Sanctuary Clinic Open House 041522

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Sanctuary Clinic Open House 041522

Post by Tiernan Quinlan »

Tiernan Quinlan's first Open House for his new Sanctuary Clinic. This event occurred on April 15, 2022 at 1400KI.

Players/Actors: Tiernan, Calum, Minasunda, Eternal Seeker, IwonK, Claidi Song, Aurelias, Babbeltje.40, Anna Windisch, MindWalker,, Mr. Nice Hat, Ereshkigal, Murray, Xavi.

(04/15 15:39:04) Calum Traveler waves hello
(04/15 15:53:56) Minasunda says hey
(04/15 15:53:58) Tiernan Quinlan waves hello
(04/15 15:54:03) Minasunda: shorah
(04/15 15:54:03) Calum Traveler: hey mina.
(04/15 15:54:28) Calum Traveler waves hello
(04/15 15:54:33) Calum Traveler: shorah, seeker
(04/15 15:54:40) Eternal Seeker: Shorah all
(04/15 15:54:47) Minasunda leans left
(04/15 15:54:47) Calum Traveler leans right
(04/15 15:54:55) Calum Traveler leans left
(04/15 15:54:56) Tiernan Quinlan waves hello
(04/15 15:54:59) Eternal Seeker leans right
(04/15 15:55:08) Tiernan Quinlan: Shorah all!
(04/15 15:55:28) Calum Traveler: :)
(04/15 15:55:37) Tiernan Quinlan: So, how is everyone today?
(04/15 15:55:58) Minasunda: fine fine - we are only visitors lol
(04/15 15:56:05) Tiernan Quinlan: No problem!
(04/15 15:56:05) Eternal Seeker: fine thanks
(04/15 15:56:07) Calum Traveler: beyond running around grocery shopping this morning, going well so far.
(04/15 15:56:35) Tiernan Quinlan: I did this marker game thing, hopefully it works. I did test it with Diranda and it worked for her.
(04/15 15:56:44) Calum Traveler: shorah, claidi
(04/15 15:56:49) Tiernan Quinlan: Shorah Claidi
(04/15 15:56:52) Minasunda leans right
(04/15 15:56:57) Claidi Song leans left
(04/15 15:56:59) Eternal Seeker leans left
(04/15 15:57:04) Minasunda: shorah Claidi :)
(04/15 15:57:05) Claidi Song leans right
(04/15 15:57:06) Eternal Seeker: Shorah Claidi
(04/15 15:57:13) Calum Traveler: bluh, yeah, markers. got some eyes working on that. hope to have a solution to the bugs there in the next few months.
(04/15 15:57:35) Claidi Song: Shorah everyone :))
(04/15 15:57:37) Calum Traveler: hey, iwonk
(04/15 15:57:43) Tiernan Quinlan: Shorah Iwonk
(04/15 15:57:46) Claidi Song: Hey IwonK
(04/15 15:57:49) Calum Traveler: shorah, aur,
(04/15 15:57:50) IwonK: shorah everyone :D
(04/15 15:57:52) Minasunda: shorah Iwonk and Aurelias :)
(04/15 15:57:59) Aurelias: shorah everyone :))
(04/15 15:58:01) IwonK leans left
(04/15 15:58:03) Tiernan Quinlan: Shorah! Welcome to the Sanctuary Clinic!
(04/15 15:58:10) Aurelias: shorah Doc
(04/15 15:58:11) Claidi Song: Shorah Aurelias :)
(04/15 15:58:18) Minasunda leans right
(04/15 15:58:20) Eternal Seeker: Shorah Aurelias and Iwon
(04/15 15:58:20) IwonK leans left
(04/15 15:58:23) Tiernan Quinlan chuckles.
(04/15 15:58:25) IwonK leans right
(04/15 15:58:29) IwonK leans right
(04/15 15:58:31) Eternal Seeker leans left
(04/15 15:58:36) Tiernan Quinlan: Shorah Anna!
(04/15 15:58:37) Anna Windisch: Shorah.
(04/15 15:58:42) Calum Traveler: shorah,
(04/15 15:58:44) Calum Traveler waves hello
(04/15 15:58:48) IwonK leans right
(04/15 15:58:49) Claidi Song leans left
(04/15 15:58:57) Minasunda: shorah Anna
(04/15 15:59:00) Calum Traveler leans right
(04/15 15:59:01) IwonK leans left
(04/15 15:59:08) Eternal Seeker: Shorah Anna
(04/15 15:59:13) Minasunda leans right
(04/15 15:59:13) Calum Traveler leans right
(04/15 15:59:14) IwonK leans left
(04/15 15:59:15) Aurelias leans left
(04/15 15:59:16) Tiernan Quinlan leans right
(04/15 15:59:17) Claidi Song leans left
(04/15 15:59:32) Calum Traveler leans right
(04/15 15:59:32) Aurelias leans left
(04/15 15:59:37) Tiernan Quinlan grins.
(04/15 15:59:37) IwonK leans left
(04/15 15:59:38) Aurelias leans right
(04/15 15:59:55) Calum Traveler: shorah, babbel
(04/15 15:59:59) Eternal Seeker: so now, where is the padded room
(04/15 16:00:00) IwonK: shorah Babbel :)
(04/15 16:00:04) Babbeltje.40: shorah
(04/15 16:00:04) Tiernan Quinlan: So, I'm nervous. Heh. This is a kind of informal event, so hopefully y'all will bear with me.
