatically.
(08/14 23:10:28) Jules Lavisham: ... well, that's a nonsense. Always has been.
(08/14 23:10:53) Tiernan Quinlan smiles to himself and studies the inside of his cup.
(08/14 23:10:57) Harlan Mason: You two, for instance, you and your compatriots are almost local celebrities.
(08/14 23:11:23) Tiernan Quinlan blinks.
(08/14 23:11:27) Tiernan Quinlan: Me?
(08/14 23:11:35) Tiernan Quinlan: Naw... really?
(08/14 23:11:38) Jules Lavisham: ... that's a new one.
(08/14 23:11:54) Tiernan Quinlan: 'M jus' an ol' country doctor.
(08/14 23:11:58) Harlan Mason: Of course. You created the medical clinic, didn't you? And Jules, people see you around all of the time.
(08/14 23:12:10) Harlan Mason: I think they appreciate your work.
(08/14 23:12:27) Tiernan Quinlan grins at Jules.
(08/14 23:12:36) Tiernan Quinlan: Tha's true enough!
(08/14 23:12:37) Harlan Mason: People are quiet sometimes, but I know they see and value your work.
(08/14 23:12:51) Jules Lavisham: I mean, that's very kind of you to say. Plenty of others doing harder graft than me, though.
(08/14 23:12:56) Jules Lavisham: I just help where I can.
(08/14 23:13:31) Harlan Mason: That's all it takes, really, don't you think? Good honest people just doing their best to help others. That's what makes communities.
(08/14 23:14:44) Jules Lavisham: Well, as far as communities go, there's definitely something about this one that keeps bringing me back.
(08/14 23:14:56) Tiernan Quinlan nods.
(08/14 23:15:07) Tiernan Quinlan: Aye, somethin' about th' Cavern...
(08/14 23:15:27) Tiernan Quinlan: ... th' 'Call'...
(08/14 23:15:46) Harlan Mason: I admire your work. I'd be interested in sharing some of my own resources. Maybe getting you some help here and there so you can do more.
(08/14 23:16:47) Jules Lavisham: Well, the explorer restoration is always happy to accept offers of assistance.
(08/14 23:17:06) Harlan Mason: I know some people who are very passionate about the well-fare of D'ni. Should I send them your way?
(08/14 23:17:29) Jules Lavisham: Research assistants, translators, the like?
(08/14 23:17:44) Jules Lavisham adjusts his KI
(08/14 23:17:51) Harlan Mason: Many different talents. But mostly people who just want to make a difference.
(08/14 23:18:01) Jules Lavisham: Sorry, things on the fitz, it's having trouble coming up with your ID...
(08/14 23:18:19) Tiernan Quinlan blinks and looks at his KI.
(08/14 23:18:30) Harlan Mason: Oh hm. I think my KI is working.
(08/14 23:18:46) Tiernan Quinlan: Huh...
(08/14 23:18:55) Harlan Mason: I'll add you to my friends list - that way we can stay in touch, coordinate efforts.
(08/14 23:19:37) Harlan Mason: Ah there we go.
(08/14 23:20:38) Jules Lavisham checks his KI
(08/14 23:20:44) Harlan Mason: Cooperation goes a long way, don't you think?
(08/14 23:20:59) Jules Lavisham feels the colour drain from his face
(08/14 23:21:28) Tiernan Quinlan: Jules? Y' okay there, mate?
(08/14 23:21:51) Harlan Mason: Kadish's Pride can be strong. Did you drink it too fast?
(08/14 23:21:53) Jules Lavisham: Good evening to you, Mr Mason.
(08/14 23:22:10) Tiernan Quinlan coughs a bit.
(08/14 23:22:23) Harlan Mason: It has been a lovely evening so far. I love making new friends.
(08/14 23:22:33) Tiernan Quinlan: I'm-I'm s-sorry...? Jules did you say--?
(08/14 23:22:45) Jules Lavisham: Check your KI, Tenny.
(08/14 23:22:51) Harlan Mason sips his drink.
(08/14 23:23:08) Tiernan Quinlan looks at his KI.
