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03-19-22 - Jules and Tiernan Quinlan, Tiernan Quinlan's Hood

Posted: Sat Mar 19, 2022 11:58 pm
by Jules Lavisham
[Chatlog by Jules Lavisham]

(03/19 22:49:21) Jules Lavisham: Impressive bit of timekeeping, isn't it?
(03/19 22:53:42) Jules Lavisham: Nice to see it finally showing the correct time.
(03/19 22:57:56) Tiernan Quinlan: Oh! Sorry! I guess I was lost in m'head for a moment.
(03/19 22:58:15) Tiernan Quinlan: Yes, it's rather amazing. I'm glad to have one.
(03/19 22:58:34) Jules Lavisham: It's easily done, especially down here. Something in the air, I imagine.
(03/19 22:58:45) Jules Lavisham: Newly arrived?
(03/19 23:00:06) Tiernan Quinlan: Yes, actually. Just this week. Been wanting to come back f' years, if I'm being honest.
(03/19 23:00:47) Jules Lavisham: Aha! You were with the previous restorations?
(03/19 23:02:07) Tiernan Quinlan: Just for a short while. Wanted t' stay longer, but family obligations. M'father was ill, so I had to go back home.
(03/19 23:03:04) Jules Lavisham: Ah, my sympathies.
(03/19 23:03:40) Tiernan Quinlan: It was years ago now. Of course, then other things came up. I'm sure you know how tha' can be.
(03/19 23:03:45) Tiernan Quinlan chuckles.
(03/19 23:04:21) Jules Lavisham: Indeed I do, sir. Very much so.
(03/19 23:04:56) Jules Lavisham: Life does have a habit of giving one a thorough defenestration.
(03/19 23:05:09) Tiernan Quinlan: I thought perhaps I might set up a small clinic, in case m' knowledge might be needed.
(03/19 23:05:23) Tiernan Quinlan: It is a bit dangerous down here.
(03/19 23:05:39) Tiernan Quinlan smiles.
(03/19 23:05:40) Jules Lavisham: Ah, you're a Doctor?
(03/19 23:05:47) Jules Lavisham: A Doctor of Medicine?
(03/19 23:05:54) Tiernan Quinlan: Aye, I most certainly am, sir.
(03/19 23:06:05) Tiernan Quinlan: Retired.
(03/19 23:06:32) Jules Lavisham: Splendid, splendid! Always delightful to bump into another academic down here.
(03/19 23:07:13) Tiernan Quinlan: Ah, what's your field of study?
(03/19 23:07:49) Jules Lavisham: Sorry, yes. Professor Jules Lavisham. I teach Classical Civilizations.
(03/19 23:08:31) Tiernan Quinlan: Oh! How interesting! I suppose that makes sense, you being here. I'm sure your studies have been facinating thus far.
(03/19 23:09:22) Jules Lavisham: Absolutely they have been. Hopped on as part of the third restoration back in 2007, when I first took up the post at the University I teach at
(03/19 23:09:49) Jules Lavisham: Was always my hope to get the subject of D'ni onto the syllabus at some point
(03/19 23:10:19) Jules Lavisham: Sadly that didn't quite pan out as a result of the 2007 restoration going the way of the others
(03/19 23:10:34) Tiernan Quinlan: Myself, I'm only an amateur when it comes to things like history and the unusual history of this place. I can't explain it, but I have been drawn here since I first found out about it.
(03/19 23:11:33) Jules Lavisham: Yes, it has that effect. A number of explorers can tell you a similar story
(03/19 23:11:43) Tiernan Quinlan: For me it was a strange little video game that I fell in love with back in uni.
(03/19 23:11:58) Tiernan Quinlan grins.
(03/19 23:12:10) Jules Lavisham: Haha, yes, I believe I know the one
(03/19 23:12:17) Jules Lavisham smiles
(03/19 23:12:34) Jules Lavisham: So you're interested in getting a clinic set up down here, are you?
(03/19 23:12:50) Jules Lavisham: Must say, that's a stellar notion.
(03/19 23:13:12) Tiernan Quinlan: Yes. I have brought some things down with me already, but a lady named Diranda, has offered to help.
(03/19 23:13:46) Jules Lavisham: I'm in awe at what the explorer restoration has accomplished to date, but insofar as infrastructure go it is still very much piecing itself together
(03/19 23:14:05) Jules Lavisham: something of a "needs must as and when" basis
(03/19 23:14:32) Tiernan Quinlan: I have seen more advancement this time than I had when I was last here.
(03/19 23:14:35) Jules Lavisham: Ah yes, I recognise that name. From the restoration forums, I think
(03/19 23:15:01) Tiernan Quinlan: Yes. Sweet lady, a little absent-minded.
(03/19 23:15:11) Tiernan Quinlan chuckles.
(03/19 23:15:16) Tiernan Quinlan: I can relate.