(04/15 16:00:06) Claidi Song: Shorah Babbel :)
(04/15 16:00:12) Minasunda: shorah Babbeltje.40
(04/15 16:00:18) Calum Traveler: shorah MW :)
(04/15 16:00:21) Aurelias leans left
(04/15 16:00:22) Claidi Song leans right
(04/15 16:00:24) Eternal Seeker: Shroah Babbel
(04/15 16:00:29) MindWalker: Shorah :)
(04/15 16:00:31) Babbeltje.40: I did not know what this is
(04/15 16:00:34) Eternal Seeker: Shorah
(04/15 16:00:40) Tiernan Quinlan: Welcome to Sanctuary Clinic everyone.
(04/15 16:00:47) Anna Windisch follows what is happening with shy interest.
(04/15 16:00:51) Claidi Song leans left
(04/15 16:00:53) Babbeltje.40 leans right
(04/15 16:00:56) Aurelias rubs her neck
(04/15 16:01:19) IwonK passes around Mysterious cookies
(04/15 16:01:35) Tiernan Quinlan: If you'd like the Marker game, please let me know and I'll send it to you.
(04/15 16:01:47) IwonK: marker game you say? :D
(04/15 16:01:53) Anna Windisch raises her hand.
(04/15 16:02:07) Claidi Song: Sure I love marker games, Tiernan :)
(04/15 16:02:09) Calum Traveler: Babbel, this is Dr. Tiernan Quinlan, he's come down here to set up a medical clinic for folks who run into trouble while they're exploring,
(04/15 16:02:10) Anna Windisch: I would like to have it.
(04/15 16:02:21) MindWalker: Yes please
(04/15 16:03:16) Tiernan Quinlan: Did I get everyone who asked?
(04/15 16:03:17) Anna Windisch: I guess the good doctor will not get bored down here ... I hear people tend to be careless ad disregard cones.
(04/15 16:03:26) Tiernan Quinlan chuckles.
(04/15 16:03:40) Calum Traveler: with the Wall's release upcoming I suspect you'll be a bit busy with minor scrapes and bumps, Tenny.
(04/15 16:03:52) IwonK: and broken limbs :P
(04/15 16:04:04) Tiernan Quinlan: I'm sure I will. I might make an attempt at it myself, t'be hones'.
(04/15 16:04:04) Calum Traveler: hopefully the suit should keep most of that at bay.
(04/15 16:04:22) Tiernan Quinlan: Heh.
(04/15 16:04:47) Claidi Song: Thanks Tiernan :)
(04/15 16:04:53) Calum Traveler: if Kelsei gets her way I'll probably be clad up in one any time I go out anywhere
(04/15 16:04:54) Calum Traveler starts to laugh
(04/15 16:05:01) Tiernan Quinlan: Ah, so, welcome to my little clinic. I'm hoping it will be easy enough for anyone who needs medical attention to find.
(04/15 16:05:09) Tiernan Quinlan chuckles.
(04/15 16:05:12) Minasunda: what means the "Sanctuary" ?
(04/15 16:05:39) Tiernan Quinlan: I liked the idea that my clinic was a safe place for folks to feel comfortable and cared for.
(04/15 16:05:45) IwonK: brb
(04/15 16:06:08) Tiernan Quinlan: We've done quite a bit of work to make sure this area is in good repair and very safe.
(04/15 16:06:24) Tiernan Quinlan: I've had some help from several folks down here to set it up.
(04/15 16:07:03) Tiernan Quinlan: So this area will be our lobby and reception area. If I'm not here, just send me a message and I'll come over and speak w' you.
(04/15 16:07:23) Tiernan Quinlan: I can set appointments as well. I haven't got a nurse at th' moment.
(04/15 16:07:37) Found marker: 'Welcome to the Sanctuary Clinic! This area is our lobby and reception. Please PM Tiernan if you'd like to set an appointment.'
(04/15 16:07:46) Found marker: 'Dr. Quinlan's Office is in the Classroom.'
(04/15 16:08:07) Claidi Song: So, Dr. Tiernan?
(04/15 16:08:15) Tiernan Quinlan: If you will follow along with me, I can show y' the clinic. My office is in the Classroom area.
(04/15 16:08:20) Tiernan Quinlan: Yes, Claidi?
(04/15 16:09:29) Babbeltje.40: I m out
(04/15 16:09:37) Calum Traveler: take care, babbel :)
(04/15 16:09:55) Claidi Song: yw
(04/15 16:10:30) Tiernan Quinlan: I can answer questions as we go, not a problem.
(04/15 16:11:05) Tiernan Quinlan: So over here by my beloved Clock, is the area I've set up for my office as well as examination rooms.
(04/15 16:11:17) Found marker: 'While you're waiting to see Dr. Quinlan, either in his office or in an exam room, you can wait here in the Clock Courtyard.'
(04/15 16:11:52) Anna Windisch: Ups...
(04/15 16:12:20) Tiernan Quinlan: This area is my office. We don't all need to run in if it's crowded, there's a marker in here but that's about it.
(04/15 16:12:54) MindWalker: These two bigger tables are operating tables I presume? :)
(04/15 16:12:57) Found marker: 'Dr. Quinlan's Office. This is Tiernan's consulting office as well as his astrophysics computer lab.'
(04/15 16:12:57) MindWalker points
(04/15 16:13:18) Tiernan Quinlan: Actually I have an OR too.