(08/14 23:23:13) Tiernan Quinlan blinks.
(08/14 23:23:22) Tiernan Quinlan: Ach!
(08/14 23:23:35) Tiernan Quinlan: Err... I-I see...
(08/14 23:23:51) Harlan Mason: Be careful, drinking too quickly will give you a brain freeze.
(08/14 23:23:57) Jules Lavisham: It seems we're not the only known person here tonight.
(08/14 23:24:03) Harlan Mason: Gives me a terrible headache if I'm not careful
(08/14 23:24:13) Harlan Mason: Known person/
(08/14 23:24:15) Harlan Mason: ?
(08/14 23:24:41) Jules Lavisham: An associate of yours was quite insistent we spoke to you.
(08/14 23:25:13) Harlan Mason: Oh really? It's nice to know are recommending me as a discussion partner.
(08/14 23:25:40) Tiernan Quinlan looks at Jules, then back at Harlan.
(08/14 23:26:01) Jules Lavisham: You were kind enough to recommend the services of your friends to our cause.
(08/14 23:26:06) Harlan Mason: Though I have to admit, I tend to talk away. I guess I don't enjoy those awkward silences.
(08/14 23:26:14) Jules Lavisham slowly leans forward
(08/14 23:26:22) Jules Lavisham: I'd quite like to hear more about them.
(08/14 23:26:46) Tiernan Quinlan tilts his head to the side.
(08/14 23:27:00) Harlan Mason: There are a lot of people who care very much about the Cavern. Good people who want to help others, make a difference
(08/14 23:27:11) Harlan Mason: Like both of you do.
(08/14 23:28:10) Tiernan Quinlan nods. "Like Calum, Kelsei, Carl, Patrick..."
(08/14 23:28:17) Harlan Mason: My friend David, for instance, He's an EMT and volunteers at Burning Man. I think he'd be up to lending a hand around the clinic.
(08/14 23:28:34) Tiernan Quinlan: Any help is welcome...
(08/14 23:28:37) Harlan Mason: I could speak to him if you like.
(08/14 23:28:45) Jules Lavisham: Presently there seems to be some differences of opinion on how that is being accomplished right now.
(08/14 23:29:18) Harlan Mason: I think there are people who are malcontents in any population, unfortunately.
(08/14 23:29:35) Jules Lavisham: Some, for example, seem to have the idea of suiting up, claiming the cavern by right and expelling anyone who doesn't confirm to their idea of a D'ni lineage
(08/14 23:29:44) Harlan Mason: My friends and I, however, really only want what is best for the cavern, and the people in it
(08/14 23:30:45) Jules Lavisham: They claimed to be motivated by the words of Yahvo.
(08/14 23:31:21) Jules Lavisham: "The people in it..." and who would those people be, exactly?
(08/14 23:31:37) Jules Lavisham: Because right now there seems to be a certain distinction being drawn
(08/14 23:31:46) Harlan Mason: Lots of people claim all sorts of things. I think we are all children of D'ni, however. We have inherited this remarkable place.
(08/14 23:32:14) Harlan Mason: Yahvo doesn't destroy, my friends. He's the Maker. He Makes.
(08/14 23:33:15) Jules Lavisham: A recent spate of sabotages, threats and
(08/14 23:33:21) Harlan Mason: Yahvo cherishes the making, since he's the Maker. We make, and we act in his image.
(08/14 23:33:39) Jules Lavisham: attempted murder would suggest that important memo has been missed.
(08/14 23:33:50) Jules Lavisham: At least, from certain quarters.
(08/14 23:33:51) Tiernan Quinlan nods.
(08/14 23:34:01) Harlan Mason: Some people... they become misguided.
(08/14 23:34:36) Harlan Mason: If you hear Yahvo, but don't actually listen, you can convince yourself you hear all sorts of things.
(08/14 23:35:09) Jules Lavisham: These people, they spoke of following a prophet.
(08/14 23:35:17) Jules Lavisham: Were they talking about you?
(08/14 23:35:27) Tiernan Quinlan blinks again.
