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5/28/22 - Kelsei recaps Ext-Col Mission.

Posted: Mon May 30, 2022 6:35 am
by Kelsei A. Taylor
[Snipped from a larger log, shortly after skyisblu arrived in Ae'gura]

(05/28 21:10:35) Kelsei A.T.: anyways, now that you're here, ill give you the rundown
(05/28 21:10:37) skyisblu waves at Ciao
(05/28 21:10:42) Kelsei A.T.: i didnt want to repeat myself much given, well.
(05/28 21:10:45) Kelsei A.T.: it was exhausting.
(05/28 21:11:03) skyisblu: yeah, I can imagine!
(05/28 21:11:23) Kelsei A.T.: so, if anyone missed it, Calum went sleep walking the other night
(05/28 21:11:29) Kelsei A.T.: all over Ae'gura.
(05/28 21:11:54) Kelsei A.T.: turns out he was running some experiment on the vertigo crystals and linked his mind up to them
(05/28 21:12:17) skyisblu: and whet looking for lost cats
(05/28 21:12:27) Kelsei A.T.: yes, that 'cat' was probably a metaphor for Chezahcen,
(05/28 21:12:32) Scharminius: sounds like LINC in Beneath A Steel Sky
(05/28 21:12:37) skyisblu: Ah. That makes sense
(05/28 21:13:15) Kelsei A.T.: Calum, in this altered state, stole away into my private hood and used a Descriptive Book i'd found and was keeping there
(05/28 21:13:46) Kelsei A.T.: this age was Rei'schu, the family age that belonged to Athsheba's family, the people who lived on the Cathedral Island
(05/28 21:14:00) Kelsei A.T.: and Athsehba, well, the poor girl who survived the fall and lived on Naybree,
(05/28 21:14:05) Kelsei A.T.: she hid the book there, in a little back cave,
(05/28 21:14:18) skyisblu nods her head
(05/28 21:14:27) Kelsei A.T.: from documents at the cathedral, we knew the age was likely inhabited.
(05/28 21:14:34) Kelsei A.T.: keep it succient, yes, it very much is.
(05/28 21:14:48) skyisblu: Oh!
(05/28 21:14:55) Kelsei A.T.: they *also* have crystals there,
(05/28 21:15:00) Kelsei A.T.: very similar to the Vertigo Crystals
(05/28 21:15:10) Kelsei A.T.: they do similar things, in concept,
(05/28 21:15:45) Kelsei A.T.: the goddess Chezahcen, or whatever uses her name, apparently uses the crystals to communicate with priestesses
(05/28 21:15:56) Kelsei A.T.: girls who look almost identical to eachother, and the depictions of the goddess herself,
(05/28 21:16:04) Kelsei A.T.: im not going to dig into THAT quagmire yet
(05/28 21:16:14) skyisblu: My goodness, no.
(05/28 21:16:23) skyisblu: That is a bit weird
(05/28 21:16:26) Kelsei A.T. claps her hands once in agreement
(05/28 21:16:28) Kelsei A.T.: Very!
(05/28 21:16:41) Kelsei A.T.: anyways, they have a few odd uses for the crystals
(05/28 21:16:58) Kelsei A.T.: one of them is a mind-link situation used for some kind of afterlife preservation ceremony
(05/28 21:17:10) Kelsei A.T.: think Serenia's Memory Globes, but crystals, and no fungal tree plant thing
(05/28 21:17:41) skyisblu: right.
(05/28 21:17:43) Kelsei A.T.: and Calum accidentally had forged a link with the Vertigo crystals of a similar nature, which, of course, communicated to an entirely unrelated age with similar crystals.
(05/28 21:18:07) Kelsei A.T. sighs, tiredly,
(05/28 21:18:27) Kelsei A.T.: long story short, they were using the crystals to observe calum's progress, and try to get him to THEM so they could break the link safely
(05/28 21:18:45) Kelsei A.T.: some of that ended up nudging him on the route to the Cathedral,
(05/28 21:18:56) Kelsei A.T.: which eventually lead to *me* digging up Naybree's book and...
(05/28 21:18:57) Kelsei A.T.: and...
(05/28 21:19:10) Kelsei A.T. stares blankly ahead for a long moment, then swears in a shout of outrage
(05/28 21:19:15) Kelsei A.T.: Those Damnable Trolls used Me!
(05/28 21:19:23) skyisblu: What?!
(05/28 21:19:32) Kelsei A.T.: i only went looking for the Naybree book because of a weird Dream!
(05/28 21:20:00) Kelsei A.T.: a dream about Athsheba carving stone walls into a statue similar to one of the things we found IN Naybree
(05/28 21:20:14) Kelsei A.T.: and I found the book BECAUSE i was exploring in Naybree...