(04/15 16:13:45) Found marker: 'Exam Rooms: Beyond this door are the examination rooms, which are private and quiet.'
(04/15 16:13:58) Calum Traveler holds the door
(04/15 16:14:08) Tiernan Quinlan: The office is mainly my astrophysics lab as well as the consultation office.
(04/15 16:14:13) Minasunda: thanks calum :)
(04/15 16:14:16) Anna Windisch: Astrophysics!
(04/15 16:14:39) Calum Traveler: i didnt know you studied Astrophysics too,
(04/15 16:14:46) Claidi Song: What did you say you treat and opperate on?
(04/15 16:14:49) Calum Traveler: something of a side hobby? XD
(04/15 16:14:58) Tiernan Quinlan: So in the meditation area, "the egg room" is where I've set up my exam rooms. There are markers in there, but it can get crowded so you can just run in and grab them when you want.
(04/15 16:15:15) Anna Windisch murmurs something about the egg being a seed.
(04/15 16:15:24) Tiernan Quinlan: Yes, actually, I have been working on my PhD in astrophysics for a while.
(04/15 16:15:34) waves hello
(04/15 16:15:34) Claidi Song nods her head
(04/15 16:15:34) Claidi Song: Anna :)
(04/15 16:15:43) Calum Traveler: egg, seed, same general difference :P
(04/15 16:15:46) Tiernan Quinlan: I do love the stars! In my office I have several computers linked to my telescopes.
(04/15 16:15:53) Calum Traveler: shorah Eresh, Mr Hat, :)
(04/15 16:15:58) Anna Windisch smiles slightly.
(04/15 16:16:07) Tiernan Quinlan: Shorah!
(04/15 16:16:11) leans right
(04/15 16:16:17) Aurelias leans left
(04/15 16:16:19) Anna Windisch nods welcoming towards the newcomers.
(04/15 16:16:25) Tiernan Quinlan: I'll let folks catch up.
(04/15 16:16:59) Tiernan Quinlan: If we head this way, I'll show you the area for the patient rooms.
(04/15 16:17:17) Calum Traveler holds the door again
(04/15 16:17:39) Ereshkigal: Hi Dr. Quinlan! Nice to meet you :) I think I saw you very briefly at some event some weeks earlier
(04/15 16:18:02) Tiernan Quinlan: Hello there! Yes, I b'lieve we did.
(04/15 16:18:10) Anna Windisch: Interesting exam rooms.
(04/15 16:18:31) Tiernan Quinlan: Well, I needed someplace quiet and private, and the meditation area seemed to be the best option.
(04/15 16:18:33) Anna Windisch: The soothing ambience is surely good.
(04/15 16:18:39) Ereshkigal: Good to have a clinic down here! It's looking quite nice! It can't be easy setting things up all the way down here
(04/15 16:18:49) Ereshkigal: How do you manage to get medical supplies this far?
(04/15 16:18:50) Tiernan Quinlan: We're working on getting some focused lighting in there.
(04/15 16:18:59) Tiernan Quinlan: A lot of work, to be hones'.
(04/15 16:19:27) IwonK: brb again :P
(04/15 16:19:32) Murry: What kind of help can we offer you?
(04/15 16:19:36) Tiernan Quinlan: Heh. A lot of motorin' to th' town, pickin' up stuff, linkin' back t' the Nexus, and on.
(04/15 16:19:42) Claidi Song: wb IwonK
(04/15 16:20:10) Calum Traveler: if its anything like trying to get the Game Room functional, connecting things to the power grid is the hard part, lighting wise.
(04/15 16:20:58) Calum Traveler: ill try to lend some help there in the future, where I can :)
(04/15 16:21:00) Murry: Have you managed to connect your computers and servers.
(04/15 16:21:10) Tiernan Quinlan: Come on through the book room.
(04/15 16:21:44) Tiernan Quinlan: Yes, actually. I have a satellite internet connection set up here to make that easier.
(04/15 16:22:15) Ereshkigal: How did you manage the satellite connection down here? Do you have a dish antanna at the surface level?
(04/15 16:22:22) Tiernan Quinlan: I've had quite a bit of help from fellow explorers. Carl Palmner, Dr. Valerian and several other folks.
(04/15 16:22:30) Tiernan Quinlan: Relays, to be hones'.
(04/15 16:22:40) Calum Traveler: I'd imagine Patrick helped a lot with his work figuring out the GoMePub Wifi
(04/15 16:22:52) Ereshkigal: Oooh, yeah that will have helped for sure!
(04/15 16:22:54) Tiernan Quinlan: Yes, he did. Quite a bit.
(04/15 16:23:13) Found marker: 'Patient Rooms: This area, leading to the private residences, has been repurposed for paitent convalecence.'
(04/15 16:23:58) Tiernan Quinlan: This area, with these residences, has been refitted to be several paitent rooms so folks can relax and still be under medical care.
(04/15 16:24:12) Tiernan Quinlan: They're very comforable and homey.
(04/15 16:24:16) Tiernan Quinlan smiles.
(04/15 16:24:20) Thumbs up from Calum Traveler
(04/15 16:24:32) Ereshkigal: It is quite a large clinic! Do you have any assitants yet?
(04/15 16:24:45) Eternal Seeker: rubber rooms ?
(04/15 16:24:48) Tiernan Quinlan: Not yet. Hopefully I will get a few.