(08/14 23:35:44) Harlan Mason: Me? I am no prophet. A shepherd, maybe.
(08/14 23:36:11) Harlan Mason: I'm like you. I do what I can to help.
(08/14 23:36:20) Tiernan Quinlan frowns a bit.
(08/14 23:36:44) Harlan Mason: You heal the sick, Tiernan. That's a blessing in the eyes of Yahvo.
(08/14 23:37:27) Jules Lavisham: But you know of these people. Marcus Johnson, Sanna Koskelainen. Tally.
(08/14 23:37:37) Harlan Mason sighs.
(08/14 23:38:05) Jules Lavisham: I'm putting two and two together and coming up with an answer that doesn't sit well with me, Mr Mason.
(08/14 23:38:11) Tiernan Quinlan nods.
(08/14 23:38:34) Harlan Mason: I think you are missing a one or a two in your equations, Jules.
(08/14 23:38:58) Harlan Mason: Hate, death... these are not what makes Yahvo smile.
(08/14 23:39:01) Jules Lavisham: Then help me to understand.
(08/14 23:39:25) Harlan Mason: Nor do they make me smile.
(08/14 23:39:57) Harlan Mason: My friends and myself... we don't do these things.
(08/14 23:40:45) Harlan Mason: We want to help D'ni. We want to help you.
(08/14 23:40:51) Harlan Mason: If you will let us.
(08/14 23:40:56) Jules Lavisham: Your friends... you all wouldn't happen to have a name you go by, would you?
(08/14 23:41:05) Harlan Mason sighs again.
(08/14 23:41:28) Jules Lavisham: See, I follow a contemporary of yours.
(08/14 23:41:34) Harlan Mason looks down, then back up. He sips on his drink.
(08/14 23:41:42) Jules Lavisham: A Mister JD Barnes
(08/14 23:41:53) Harlan Mason: Ah yes. J.D.
(08/14 23:42:13) Jules Lavisham: Remarkable fellow. I strongly recommend his recent lectures if you haven't had the chance already.
(08/14 23:42:25) Harlan Mason: I've spoken to J.D. many times.
(08/14 23:42:49) Jules Lavisham: But he spoke of you briefly on one of the social networking platforms I frequent.
(08/14 23:43:09) Harlan Mason: We've worked together.
(08/14 23:43:22) Harlan Mason: Sometimes we share common goals.
(08/14 23:43:28) Jules Lavisham: Now me, I personally have trouble with the things. There's a reason I stick with journals as a means of keeping my thoughts in order.
(08/14 23:43:55) Jules Lavisham: And I usually find them impossible to find anything unless I know specifically what I look for.
(08/14 23:44:17) Harlan Mason: And what is it that you are looking for, Jules?
(08/14 23:44:19) Jules Lavisham: My colleague in the restoration, Cal... smart cookie, that one. He found it within seconds.
(08/14 23:44:26) Jules Lavisham: A name.
(08/14 23:44:35) Harlan Mason: I might have a name.
(08/14 23:44:53) Jules Lavisham: Shall I go first, or shall you?
(08/14 23:44:56) Harlan Mason: However. I want to make something very clear.
(08/14 23:45:08) Tiernan Quinlan sips his drink, listening intently.
(08/14 23:45:16) Jules Lavisham: Go on.
(08/14 23:45:49) Harlan Mason: We... I'm saddened by his actions...Thi
(08/14 23:46:07) Harlan Mason: This... these events... this is not Yahvo's way
(08/14 23:46:30) Harlan Mason: Nor is it mine. These are not things the children of D'ni do.
(08/14 23:46:42) Jules Lavisham: Are they the way of the Children of the New Seed, Mr Mason?

Dni_seeker 5 links in.

(08/14 23:47:01) Dni_seeker 5: Hello
(08/14 23:47:03) Harlan Mason: They are not. Our way is Yavho's way.
(08/14 23:47:35) Harlan Mason: Some people... they get lost. Even those with the best of intentions.
(08/14 23:48:17) Harlan Mason: But D'ni's future is not built on violence. And I want to prove that. my friends want to help you and yours.