(05/28 21:20:28) Kelsei A.T. swears in annoyance about having *Words* with one of the Priestesses.
(05/28 21:20:57) Kelsei A.T. stews for a moment, then shakes her head to clear her thoughts
(05/28 21:21:02) Kelsei A.T.: *regardless* of all of that...
(05/28 21:21:12) Kelsei A.T.: Calum got the link to the stones broken
(05/28 21:21:25) skyisblu: Oh good.
(05/28 21:21:28) Kelsei A.T.: but not after catching a local, very common, childhood cold
(05/28 21:21:39) Kelsei A.T.: er, not before, rather
(05/28 21:22:03) Kelsei A.T.: the children at a local village were having a *bout* of it at the time and he caught it.
(05/28 21:22:10) Kelsei A.T.: because Calum did NOT wear a Maintainer Suit!
(05/28 21:22:35) skyisblu: Hi Sally :)
(05/28 21:22:45) Sally Rogers: hi
(05/28 21:22:53) Kelsei A.T.: anyways, long story short is one of the local Priestesses is keeping him 'company' until he recovers.
(05/28 21:23:00) Kelsei A.T. grumbles in a very annoyed manner
(05/28 21:23:07) skyisblu: but he's going to be alright?
(05/28 21:23:13) Kelsei A.T.: they say he'll be fine
(05/28 21:23:26) skyisblu: Well, at least that's good news?
(05/28 21:23:30) Kelsei A.T.: it's a 'common childhood ailment,'
(05/28 21:23:40) Kelsei A.T.: oh, and there's one other startling thing
(05/28 21:24:08) Kelsei A.T.: despite most of the natives not speaking D'ni or English, the Priesteses, through their 'connection' with Chezahcen, somehow know English
(05/28 21:24:17) skyisblu: huh.
(05/28 21:24:18) Kelsei A.T.: i have no idea how any of that works,
(05/28 21:24:36) Kelsei A.T.: but they're certainly open for arranging for talks in the future about some kind of cultural exchange,
(05/28 21:24:49) Scharminius: did they know English before Calum interfaced with their... network?
(05/28 21:25:15) Kelsei A.T.: i didn't ask, honestly,
(05/28 21:25:27) Kelsei A.T.: maybe one of the others did, but i'd assume no?
(05/28 21:25:46) Kelsei A.T.: they said the main issue they had with talking with Calum was, besides the link being faulty,
(05/28 21:26:00) Kelsei A.T.: that 'both sides were thinking in different languages'
(05/28 21:26:16) skyisblu: Heh. I know all about that ;)
(05/28 21:26:27) Kelsei A.T.: and that's part of why Calum's sleepwalk states were so... weird
(05/28 21:26:38) Kelsei A.T.: he was trying to interpret literal thoughts formatted in a different language into english
(05/28 21:27:04) skyisblu: oh wow. that's crazy.
(05/28 21:27:18) Kelsei A.T.: in all honesty that's probably the most normal part of all of this.
(05/28 21:27:29) Kelsei A.T.: the Age, Rei'schu, was supposedly the survivor of a great cataclysm
(05/28 21:27:32) skyisblu: Though now his sleep-walking rants maybe make more sense?
(05/28 21:27:35) Kelsei A.T.: according to the documents,
(05/28 21:27:44) Kelsei A.T.: being there in person was...
(05/28 21:27:46) Kelsei A.T.: surreal.
(05/28 21:27:57) skyisblu: Yeah, I bet!
(05/28 21:27:59) Kelsei A.T.: that planet is basically sewn together.
(05/28 21:28:16) Kelsei A.T.: i dont recall seeing a sun once,
(05/28 21:28:19) Kelsei A.T.: and the moons are...
(05/28 21:28:25) Kelsei A.T. gets a very unnerved look and shudders
(05/28 21:28:31) Kelsei A.T.: they looked like Cats Eyes.
(05/28 21:28:51) skyisblu: Hey! That might explain the lost cat!
(05/28 21:28:59) Kelsei A.T.: it very well might
(05/28 21:29:20) Kelsei A.T.: there's a lot more that happened im not going to talk about, though
(05/28 21:29:21) Kelsei A.T.: it's just
(05/28 21:29:22) Kelsei A.T.: ...
(05/28 21:29:36) Kelsei A.T.: im not sure how much the locals would be happy with me blabbing before we hold official talks
(05/28 21:29:54) Kelsei A.T.: or how safe it is, given all that earlier talk of sabbotagers and potential kidnapers...
(05/28 21:30:18) Kelsei A.T.: honestly, the age is... green. very green.