(04/15 16:25:09) Found marker: 'Emergency/Operating Room.'
(04/15 16:25:24) Tiernan Quinlan: So on into the community room area.
(04/15 16:26:06) Tiernan Quinlan: This area, I'm hoping, will work out as a good Emergency Room as well as an OR if we end up needing it. It has enough room to accomodate several paitents.
(04/15 16:26:23) Tiernan Quinlan: Of course, we don't want it to be necissary but you never know!
(04/15 16:26:25) Calum Traveler: hopefully we wont ever need the space.
(04/15 16:26:38) Anna Windisch nods.
(04/15 16:26:46) Calum Traveler grumbles something about people being in places they shouldn't be...
(04/15 16:26:52) Ereshkigal: It could be a relaxation area in the meantime
(04/15 16:27:04) Claidi Song nods her head
(04/15 16:27:06) Calum Traveler: Garden's good for that too.
(04/15 16:27:16) Ereshkigal: Some chairs, cushions, some plants...
(04/15 16:27:17) Tiernan Quinlan chuckles. Actually, I have set up the light garden for that. Come along an' I'll show y'.
(04/15 16:28:31) Tiernan Quinlan: Also, there will be refreshments in the light garden area, please help y'selves!
(04/15 16:28:46) Found marker: 'Waiting Area: The Light Garden is a relaxing, calming place to wait for friends or family to be seen and treated.'
(04/15 16:29:15) Calum Traveler helps self to some snacks...
(04/15 16:29:41) Ereshkigal: The D'ni must have ahad chairs and cushions in these places. Even they can't have been that austere...
(04/15 16:29:43) Anna Windisch looks around and smiles.
(04/15 16:29:46) Tiernan Quinlan: There are tables set up along the walkway, with tea, sodas and other drinks as well as snacks and perhaps cookies...?
(04/15 16:29:58) Ereshkigal: And nice snacks and tea!!!
(04/15 16:30:00) Murry: I see Eddie is relaxing and taking it easy.
(04/15 16:30:13) Ereshkigal helps herself to tea with milk
(04/15 16:30:19) Calum Traveler sees Iwonk slipped some cookie deliveries in at some point, yes
(04/15 16:30:22) Tiernan Quinlan: We're bringing in a variety of comfortable chairs and places to relax and wait. I have magazines and books of course as well.
(04/15 16:30:22) Anna Windisch is puzzled.
(04/15 16:30:41) Anna Windisch: Astrophysics journals as well?
(04/15 16:30:43) Ereshkigal: Maybe Eddie could play a therapeutic role, for exercise after injury?
(04/15 16:30:46) Tiernan Quinlan: Eddie does love the light garden. He enjoys helping people relax.
(04/15 16:31:03) Tiernan Quinlan: Yes, that was definitely a thought, Eresh.
(04/15 16:31:16) Claidi Song: And water is very therapeutic
(04/15 16:31:33) Tiernan Quinlan: It is so calming here, I come here often t' meditate.
(04/15 16:32:10) Anna Windisch picks up a tea cup and fills it with some Rooibusch tea.
(04/15 16:32:19) Tiernan Quinlan: So tha' the Clinic as it stands now. Please feel free to contact me if y' need, I'm here often an' will be around the Cavern as well.
(04/15 16:32:31) Thumbs up from Tiernan Quinlan
(04/15 16:32:42) MindWalker cheers
(04/15 16:32:44) Claidi Song: Very nice :))
(04/15 16:32:45) Ereshkigal: This is great, Dr Quinlan!
(04/15 16:32:48) Anna Windisch claps her hands
(04/15 16:32:50) Aurelias claps her hands
(04/15 16:32:53) Tiernan Quinlan: Any questions, friends?
(04/15 16:33:05) Murry: Thank you Dr. Quinlan for seeting this up.
(04/15 16:33:07) Tiernan Quinlan grins.
(04/15 16:33:09) Ereshkigal: I have no medical background; but can I help in any way?
(04/15 16:33:12) Anna Windisch: Will you have regular consultation times?
(04/15 16:34:10) Tiernan Quinlan: Yes, Anna, I will. I'm hopin' t' get tha' set up soon.
(04/15 16:34:23) Tiernan Quinlan: Eresh, yes, please, I'd love th' help organizin'.
(04/15 16:34:30) Anna Windisch: Will one find them in the imager then?
(04/15 16:34:40) Tiernan Quinlan: (I keep typing too long)
(04/15 16:34:56) Tiernan Quinlan: Yes, once we have that set, they will be on the imager and my website.
(04/15 16:35:16) Ereshkigal: Oooh, you have a website for the clinic?
(04/15 16:35:32) Anna Windisch nods and clasps her tea cup as if it gives her much needed hold.
(04/15 16:35:35) Murry: Please put a note on the bulletin boardin Messenger's pub.
(04/15 16:35:38) Tiernan Quinlan: Yes I do.
(04/15 16:36:03) Tiernan Quinlan: I'll do that. I can link it here and on the Discord channel as well. (Discord will make it easier to link to)
(04/15 16:36:50) Calum Traveler: discord tends to, yes lol
(04/15 16:36:56) Tiernan Quinlan:
(04/15 16:37:08) Ereshkigal: Great! I'll check it out
(04/15 16:37:11) Tiernan Quinlan: Just f' the record. It's also on m' imager.
(04/15 16:37:20) Anna Windisch thanks you very much!