(08/14 23:48:30) Jules Lavisham takes a long sip from his drink
(08/14 23:48:39) Dni_seeker 5: Excuse me? What's going on?
(08/14 23:49:02) Harlan Mason: My friends here are worried.
(08/14 23:49:15) Harlan Mason: Understandably so.
(08/14 23:49:24) Dni_seeker 5: you're the one Ami told us about!
(08/14 23:49:38) Harlan Mason looks at Jules, then to Tiernan.
(08/14 23:49:39) Jules Lavisham: DS5, meet Harlan Mason.
(08/14 23:50:03) Harlan Mason nods to the newcomer.
(08/14 23:50:11) Harlan Mason: Shorah b'shem.
(08/14 23:50:55) Harlan Mason: But my point stands. Our way is Yahvo's way. Rafe has chosen a darker path
(08/14 23:51:04) Dni_seeker 5: Who the heck is Rafe?
(08/14 23:51:10) Jules Lavisham: Rafe?
(08/14 23:51:28) Tiernan Quinlan: Rafe?
(08/14 23:51:33) Harlan Mason: Rafe... was my friend.
(08/14 23:51:38) Tiernan Quinlan looks at Jules.
(08/14 23:51:49) Tiernan Quinlan tilts his head.
(08/14 23:52:01) Harlan Mason: He's lost though.
(08/14 23:52:11) Tiernan Quinlan: I... wonder.
(08/14 23:52:31) Tiernan Quinlan: Lost, how?
(08/14 23:52:35) Jules Lavisham: He was a part of your group? The New Seed?
(08/14 23:52:54) Dni_seeker 5: The New Seed? You mean that cult from Calum's journals?
(08/14 23:53:20) Harlan Mason: Cult is a strong word.
(08/14 23:53:23) Jules Lavisham winces
(08/14 23:53:57) Harlan Mason: We are not a cult. But yes, we do believe, and we believe strongly.
(08/14 23:53:58) Jules Lavisham: "New Religious Movement" would perhaps be a more accurate term?
(08/14 23:54:14) Harlan Mason: We believe strongly, and that makes us strong.
(08/14 23:54:57) Harlan Mason: Rafe became angry. He lost himself in that anger.
(08/14 23:55:22) Dni_seeker 5: What happened to him?
(08/14 23:55:32) Harlan Mason: He also believes strongly. Very strongly. But his belief has made his soul weak.
(08/14 23:56:12) Harlan Mason sighs.
(08/14 23:56:16) Harlan Mason: I do miss him.
(08/14 23:56:34) Tiernan Quinlan: Miss him? Has he left?
(08/14 23:56:42) Jules Lavisham: Rafe... is he the one responsible for the sabotages? The incident at the Town Hall?
(08/14 23:57:03) Harlan Mason: I don't accept his anger. We don't accept his anger.
(08/14 23:57:27) Harlan Mason looks at Jules.
(08/14 23:57:40) Dni_seeker 5: I don't like the sound of this guy.
(08/14 23:57:49) Harlan Mason: We do not accept his anger, Nor his ways. Is that clear?
(08/14 23:58:03) Tiernan Quinlan nods.
(08/14 23:58:09) Tiernan Quinlan: Why is he angry though?
(08/14 23:58:13) Jules Lavisham nods silently, taking a sip of his drink
(08/14 23:58:37) Dni_seeker 5: If Rafe is the one who ordered Tally to shove me off a cliff, I'll...
(08/14 23:58:45) Harlan Mason: I'm not sure. He... lost his compassion.
(08/14 23:59:07) Harlan Mason: A few others, they followed him.
(08/14 23:59:51) Harlan Mason: It's not Yahvo's way.
(08/15 00:00:15) Tiernan Quinlan nods.
(08/15 00:00:26) Dni_seeker 5: Were their names Mita Staser, Marcus Johnson, Casey Kafsing, and Sanna Koskelainen?
(08/15 00:00:26) Tiernan Quinlan: Tha' does make sense.
(08/15 00:01:07) Jules Lavisham: I would like to understand both you and your group more, Mr Mason.