(05/28 21:30:28) Kelsei A.T.: so are the moons,
(05/28 21:30:51) Scharminius: "It's uh... green!" --Montgomery Scott, Chief Engineer of the USS Enterprise
(05/28 21:30:57) Kelsei A.T.: other than that, im... really not sure what else to say.
(05/28 21:31:12) Kelsei A.T.: the people are... friendly, atleast,
(05/28 21:31:24) TikiBear: Do they have fancy hats?
(05/28 21:31:29) Kelsei A.T.: hm...
(05/28 21:31:32) Kelsei A.T. thinks back...
(05/28 21:31:44) Kelsei A.T.: you know, I did see one fellow wearing a very odd bird skull hat,
(05/28 21:31:54) skyisblu: That's always a good thing. I imagine this will not be an age that will available for exploring, as we wouldn;t want to disturb the locals way of life?
(05/28 21:31:56) Scharminius: And hopefully through them we'll finally have green marbles available to us ;)
(05/28 21:31:57) Kelsei A.T.: it looked rather ostentatious, if you ask me.
(05/28 21:32:09) Kelsei A.T.: that's an intriguing question, sky,
(05/28 21:32:18) Kelsei A.T.: we'll have to hold formal talks, for sure,
(05/28 21:32:50) Kelsei A.T.: but one of the priestesses seemed interested in setting up a trial challenge for access,
(05/28 21:33:20) Kelsei A.T.: part of the proposed 'cultural exchange' thing
(05/28 21:33:24) TikiBear: Like in American Ninjas?
(05/28 21:33:42) skyisblu: What? To test is explorres are "worthy" of visiting? That seems uninviting
(05/28 21:33:44) Scharminius: Like "Book of D'ni" probably :P
(05/28 21:33:47) skyisblu: Lol, Tiki
(05/28 21:33:56) Kelsei A.T.: less to test their 'worthy'ness, more to...
(05/28 21:34:04) Kelsei A.T.: hold on let me try to remember the exact phrasing...
(05/28 21:34:36) Scharminius: (remember these were alien pictures framed clunkily into English)
(05/28 21:34:46) Kelsei A.T.: something like that, yes, Scharm, lol
(05/28 21:34:55) Kelsei A.T.: i can't dare replicate the accent,
(05/28 21:35:14) Kelsei A.T.: i think it was something like "those who are interested in our world should first have a taste of our people before setting foot there."
(05/28 21:35:33) Scharminius: ew, cannibal-sadists :P
(05/28 21:35:38) skyisblu: omg
(05/28 21:35:42) Kelsei A.T.: erh, yeah, i probably said that wrong.
(05/28 21:35:48) judyg: sounds like cannablism
(05/28 21:35:49) skyisblu: heh he
(05/28 21:35:51) Kelsei A.T.: it wasn't that disturbing in retrospect
(05/28 21:35:53) Kelsei A.T.: no, it was more...
(05/28 21:36:00) Kelsei A.T.: about the culture, i think?
(05/28 21:36:19) judyg: then maybe not use the word "taste"
(05/28 21:36:22) Kelsei A.T.: if people are truly interested in learning about this world, they should have a primer of sorts?
(05/28 21:36:25) TikiBear: Dance? Music? Cusine? I'm in.
(05/28 21:36:27) Scharminius: remember the "Let's eat Grandma/Let's eat, Grandma" shirt? Commas save lives :)
(05/28 21:36:42) judyg: lol
(05/28 21:36:50) Kelsei A.T.: they have a grand tradition of the Goddess challenging people to hunts
(05/28 21:37:08) Kelsei A.T.: expeditions of terrain navigation
(05/28 21:37:18) Kelsei A.T.: given the state of the age im honestly not surprised it's a cultural staple,
(05/28 21:37:33) Scharminius: will we need to have completed the full GZCM stuff?
(05/28 21:37:40) Kelsei A.T.: i'd say its less a 'are you worthy' thing and more a...
(05/28 21:38:00) Kelsei A.T.: 'are you up for taking the challenge we present our own people?'
(05/28 21:38:16) Kelsei A.T.: that's up for debate, yet, scharm,
(05/28 21:38:22) TikiBear: We just need fancier hats.
(05/28 21:38:24) Kelsei A.T.: i dont know if they have an equivalent to the KI Coordinates
(05/28 21:38:39) Kelsei A.T.: Naybree does have a fully functioning Maintainer Marker, though
(05/28 21:38:46) Kelsei A.T.: if that's anything to consider.
(05/28 21:38:53) Scharminius: So like if there were a bonus section of Narayan, and "feed the tree for a day" was a task to go meet the people
(05/28 21:39:09) Kelsei A.T.: an interesting way to put it,
(05/28 21:39:13) Kelsei A.T.: but something like that, maybe?