(04/15 16:37:31) Tiernan Quinlan: There's not much on it at th' moment, but I've been so busy here gettin' the Clinic together.
(04/15 16:37:37) Tiernan Quinlan chuckles.
(04/15 16:37:48) Calum Traveler: its been one of those months
(04/15 16:37:52) Calum Traveler shakes head tiredly
(04/15 16:38:56) Tiernan Quinlan: Hm..
(04/15 16:39:06) Anna Windisch: Knowing that we will be cared for if something happens during exploration is worth a lot.
(04/15 16:39:17) Tiernan Quinlan: Ach, excuse me a moment. I'll be right back. Calum? Can you come along?
(04/15 16:39:26) Calum Traveler: uh, sure
(04/15 16:39:32) Anna Windisch: i just hope it wont make some people even mre ... adventurous.
(04/15 16:39:49) Murry: I'm afraid it will.
(04/15 16:40:26) Ereshkigal: It does make me feel a lot safer. The Cavern is pretty far from civilization, and it always did worry me if something happened
(04/15 16:40:28) Anna Windisch: So, it might happen our good doctor soon has a very stressful life, while he is the only one with medical training here.
(04/15 16:40:47) Murry: However, it's great to have a clinic set up down here. I've beenseeing more new faces lately.
(04/15 16:41:01) Calum Traveler: so this is about the blackouts, right?
(04/15 16:41:15) Tiernan Quinlan: I've gotten the results back from your tests. Yes, it is. Odd.
(04/15 16:41:23) Calum Traveler: odd how?
(04/15 16:41:30) Eternal Seeker: first you need a very good cleaning service :-)
(04/15 16:41:33) Tiernan Quinlan: Well, let me show you.
(04/15 16:41:50) Calum Traveler stares at a laptop screen for a long moment
(04/15 16:41:53) Tiernan Quinlan: There is no evidence of a concussion. At all.
(04/15 16:41:54) Calum Traveler is a bit puzzled...
(04/15 16:41:54) Anna Windisch: First aid courses might be a good start ...
(04/15 16:42:26) Calum Traveler remarks loud enough to hear through the walls, "That doesn't make sense."
(04/15 16:42:34) Anna Windisch: It would also help identify people with an interest for medicin.
(04/15 16:42:47) Calum Traveler: i mean i hit the ground hard enough to be hazy
(04/15 16:42:58) Calum Traveler: scans from the surface showed clear signs of concussion
(04/15 16:43:02) Tiernan Quinlan: I'm going to keep working on this. Don't worry.
(04/15 16:43:13) Calum Traveler: yeah, thanks.
(04/15 16:43:29) Tiernan Quinlan: I looked over the emergency doctor's report and you're right. He's consulting with me on this.
(04/15 16:43:42) Calum Traveler: that's good.
(04/15 16:43:53) Calum Traveler: honestly, i dont understand how that's possible.
(04/15 16:43:54) Tiernan Quinlan: Just, make sure to let me know if there's anything else going on. We'll figure it out.
(04/15 16:43:54) Murry: Shiloh Obrien I believe showed an interest. She has a clinic on the surface herself.
(04/15 16:44:21) Anna Windisch: Maybe you should direct er to Dr. Quinlan.
(04/15 16:44:26) Calum Traveler: sure, if i have another blackout, ill let you know, Doc.
(04/15 16:44:34) Calum Traveler: sleepwalking, or whatever...
(04/15 16:44:38) Anna Windisch blinks.
(04/15 16:44:42) Ereshkigal: Are you okay, calum?
(04/15 16:44:46) Minasunda: ok see you - take care and good luck with the clinic :)
(04/15 16:44:47) Tiernan Quinlan: Alright.
(04/15 16:44:55) Calum Traveler: yeah, im, oddly alright.
(04/15 16:44:56) Ereshkigal: See you Mina!
(04/15 16:45:05) Claidi Song: Bye Mina
(04/15 16:45:07) Tiernan Quinlan smiles.
(04/15 16:45:09) Ereshkigal: Is he really, Dr Quinlan?
(04/15 16:45:10) Calum Traveler: just no answers for that sleepwalking stint i had the other night.
(04/15 16:45:13) Xavi: see u Mina!
(04/15 16:45:16) Calum Traveler: later mina
(04/15 16:45:16) Minasunda: ah Aurelias is working :)
(04/15 16:45:19) Ereshkigal: I know all that stress with the Wall can't be healthy
(04/15 16:45:23) Minasunda: good idea :)
(04/15 16:45:23) Murry: Calum, I thought you were going to ease up on those strange crystals?
(04/15 16:45:23) Tiernan Quinlan: Not yet, but we're working on it.
(04/15 16:45:35) Calum Traveler: i havent really messed with Vertigo's crystals in a while,
(04/15 16:45:41) Calum Traveler: the Wall's been taking up such a huge priority...
(04/15 16:45:46) Calum Traveler is just confounded.
(04/15 16:45:50) Tiernan Quinlan: Crystals? Hm. Perhaps I should study the crystals myself.
(04/15 16:46:07) Anna Windisch: Crystals? What crystals?
(04/15 16:46:08) Ereshkigal: Please wear some protection if you do! They sound dangerous
(04/15 16:46:13) Calum Traveler: ah, Vertigo, age I wrote
(04/15 16:46:16) Calum Traveler: has some very... odd crystals
(04/15 16:46:25) Calum Traveler: bad experiment from some time ago made me a bit... loopy,
(04/15 16:46:26) Anna Windisch listenes intently.