(03/19 23:15:18) Jules Lavisham: Yes! She had a journal of hers go missing a couple of days ago
(03/19 23:15:29) Jules Lavisham: I said I would keep an eye out for it
(03/19 23:15:41) Tiernan Quinlan: She mentioned that. Actually asked me if I'd seen it. That's how we got to talking.
(03/19 23:16:10) Tiernan Quinlan: Apparently there's been some odd things happening lately?
(03/19 23:16:51) Jules Lavisham: There has. I've spent the last couple of days on the surface visitng family in Cambridge. I've just got myself caught up with things.
(03/19 23:17:25) Jules Lavisham: Was ready to just have a quiet night with one of my nice teas and a spot of Erik Satie on the vinyl
(03/19 23:17:54) Tiernan Quinlan: Ah, isn't that always th' way though?
(03/19 23:18:02) Jules Lavisham: Then I heard about what happened to a friend of mine, Calum, at the Overflow Station
(03/19 23:18:03) Tiernan Quinlan: Settle in an' somethin' happens.
(03/19 23:18:15) Tiernan Quinlan: Ah? What happened?
(03/19 23:18:52) Jules Lavisham: He had a run-in with someone who by rights had no business being there
(03/19 23:19:21) Tiernan Quinlan: Really? An intruder perhaps? Or someone who'd lost their way?
(03/19 23:19:30) Jules Lavisham: Someone doing some work on the machinery there, or at least giving the impression that's what they were doing
(03/19 23:19:54) Tiernan Quinlan: Were they wearing a workman's jumpsuit?
(03/19 23:20:05) Jules Lavisham: Her story didn't check out, she did a runner
(03/19 23:20:21) Tiernan Quinlan: A woman? Odd.
(03/19 23:20:33) Jules Lavisham: Yup, the right sort of clothing in any case
(03/19 23:20:46) Tiernan Quinlan: I encountered a person I mistook for a worker myself. I called out to him and he ran away.
(03/19 23:21:17) Jules Lavisham: Really? You too?
(03/19 23:21:32) Jules Lavisham: Hmm.
(03/19 23:21:36) Tiernan Quinlan: Yes, I mentioned it to Diranda. She looked surprised.
(03/19 23:22:01) Jules Lavisham: Where was this?
(03/19 23:22:26) Tiernan Quinlan: Out on the stair, the top landing area? By the DRC tent set up in the plaza.
(03/19 23:23:08) Jules Lavisham: And it was a man, you say?
(03/19 23:23:46) Tiernan Quinlan: Yes, a tall, bulky looking fellow.
(03/19 23:24:47) Jules Lavisham looks down in quiet contemplation for several moments, stroking his beard
(03/19 23:25:40) Tiernan Quinlan: Was your friend hurt at all in this confrontation?
(03/19 23:26:39) Jules Lavisham: He banged his head as the intruder escaped. Seems to have given him a bit of a concussion, although he tells me he's fine
(03/19 23:26:58) Tiernan Quinlan: Perhaps I ought to have a look, just to be safe.
(03/19 23:27:09) Tiernan Quinlan: Concussions are tricky things.
(03/19 23:27:15) Jules Lavisham: I think that would be a good idea, Doctor... ?
(03/19 23:27:36) Tiernan Quinlan: Oh forgive me. Quinlan. Tiernan Quinlan. Friends call me 'Tenny'.
(03/19 23:28:26) Jules Lavisham: I would strongly recommend giving him a cursory checking over, Tenny.
(03/19 23:29:10) Jules Lavisham: Cal is incredibly committed to his work, but there has been more than one occasion he's put his own physical welfare at risk in doing so.
(03/19 23:29:22) Tiernan Quinlan: Alright. Where is he staying? Perhaps we ought to go now.
(03/19 23:29:39) Tiernan Quinlan: Ah, I understand that. I have the same tendencies.
(03/19 23:30:23) Jules Lavisham: I believe he is currently enjoying the Karaoke over the Guild of Messenger's Pub, the new one
(03/19 23:30:46) Tiernan Quinlan: I haven't been to that pub yet. Diranda mentioned it though.
(03/19 23:31:02) Jules Lavisham: I did briefly speak to him over KI, he said he and I would speak later this weekend but that he was fine for now
(03/19 23:31:21) Jules Lavisham: I think being around people in a casual environment is probably what he needs right now.
(03/19 23:32:17) Tiernan Quinlan: As long as he's not showing signs of dizziness or acting disoriented, that's probably alright. Even so, I'd like to check him over.
(03/19 23:33:13) Tiernan Quinlan: Perhaps you might ask him to call me later?
(03/19 23:33:14) Jules Lavisham: Sensible. Perhaps in the next day or so.
(03/19 23:33:34) Tiernan Quinlan: I'd just keep an eye on him, just to be on the safe side.
(03/19 23:33:54) Jules Lavisham: Yes, I'l do that.