(08/15 00:01:18) Harlan Mason smiles.
(08/15 00:01:18) Tiernan Quinlan nods.
(08/15 00:01:37) Jules Lavisham: I have known New Religious Movements. I know that they can be wielded as a force for great evil in this world
(08/15 00:01:46) Harlan Mason: Of course. I'm more than happy to share our views, and share our efforts as well.
(08/15 00:01:50) Jules Lavisham: I've seen this for myself.
(08/15 00:02:02) Jules Lavisham: But I also know they can be everything that you describe.
(08/15 00:02:07) Harlan Mason: If something can be used to build, it can be used to destroy.
(08/15 00:02:15) Tiernan Quinlan nods.
(08/15 00:02:19) Jules Lavisham: A community that works towards a common goal, one that brings out the best in people.
(08/15 00:02:23) Harlan Mason: But Yahvo's way is sacrifice, not destruction.
(08/15 00:03:00) Harlan Mason: Did you know that Yahvo sacrificed His knowledge of the future so that we might have free will?
(08/15 00:03:27) Tiernan Quinlan: So, th' message tha' was sprayed in th' Clinic, 'Go home', isn't of your way, yes?
(08/15 00:03:43) Tiernan Quinlan: But of this 'Rafe' person and his followers?
(08/15 00:03:52) Harlan Mason: No, it's not our way.
(08/15 00:04:13) Harlan Mason: Rafe, I can't speak for him. Nor do I want to.
(08/15 00:04:34) Tiernan Quinlan nods.
(08/15 00:04:38) Harlan Mason: I just hope he comes to his senses.
(08/15 00:04:38) Tiernan Quinlan sighs.
(08/15 00:04:43) Tiernan Quinlan: Aye, same.
(08/15 00:04:49) Jules Lavisham: Believe me, so do we.
(08/15 00:05:01) Tiernan Quinlan: D' you think he's a danger t' us? This man himself?
(08/15 00:05:20) Dni_seeker 5: BTW Harlan, do you know anyone named Benavud?
(08/15 00:05:53) Harlan Mason: Obviously, Rafe has become more dangerous
(08/15 00:06:23) Tiernan Quinlan thinks about this.
(08/15 00:06:26) Harlan Mason: And, no the name Benavud doesn't sound familair. Is that a last name, or a first?
(08/15 00:06:37) Dni_seeker 5: We don't know.
(08/15 00:07:00) Harlan Mason: Do you think this Benavud is involved with Rafe?
(08/15 00:07:06) Dni_seeker 5: No, he
(08/15 00:07:28) Tiernan Quinlan shakes his head. "I doubt it very much. The young man has lost his memory."
(08/15 00:07:42) Harlan Mason: Hmm...
(08/15 00:08:08) Harlan Mason: That's tragic. Does he need anything? Shelter? Support?
(08/15 00:08:27) Dni_seeker 5: Maybe Kadish Tolesa.
(08/15 00:08:39) Jules Lavisham: The community has come together to look after him.
(08/15 00:08:45) Tiernan Quinlan: Aye.
(08/15 00:08:50) Jules Lavisham: It's been quite heartening to see.
(08/15 00:08:56) Harlan Mason: Communities have a way of coming together,
(08/15 00:09:15) Harlan Mason: I think we here are kindred spirits. We have shared goals.
(08/15 00:09:15) Dni_seeker 5: And just so you know, Benavud isn't quite human.
(08/15 00:09:25) Harlan Mason raises an eyebrow.
(08/15 00:09:33) Jules Lavisham throws a look at DS5
(08/15 00:09:46) Harlan Mason: Benavud is what then? D'ni?
(08/15 00:09:54) Jules Lavisham: It...
(08/15 00:10:01) Jules Lavisham: hasn't been established.
(08/15 00:10:15) Tiernan Quinlan nods.
(08/15 00:10:27) Dni_seeker 5: We don't know. I think he is, but others think he might be a Bookworlder, or maybe even from another "instance" of earth.
(08/15 00:10:38) Harlan Mason: Of course, our resources are at your disposal.