(04/15 16:46:27) Murry: Please don't study them alone Doctor.
(04/15 16:46:33) Calum Traveler: similar sleepwalking incidents
(04/15 16:46:37) Ereshkigal: Maybe stand inside a Faraday cage while looking at them? Or wear a suit with metal mesh
(04/15 16:46:38) Claidi Song: See you all. Take care :))
(04/15 16:46:43) Tiernan Quinlan: I do wonder. I'm currently studying some D'ni medical texts, so I'd like to see if there are indications of similar events in the past.
(04/15 16:46:45) Claidi Song waves goodbye
(04/15 16:46:45) Ereshkigal: See you Calidi
(04/15 16:46:49) Tiernan Quinlan waves goodbye
(04/15 16:46:50) Calum Traveler: later claidi,
(04/15 16:46:58) Calum Traveler: maybe the Maintainer Suits should be a good idea
(04/15 16:47:00) Anna Windisch nods at the woman leaving.
(04/15 16:47:14) Calum Traveler: quarantine like...
(04/15 16:47:15) Murry: I was just thinking that
(04/15 16:47:35) Calum Traveler groans at the thought of having to wear the danged suit all the time...
(04/15 16:47:42) Calum Traveler: those helmets really fog up my glasses.
(04/15 16:47:52) Tiernan Quinlan: I can provide some protective gear as well.
(04/15 16:47:57) Calum Traveler: thanks,
(04/15 16:48:11) Anna Windisch: Well there was a reason while Maintainers wore those things ...
(04/15 16:48:17) Ereshkigal: It sounds like those crystals emit some sort of radiation that causes this
(04/15 16:48:20) Tiernan Quinlan: I do have some here already, but I shall order some additional equipment. Just to make things safer.
(04/15 16:48:27) Ereshkigal: So better keep them in something shielded
(04/15 16:48:33) Calum Traveler: light emissions, yes,
(04/15 16:48:36) Calum Traveler: they tend to glow,
(04/15 16:48:45) Calum Traveler: i wasnt able to detect anything harmful though
(04/15 16:49:01) Ereshkigal: You don't happen to have a geiger counter around, no?
(04/15 16:49:06) Murry thinks about wave harmonics...
(04/15 16:49:13) Tiernan Quinlan: Have we any other scientists in the cavern at the moment? Diranda is an archaeologist, I believe.
(04/15 16:49:40) Calum Traveler: not sure about Scientists, per-se,
(04/15 16:49:40) Murry: I reccomend getting some wave detecting equipment.
(04/15 16:49:48) Ereshkigal: I'm a chemist; but I never worked with radioactive stuff
(04/15 16:49:52) Anna Windisch: I once read something about fast light pulses being able to cause post-hypnotic effects ... but not sure if that was science or science fiction ...
(04/15 16:49:54) Calum Traveler: i know we've got a lot of academics,
(04/15 16:49:59) Anna Windisch smiles apologetically.
(04/15 16:50:18) Calum Traveler: honestly, how the DRC got anything done with just archaeologists and structural engineers...
(04/15 16:50:29) Tiernan Quinlan: Perhaps we should collect our respective science folk and consult on these crystals? Perhaps put together an expedition?
(04/15 16:50:44) Calum Traveler: yeah,
(04/15 16:50:45) Ereshkigal: Good idea!
(04/15 16:50:48) Tiernan Quinlan: Calum, this is an Age you've been studying?
(04/15 16:50:53) Calum Traveler: it's an Age I wrote
(04/15 16:51:05) Tiernan Quinlan: Really? Amazing!
(04/15 16:51:05) Calum Traveler: i was trying to combine the theoretical concepts of the Tay Crystals and the Rime Crystals
(04/15 16:51:21) Calum Traveler: they do channel linking to some degree, but not in the way i was hoping
(04/15 16:51:28) Calum Traveler: honestly, they're kind of like energy vampires to a degree
(04/15 16:51:40) Anna Windisch: Tali is an engineer ... she has some physics background if I remember correctly.
(04/15 16:51:43) Calum Traveler: scept they really like linking energy or geo-thermal the best,
(04/15 16:51:46) Tiernan Quinlan: I'd definitely like to study this. It might help us figure out how they're affectin' you.
(04/15 16:51:50) Murry: I've got a relative who is a scientist, but I'm not sure I want to get involved with him just yet.
(04/15 16:52:05) Murry shakes his head...
(04/15 16:52:09) Calum Traveler: well, i'll talk it over with Patrick and Kelsei,
(04/15 16:52:09) Tiernan Quinlan: I do know Diranda's brother, Corey is a physicist.
(04/15 16:52:22) Calum Traveler: theyve both been concerned and helping keep the age secure
(04/15 16:52:28) Tiernan Quinlan: Please do. I'd very much like to see this age.
(04/15 16:52:38) Calum Traveler nods
(04/15 16:52:40) Ereshkigal: I wonder what the crystals do with the energy they take. Do they get hot? Or do they Link energy out of the universe? In the latter case, that would be interesting
(04/15 16:52:46) Calum Traveler: they grow.
(04/15 16:52:52) Calum Traveler: kinda explosively in some situations.
(04/15 16:52:58) Tiernan Quinlan: Amazing.