(03/19 23:34:14) Jules Lavisham: It may also be worth posting your own encounter on the Beneath forums
(03/19 23:34:15) Tiernan Quinlan smiles.
(03/19 23:34:44) Tiernan Quinlan: I will. Diranda gave me the website information. I'll set up an account shortly.
(03/19 23:34:50) Jules Lavisham: Excellent
(03/19 23:35:01) Jules Lavisham: I don't know if the two are related
(03/19 23:35:12) Jules Lavisham: Co-incidences do happen
(03/19 23:35:31) Tiernan Quinlan: They do.
(03/19 23:35:35) Jules Lavisham: But this does seem like something that shouldn't be ruled out
(03/19 23:36:01) Jules Lavisham: The more we know, the better at this stage.
(03/19 23:36:20) Jules Lavisham: Next time there could be worse consequences than a concussion.
(03/19 23:36:44) Tiernan Quinlan: That is true. It would be best for folk to lock their doors if they can, at least for the time being.
(03/19 23:36:56) Tiernan Quinlan: I have equipment I'd rather not lose.
(03/19 23:37:27) Jules Lavisham: Mmm. Which is an unfortunate thing to have to consider down here, up until now most explorers have been thoroughly decent to each other
(03/19 23:37:59) Jules Lavisham: Especially in respect to their personal possessions
(03/19 23:38:26) Jules Lavisham: Trust and the honour system plays a big part in people's dealings down here
(03/19 23:38:31) Tiernan Quinlan: Yes, which makes this seem as though it might not be one of the explorers.
(03/19 23:38:56) Jules Lavisham: I'd like to hope not. In any case though... the implications are concerning.
(03/19 23:39:25) Tiernan Quinlan: Perhaps we should gather the current folks in one of the pubs for coffee to discuss this?
(03/19 23:39:38) Tiernan Quinlan: Or at one of the neighborhoods?
(03/19 23:40:14) Jules Lavisham: Not a bad shout. I'll bring it up with Cal and the others next time I see them.
(03/19 23:40:44) Tiernan Quinlan: Certainly. Please let me know when and I'll be there.
(03/19 23:40:48) Tiernan Quinlan smiles.
(03/19 23:40:55) Jules Lavisham: I wouldn't say I was Inner Circle with the people getting things done down here, but I do occasionally bump into the likes of Patrick and the others.
(03/19 23:41:21) Jules Lavisham: I'll also let them know that you're setting up shop down here. I definitely think they'll be pleased about that.
(03/19 23:41:32) Tiernan Quinlan: Ah, well you know more folks than I, Doctor.
(03/19 23:41:38) Tiernan Quinlan chuckles.
(03/19 23:42:04) Jules Lavisham: Heh. I'm sure we can do something to rectify that balance a bit.
(03/19 23:42:30) Jules Lavisham: I'll put the word about your practice and suggest to Cal he drops by
(03/19 23:42:41) Tiernan Quinlan: Please do. I would appreciate that.
(03/19 23:43:13) Jules Lavisham: No promises he'll take it up, mind, but I might mention it as well to a mutual friend of his and mine, Kelsei.
(03/19 23:43:38) Tiernan Quinlan nod
(03/19 23:43:43) Jules Lavisham: Two of us working on him may convince him it's in his best interests just to do a precuationary checkup.
(03/19 23:44:00) Tiernan Quinlan: Good, good.
(03/19 23:44:03) Jules Lavisham: On that note, the sleep deprivation from the last few years has finally started kicking in
(03/19 23:44:08) Jules Lavisham: Years? Days.
(03/19 23:44:21) Jules Lavisham: Yup, words starting to fail me
(03/19 23:44:24) Tiernan Quinlan: Ach, well yes, you should get some rest.
(03/19 23:44:41) Jules Lavisham: Usually a sign that I'm going a bit sideways
(03/19 23:45:12) Jules Lavisham: Yup, happy to listen to my Doctor on this one
(03/19 23:45:14) Tiernan Quinlan: Heh, same with me. Tea and some good sleep should set you to rights.
(03/19 23:45:22) Tiernan Quinlan laughs.
(03/19 23:45:38) Jules Lavisham: Sound advice. Absolutely pleasure meeting you, Tenny.
(03/19 23:45:45) Tiernan Quinlan bows
(03/19 23:46:00) Tiernan Quinlan: Same, Jules.
(03/19 23:46:06) Jules Lavisham: I wish you all the success with your endeavours. I have no doubt we'll bump into each other again
(03/19 23:46:32) Tiernan Quinlan: Thank you. I expect we will!
(03/19 23:47:02) Jules Lavisham: Have a good rest of the day. See you soon.
(03/19 23:47:06) Jules Lavisham waves goodbye
(03/19 23:47:11) Tiernan Quinlan waves goodbye
[Jules Lavisham links out]