(08/15 00:11:00) Jules Lavisham nods
(08/15 00:11:11) Jules Lavisham: Thank you for reaching out to us, Mr Mason.
(08/15 00:11:17) Harlan Mason: I have training in therapy, as do some of my friends. maybe we can help him with any traumas he might have
(08/15 00:11:38) Tiernan Quinlan: Tha' would be quite helpful, actually.
(08/15 00:12:54) Harlan Mason: I would be happy to help.
(08/15 00:13:04) Harlan Mason: Please add me to your KIs.
(08/15 00:14:02) Tiernan Quinlan looks at his KI.
(08/15 00:14:08) Jules Lavisham: And likewise ours.
(08/15 00:14:25) Tiernan Quinlan: Aye. We definitely appreciate th' help.
(08/15 00:14:52) Harlan Mason: I look forward to working with you. I think there's much we can accomplish together.
(08/15 00:15:41) Tiernan Quinlan: An' thanks f' introducin' us t' this drink, Mr. Mason.
(08/15 00:15:48) Tiernan Quinlan chuckles.
(08/15 00:16:01) Jules Lavisham finishes the drink and places it on the counter
(08/15 00:16:06) Harlan Mason: Certainly. Like a said, Yahvo has provides us with many blessings.
(08/15 00:16:19) Jules Lavisham: Yes, I rather think the crusted Port has a competitor for my attentions down here from now on
(08/15 00:16:49) Tiernan Quinlan nods.
(08/15 00:17:08) Harlan Mason: I'll introduce you to Terry. He's a wiz with finding creative uses for D'ni foodstuffs.
(08/15 00:17:48) Jules Lavisham nods
(08/15 00:18:09) Harlan Mason wipes down the bar, takes the empty glasses to the sink.
(08/15 00:18:52) Harlan Mason: I need to wander off. So much to do, you know.
(08/15 00:19:05) Tiernan Quinlan nods.
(08/15 00:19:14) Harlan Mason: Oh and Jules, if you see J.D. again... give him my regards.
(08/15 00:19:18) Tiernan Quinlan: Thank y', Mr. Mason.
(08/15 00:19:26) Jules Lavisham: I shall.
(08/15 00:19:32) Harlan Mason nods to Tiernan and to Jules.
(08/15 00:19:38) Jules Lavisham: Again, thank you for reaching out to us Mr Mason.

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Re: 8/15/22 Jules, Tenny, Harlan, DS5 and others in the GoMePub

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(08/15 00:19:50) Tiernan Quinlan wobbles a little.
(08/15 00:20:26) Jules Lavisham leans his arms against the bar and breathes deeply
(08/15 00:20:27) Dni_seeker 5: Who's JD?
(08/15 00:20:58) Tiernan Quinlan: W-well... tha' was...
(08/15 00:21:06) Tiernan Quinlan: I-informative.
(08/15 00:21:38) Jules Lavisham: Bloody hell... bloody hell...
(08/15 00:22:31) Jules Lavisham exhales
(08/15 00:22:37) Tiernan Quinlan turns to look at DS5. "Y' kinda stumbled into a bit of an amazin' thing..."
(08/15 00:23:01) Tiernan Quinlan: A-at leas' we know tha' his people aren't behind all-a this stuff.
(08/15 00:23:13) Jules Lavisham: It would seem so.
(08/15 00:23:26) Jules Lavisham: We have an off-shoot. A splinter group, as we suspected.
(08/15 00:23:35) Tiernan Quinlan nods.
(08/15 00:23:45) Jules Lavisham: One it seems he's just as unhappy about as we are.
(08/15 00:24:39) Jules Lavisham: Right. Obviously we need to put the word out to the others.
(08/15 00:24:55) Dni_seeker 5: Well, we have a place where we can do that.
(08/15 00:25:11) Jules Lavisham: Mmm. I'll make a post.
(08/15 00:26:29) Jules Lavisham: In the meantime, I see Echo is in the city
(08/15 00:27:05) Jules Lavisham: Gonna be heading over there now
(08/15 00:27:26) Jules Lavisham: Heh, after you

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