(04/15 16:53:18) Ereshkigal: Maybe they are living things, and this is how they get energy to sustain themselves
(04/15 16:53:22) Calum Traveler: possibly,
(04/15 16:53:33) Calum Traveler: that's been one of my concerning thoughts about it
(04/15 16:53:42) Murry: What we need is is a geologist. Oh boy.
(04/15 16:53:50) Calum Traveler: their behavior has shown some mild form of sentience, but i'm not sure if I've been reading too much into that.
(04/15 16:53:54) Tiernan Quinlan thinks.
(04/15 16:53:59) Murry starts looking for a phone number.
(04/15 16:54:03) Tiernan Quinlan: Sentience?
(04/15 16:54:12) Ereshkigal: Or a bioologist; this sounds almost like microbiology, but on the macro scale
(04/15 16:54:19) Tiernan Quinlan: Now I'm fascinated.
(04/15 16:54:25) Calum Traveler: one took off and started floating when i tried to remove it from somewhere,
(04/15 16:54:36) Calum Traveler: it's very much decided to 'root' itself in the middle of a room.
(04/15 16:54:42) Anna Windisch raises her eyebrows.
(04/15 16:54:51) Murry: Root?
(04/15 16:54:57) Tiernan Quinlan: Have you tried linking anywhere with a crystal, perhaps?
(04/15 16:54:59) Calum Traveler: not literally,
(04/15 16:55:06) Calum Traveler: ah, i did try a few experiments with that,
(04/15 16:55:12) Calum Traveler: ...quite a few... actually...
(04/15 16:55:30) Tiernan Quinlan raises an eyebrow.
(04/15 16:55:40) Calum Traveler: that's... not something I'd really like to talk about publicly at this stage.
(04/15 16:55:51) Calum Traveler: i've got severe concerns about folks trying to replicate my foolishness.
(04/15 16:55:53) Murry: Hmm....
(04/15 16:56:03) Tiernan Quinlan: That's fine. We can discuss it later, Calum.
(04/15 16:56:07) Calum Traveler: yeah,
(04/15 16:56:36) Calum Traveler: I've been very careful about not removing them from the age, though.
(04/15 16:56:48) Calum Traveler: atleast, after the first round of experiments.
(04/15 16:57:08) Tiernan Quinlan: Well, I'm pleased so many of you have visited today. Please feel free to stay if you'd like. I'll be here for a bit longer.
(04/15 16:57:22) Murry: Sounds wise. Best to keep things isolated.
(04/15 16:57:31) Tiernan Quinlan nods to Calum. I'd definitely like to take a look when I can.
(04/15 16:57:32) Calum Traveler checks time...
(04/15 16:57:43) IwonK checks cookies
(04/15 16:57:44) Calum Traveler: ah, yeah, i need to get going, dinner time.
(04/15 16:57:48) Ereshkigal: It was great visiting, Dr Quinlan! I'll head out for now; but I'll be back sometime to see if I can help with anything!
(04/15 16:57:53) Tiernan Quinlan grins.
(04/15 16:57:54) IwonK claps her hands
(04/15 16:57:55) Calum Traveler: thanks for taking a look at me, doc.
(04/15 16:58:03) Tiernan Quinlan: Any time, Calum.
(04/15 16:58:06) Calum Traveler: ill talk with you more later.
(04/15 16:58:17) Tiernan Quinlan: Definitely. Thank you.
(04/15 16:58:17) IwonK: did you tell Cal to get more sleep? ;]
(04/15 16:58:19) Murry: Thank you again, Tenny. Everything looks great. I hope I never need it. LOL
(04/15 16:58:31) Aurelias waves goodbye
(04/15 16:58:31) Calum Traveler: oh, yeah, i havent really been sleeping well, hah
(04/15 16:58:36) Tiernan Quinlan: Well, any help folks are willing to provide is appreciated.
(04/15 16:58:38) Calum Traveler: but that's... kinda been a thing long before the crystals
(04/15 16:58:39) IwonK taps her foot
(04/15 16:58:40) Calum Traveler: or the head bumps
(04/15 16:58:49) Tiernan Quinlan: And yes, I already discussed that with Calum.
(04/15 16:58:50) IwonK: see you later everyone :)
(04/15 16:58:53) IwonK waves goodbye
(04/15 16:58:56) Calum Traveler: i've got some suggestions for magneseum.
(04/15 16:58:56) Tiernan Quinlan waves goodbye
(04/15 16:59:03) Calum Traveler: later, all :)
(04/15 16:59:12) IwonK: Mg pills will do you good, Cal
(04/15 16:59:20) Anna Windisch: Maybe come here for meditation before going to bed :)
(04/15 16:59:44) Calum Traveler: we'll see about that.
(04/15 16:59:46) Calum Traveler waves goodbye
(04/15 16:59:46) Xavi: like Podhopper's relaxing sessions
(04/15 16:59:51) Calum Traveler reltos...
(04/15 16:59:52) Tiernan Quinlan waves goodbye
(04/15 16:59:55) Anna Windisch: Have a good meal!
(04/15 16:59:55) Xavi waves goodbye
(04/15 17:00:20) Xavi: well, thank you so much Dr.
(04/15 17:00:27) Tiernan Quinlan: Thanks for coming to the open house. Goodness, I was nervous.
(04/15 17:00:29) Anna Windisch: Fascinating, the things that can happen down here, on in the ages connected to this culture.
(04/15 17:01:06) Anna Windisch: I gues medical attention will be much needed, if things tend to evolve like what this explorer talked about.
(04/15 17:01:26) Anna Windisch: Maybe even from more different fields of medicine ...
(04/15 17:01:29) Tiernan Quinlan: Well, I realized there was a need here I could fill and stay here in the cavern.
(04/15 17:01:48) Tiernan Quinlan: I've retired from my practice, to come here.
(04/15 17:01:53) Anna Windisch: Everyone will be very grateful I guess!
(04/15 17:02:03) Anna Windisch: I am :)
(04/15 17:02:13) Xavi: that's for sure :)
(04/15 17:02:24) Anna Windisch: Though I don't plan to go on expeditions myself, at least not unguided.
(04/15 17:02:52) Anna Windisch: I am more dedicated to documentation than to exploration.
(04/15 17:02:59) Tiernan Quinlan: Ah, well there certainly does seem to be plenty to do here in the city.
(04/15 17:03:15) Tiernan Quinlan: My friend, Diranda, spends most of her time in the Great Zero, researching it.
(04/15 17:03:42) Tiernan Quinlan: Though, she has mentioned some things have gone missing recently.
(04/15 17:03:48) Tiernan Quinlan: Others around have said the same.
(04/15 17:04:18) Tiernan Quinlan: A few of the young people who were helping me with the clinic mentioned equipment missing.
(04/15 17:04:28) Anna Windisch: Could the Bahro take interest in the work of the explorers and grab things?
(04/15 17:04:37) Tiernan Quinlan looks thoughtful.
(04/15 17:04:40) Xavi: mm...good question
(04/15 17:04:57) Anna Windisch: They seem to be everywhere, watching us ...
(04/15 17:05:05) Tiernan Quinlan: I'm not sure. Calum did have an encounter with someone who said they were part of the work crew, but she wasn't.
(04/15 17:05:15) Tiernan Quinlan: He ended up getting hurt because of that.
(04/15 17:05:23) Anna Windisch: Oh. So more ike espionage? Or even sabotage?
(04/15 17:05:31) Xavi: wow!
(04/15 17:05:40) Anna Windisch: But who would do that? Why?
(04/15 17:05:41) Tiernan Quinlan: I don't quite know. But I'd keep an eye out.
(04/15 17:05:47) Anna Windisch nods.
(04/15 17:05:57) Anna Windisch: I'll keep eyes and ears open.
(04/15 17:06:15) Anna Windisch: Who should I best contact if I see something or someone suspicious?
(04/15 17:06:18) Tiernan Quinlan: There have been a few reports by folks, seeing people they didn't recognize.
(04/15 17:06:24) Tiernan Quinlan: Well, lets see.
(04/15 17:06:49) Anna Windisch: Mayny new people arrive lately, so that's not so strange in itself.
(04/15 17:07:00) Tiernan Quinlan: Kelsei Taylor. Carl Palmner. Calum. Possibly Dr. Lavisham? Even Dr. Valerian could help I expect.
(04/15 17:07:23) Tiernan Quinlan: Ah, and Patrick.
(04/15 17:07:28) Anna Windisch pulls out a notebook and scribbles down the names.
(04/15 17:07:47) Anna Windisch: Patrick who?
(04/15 17:08:43) Tiernan Quinlan: Ah, you might know him as Doobes.
(04/15 17:09:05) Anna Windisch: Ah, yes, I know that name well.
(04/15 17:09:13) Tiernan Quinlan: Patrick Dulebohn. He's been working on quite a few things here for a while.
(04/15 17:09:29) Anna Windisch: It was in that recording I made on Talis request.
(04/15 17:09:58) Anna Windisch scribbles that down as well.
(04/15 17:10:11) Tiernan Quinlan: We're doing quite a bit of chatting on the forum on Beneath, so you might like to check tha' out as well.
(04/15 17:10:42) Anna Windisch: Noted.
(04/15 17:10:43) Tiernan Quinlan: It's easier sometimes to just check the site to see what's goin' on. Heh. With everyone runnin' about, it's hard t' catch folks in the city.
(04/15 17:11:11) Tiernan Quinlan: Hard t'keep track of everyone.
(04/15 17:11:16) Tiernan Quinlan laughs
(04/15 17:11:26) Anna Windisch: I guess I better leave now to give you some pease and quiet before the storm begins :) Just wan to pick up that last marker first ...
(04/15 17:11:34) Anna Windisch: *peace
(04/15 17:11:40) Tiernan Quinlan: Certainly, feel free!
(04/15 17:11:46) Tiernan Quinlan bows
(04/15 17:12:01) Xavi: it's been a pleasure to talk with you both :) now I will join Mir in the cleft :)
(04/15 17:12:03) Anna Windisch smiles.
(04/15 17:12:08) Tiernan Quinlan: I am glad the marker game works.
(04/15 17:12:09) Xavi: see you next time !
(04/15 17:12:16) Tiernan Quinlan waves goodbye
(04/15 17:12:18) Xavi waves goodbye
(04/15 17:12:20) Anna Windisch: Good bye, and thank you again doctor Tiernan!
(04/15 17:12:27) Tiernan Quinlan: Any time, Anna.
(04/15 17:12:28) Anna Windisch waves goodbye
(04/15 17:12:39) Tiernan Quinlan waves goodbye
Dr. Tiernan 'Tenny' Rory Quinlan, MD, PhD
Sanctuary Clinic, Ae'gura
KI: 11690335
Sanctuary by Tenny Quinlan
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